25 Awesome Cosplays From Your Favorite 90s Cartoons

Weren't the 90s a fun time for characters? All of these funny shows, memorable characters, and overall nostalgic things are great. From The Powerpuff Girls to Gargoyles, they all left their own mark. Some had empowering messages for kids, and others were shows with unorthodox heroes. But no matter what, all of these shows have managed to create giant fan bases that are still passionate about their characters even so many years later.

In the world of cosplay, most people are used to seeing others taking on the form of different anime characters or popular game characters. But for those who have truly immersed themselves in different cons or have entered in the world of cosplay, anybody can cosplay as anything, especially cartoon characters. Still, it's truly the talented cosplayers that are able to pull off certain characters without looking too funny or rather awkward for the most part.

Whether it be the way they are able to pull off an outfit or how well they are able to work their make-up skills, you can always commend a cosplayer for the clear effort that they put into their cosplays. Even for simple cosplays such as Pepper Ann or Miss Frizzle, if they manage to pull off the character’s clothing and make it work, you can’t help but give them a thumbs up. On the other hand, not all cosplays can be perfect... but still, here are some cosplayers who were able to bring all kinds 90s shows to life.

25 She Fits The Role Well, Don't You Think?

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As the 90s came in, there were less cartoons focusing on learning, and more focusing on adventures. There was one show that managed to capture both, and that was The Magic School Bus. It had magic, adventure, and managed to teach kids about different things like plants and animals. It was a rare treat of a show. The most memorable thing about the show was Miss Frizzle, who was quirky and cheerful and really just a fun character to watch. Sadly, the photographer of this didn't catch the name of the cosplayer, but they've managed to really bring her to life. Her dress is perfect, she has the bus with her, and she just looks amazing.

24 Well, She's Not Happy Again

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In the world of kids' shows, it's usually the teens who act as antagonists and make the lives of the children harder. In Rugrats, since all the characters are young babies, we instead have Angelica being our bratty villain. Out of all of the characters in the series, she's one of the most memorable, due in part to the amount of theories that fans have made about her. It's no easy task for someone to cosplay a toddler, but Edith has managed to do just that. With the way she's positioned herself over a black background, she's managed to make herself look smaller and younger. Her expression and Cynthia doll really nail the character. We can only hope that she's not about to have a tantrum!

23 Looks Like She's Having Another Fantasy

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This was a rare show in the 90s that tackled on teen issues in a unique way. Pepper Ann was a fun show in many ways, showing a girl with a really creative imagination who learned different moral lessons along the way. It was a really interesting show! Though lots of people might be able to attempt this cosplay, due to the character's red hair, only a really good cosplayer could make this true to the show. Cosplayer Haihappen managed to pull off everything, even down to her quirky little pose. She's cosplayed all sorts of different characters, from Fionna from Adventure Time to Gwen from Ben 10.

22 Hey, It's Still Her, Just Taller

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The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy was a strange little show that mixed the quirky and the supernatural. It was twisted and funny and really left its mark on people. While not many can properly pull off cosplays from the show, there's a surprising amount of Mandy cosplays out there. This cosplayer, known as Taylor Barter, managed to not only maintain the classic look of the character but also brought her into a more mature state of mind, tying the whole thing together with an outfit straight out of the show. This is a really cool cosplay and a really cool throwback to a series we loved!

21 They're Wacky And Smart

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This show was a really fun series to watch in so many ways! It held a similar tone to Looney Tunes, so it was no surprise how popular the Animaniacs have become. Still, in terms of cosplay, it would be no easy feat to dress as the main characters. This isn't just because they’re not human, but also because of their general design. On the other hand, there are some cosplayers who were able to find a clever way around that. These cosplayers, named ezra, I gotta make history!, Michelle, and Melissa, who play as Wakko, Dot, Yakko, and Hello Nurse respectively, really did a great job.

20 He's A Real Groovy Guy

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Who can forget Johnny Bravo? He was an unrelenting flirt and a narcissistic musclehead, but was somehow still so entertaining. We loved watching him get shut down by girls. Not many people would be able to pull off this cosplay due to the crazy hair, but cosplayer Metalslimer managed to somehow find a way. Being naturally muscular, it was clearly easy for him to get into character and do some poses. He's also cosplayed as a Street Fighter character and a parody muscular version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. You don’t see a lot of really muscled cosplayers, but this cosplayer’s done some rather commendable cosplays.

19 A Small Character Can Still Be Fun To Work With

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As a show known for its crude humor and excessive use of cut-away gags, it's pretty shocking how long Family Guy has been running. In the world of cosplay, there aren't too many people who do cosplays of the side characters, though lots of people like to do the main ones. Here we have a rather realistic look at one of the side characters, Jillian Russell. With her blond hair and red heels, this cosplayer (Abra) even managed to find pink furniture to tie it all in. As for her dog, it was noted that he played as Brian and is named Rocko, but hey, not every cosplay can be entirely perfect.

