25 Awesome Picture Of Lola Bunny That Make Bugs Bunny Love Space Jam More

The '90s was a weird time for teenagers going through puberty, especially when referring to animation. With its grown-u[p storytelling and gothic art style, Batman: The Animated Series bridged the gap between Saturday Morning Cartoons and adult entertainment. Also, the introduction of Harley Quinn probably led to a couple of frustrated viewers. Fast-forward a couple of years to 1996, when Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny decide to team-up for a game of basketball. Chicago's favorite son was at the heights of his popularity, while fans were yearning for a return of the Looney Tunes.

For a children's movie, Space Jam contained quite a bit of fanservice. Actually, the film created a character who seemed to exist solely to wiggle her tail. Before you ask; no, that is not a euphemism. Lola Bunny was presented as a female version of Bugs Bunny, although her character was more about looking good than being funny. To be fair to Warner Bros, she was easily the best part of Space Jam.

Lola Bunny has not earned a following quite as devoted as Harley Quinn, but the anthropomorphic animal is rather beloved. Typing "Lola Bunny fan art" on Deviant Art opens up a seemingly never-ending and mesmerizing rabbit hole that takes more than a few strange left turns.

Here are 25 pictures of Lola Bunny (that Bugs Bunny doesn’t want you to see).

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25 Against All Odds

Via chozan.deviantart.com

This entry is worth praising for actually showing Lola in action. The popular animal is not merely posing for the camera; no, she is facing off against Monstars without a single hint of fear or regret. Lola is strong and ready to take on the world.

Well, she is ready to save the world.

So long as the Monstars avoid calling her a doll, our money is on them. Sure, Lola is a pretty decent basketball player, but she was hardly capable of winning the match on her own. Otherwise, why even bother summoning Michael Jordan? Chozan's use of perception is fantastic, and we demand a sequel! Did Lola manage to score? Or, were the Monstars capable to pull-off a counterattack? These questions need answers.

24 A Brand New Look (Part 1)

Via charlierobin.deviantart.com

This entry is a prime example of why fan art is amazing. Warner Bros. is unlikely to