18 Some Things Don't Change, Especially Rivals

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Dexter is known to many as one of the popular characters from the fun age of cartoons that was the 90s. Based off an older, comic version of the characters, xHee-Heex and her twin brother present a realistic yet somehow still cartoon-like image of these characters who are actually arch enemies. The wig looks great, the glasses are amazing, and this is really a spot-on cosplay that looks really fun. Even the way that they've posed themselves is wonderful, with Dexter looking like his regular confident self while Mandark looking at him in annoyance.

17 Well, She Still Looks Like A Mouse

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Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers was one of the more fun Saturday morning cartoons from Disney. They brought a whole new look to the small loveable characters, and brought kids into a world of adventure, fighting bad guys all while listening to a catchy theme. One of the original characters of the show was Gadget, who served as the brains and the inventor of the group. Before we go too deep here: it's actually a surprise that someone managed to cosplay her so well. This cosplayer managed to not only pull off the curiosity of the character, but also pull off different characters including Ben Tennyson.

16 Looks Like Someone Caught Her At A Bad Time

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Out of all the different characters in Recess, Spinelli has had the most interesting development. With her, it was shown that there are more to certain girls than what they choose to show on the surface, which left a really powerful message. She's still the tough girl in the series, and many love her for that. In terms of cosplay, her general style isn't really all that hard to copy, but her personality is where a good cosplayer has to shine. This cosplayer, from the way that they're punching their hand to that face, really shows that this is a girl who's ready for a fight.

15 This May Be A Little Too Real

via: nataliecartman.deviantart.com

How else are you going to cosplay a one-eyed alien? By putting the bangs over one of your eyes? Not this cosplayer! MayWolf decided to take on a whole new level of beautiful and terrifying. Not only did she tastefully cosplay Leela without making her too seductive, but she had the guts to go all the way and do the one-eyed look. Credit's also due to the photographer, who was able to make the photo look as good as it does now. Her name is Miyori Cartman, and she's done a number of cosplay photos, including anime and cartoon characters. This is a fantastic and realistic look at a character that many people love.

14 Just Stay Out Of Their Way And You'll Be Okay

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While Ed, Edd, And Eddy left a fun mark on the world, there's only so much people can do with the show in terms of cosplay. Their designs didn't leave much room for any realistic looking cosplays, at least not any that wouldn't look really awkward. The Kanker Sisters, on the other hand? With their style and design, there's been quite a few cosplayers who have pulled them off quite well. Here we have a trio of cosplayers who display their personalities really well, and mix in an appropriate background that looks a little suburban. Shannon, Zara, and Sarto make Marie, Lee, and May come to life. Let's just hope that they don't find their own versions of the Eds!

13 Is A Live Action Adaptation In The Works?

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Who knew that South Park would become as popular as it is now? Even those who don't watch the show have heard of the series. Throughout its run it's managed to excite all kinds of audiences with its crude humor and wild adventures. Even now, it still works, as it's managed to keep up with the times and avoid being dated. When it comes to cosplaying the cast, there's some people who can really hit the mark. These cosplayers show dedication by pulling off a scene from the actual series. While the cosplayer for Cartman was unnamed, it was cosplayers Tanuki, Lelik, and Macerider who took on the characters of Kyle, Stan, and Kenny in this iconic image from the series.

12 Mixing The Old And The New

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Everyone knows about The Addams Family, whether they know the films, the old black and white television series (that starred Carolyn Jones as Morticia), or the newer live-action television series. But who remembers the cartoon series from the 90s? Not only did it bring out fun little designs for the kooky family, but it left a lasting impression on kids. Everyone will always remember the characters the most, but out of all of them, it's Gomez and Morticia Addams that have left more of a mark on people with their strange, passionate romance. There's been many people who've done great renditions of the couple, but this portrayal shows the best of the characters.

11 It's Still Them, But Just A Little Bigger

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Wasn't The Powerpuff Girls such a fun show? We have these three little girls who fought crime, but still managed to do normal little girl things. Kids everywhere, especially the young girls, got to have an empowering show. Over the years there've been all kinds of people who've dressed up as the characters, and half the time they either look super awkward or just plain funny. With these cosplayers, we don't just have the classic look of the characters, but also an updated twist to them. The cosplayers, kiarakirameki, Edward and Silver Harmony, do a great job, as did the photographer, Martin.

10 We All Need A Little Wackiness Time To Time

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Now, this was a franchise that managed to create a great mix of horror and comedy during the tail end of the 80s! Sure, the cartoon adaptation might have been made then, but it honestly feels like a 90s cartoon with the amount of craziness that went on during it. The difference between the series and the movie is that instead of Beetlejuice attempting to marry Lydia, they're just friends and go on supernatural adventures together. Just the look of the characters would make for fun costumes, and the silly/wacky aspects of them would make for some fun photos. Here we have cosplayers Ryoko (Lydia) and Soldatov Vladimir (Beetlejuice), doing their usual shenanigans.

9 Just Some Chill Time For Them

via: luckystrikecosplay.deviantart.com

This was a series that, while not as highly recognized by the masses, still left an impact. Daria featured more introverted characters, and ended up being really relatable. While they're not the most complicated characters to cosplay, there's more to cosplay than just looking like the character. This photo is a prime example of how the way a cosplayer carries themselves will change how we perceive the cosplay. Somehow, by positioning themselves like this, cosplayers Darya (Daria), Lina (Jane), and Alex (Trent) did just that. It may not show them having pizza or chilling at school, but this really does work.

8 They're Ready For Some Bustin'

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Ghostbusters was a huge hit when the film first came out, and over time there's been different adaptations of it. By far one of the most memorable ones was a cartoon series called Extreme Ghostbusters. It had many of the good qualities of the film, and also added something new by bringing in great original characters. Here we have two of the more popular ones in the series, Eduardo Rivera and Kylie Griffin. While we're not sure who's cosplaying Kylie, she's dating Eduardo's cosplayer, Slade. Not much is known about them, but the way that they pull off the characters is commendable. Just look at the way they're posing with their weapons... they even have their own version of the van!

7 A Real Dangerous Beauty

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With the more recent entries in the X-Men franchise, Rogue is often portrayed as a reserved young girl who was close to Wolverine. She later develops into a more prominent character. Back in the 90s, however, when X-Men: The Animated Series was one of the top shows promoting the franchise, Rogue was portrayed as a flirty southern belle who was dating Gambit, of all people, and wasn't afraid to use her powers. In comparison to her other adaptations, she looked really different with her wild, curly hair, and colorful jumpsuit. Here we have a wonderful portrayal of the character by a cosplayer who calls herself Mel Meow =^.^=, looking as if she is beckoning an unaware villain into a trap.

6 Can We Get This On The Big Screen?

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, known by many as TMNT, is a long-running franchise that has seen a variety of adaptations. While it did begin before the 90s, it was during that decade that the franchise really picked up. While there's already been all kinds of live-action versions of the series, April has not been given as much appreciation as she should have been. Sure, she was the damsel in distress most of the time, but she was a human friend for the turtles to have. Over time, she's gotten more depth and personality. Her cosplays tend to get a little suggestive, but this photo of her, featuring Mapra as April and Ormeli as Irma, looks like something out of a movie. BubaSmith was a great photographer.

5 All They Need Are The Others To Complete The Set

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Wild Thornberrys was a fun little series that gave trivia about different animals, as well as an interesting look into the idea of being able to talk to them. While the series mainly focused on Eliza, that didn't mean that her family weren't interesting characters. From her teen sister Debbie, who constantly complained, to her enthusiastic father Nigel, each person had their own quirk that they added to the show. In terms of cosplay, it takes some skill to be able to do Nigel with that giant nose. This was managed by a cosplayer named Smashing Cosplay, while this realistic look at Debbie was done by Uncanny Megan.

4 She's Still A Girl With Feelings

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Ah, Helga Pataki. Tough, strong, and an all-around tomboy... who was really creepily in love with Arnold. The girl had a shrine of him and basically spoke poetry about the guy every chance she got. What else can you say? With her big pink bow, pigtails, and unibrow, there are only a handful of people who are able to pull off this girl's look without being just a tad awkward. There's a few who have managed, and this cosplayer not only pulled it off but also brought her to life. Her name is Feli. Just look at the way she managed to pull off Helga's usual act of hiding away to admire her locket. In the last photo, you can just hear her character saying "Get outta here!". The photographer, Dsaha, did a great job as well.

3 Watch Your Hair

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Remember Fred? Or, as he's mainly known, Freaky Fred? He was no killer cat, nor was he a witch that ate men... but amongst all the characters in Courage the Cowardly Dog, he was by far the creepiest. When you think about what his episode and character might be implying, well... those chills aren't going away all that easily. The funny thing, though, is that as a human character he's probably the easiest person from his show to cosplay. Still, not many would be able to properly capture his wild hair and pale features the way that Farhan Khan Sherwani has managed to. Just look at the way they're able to pull off that wild hair and wide smile. You'd think that this is really his character come to life!

2 Watch The Claws, Teeth, And Just Everything

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Gargoyles was the first-ever Disney cartoon to take a completely different route from the usual cartoony-happy stuff they were dishing out. It was dark, it was gritty, and it starred characters that would usually be reserved for horror movies... and yet, it worked. In addition to having unorthodox heroes, it also boasted interesting villains with depth. One of the most interesting ones was Demona. Once a hero, she turned to the evil side due to a fairly understandable hate towards humans. She was strong, firey, and an interesting and rare female villain. The way that Alysha Garza not only manages to capture her look but also her general character is highly commendable.

1 She Might Catch Them All First

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No matter how long the Pokémon franchise runs, many still remember the first seas on the TV show, especially the characters. In the world of cosplay, you'll always see a handful of Ash, Misty, and Brock cosplays. Some work, and some don't, but those that do truly do stand out. One prime example is this cosplay, done by Irina: just look at the image she's managed to create! From the way she's holding that Poké Ball to the natural-looking hair, you can already tell that she's looking out for her ideal Pokémon partner. Irina has also cosplayed as other strong female characters, including the wild Harley Quinn, the righteous Supergirl, and even the adventurous Lara Croft.

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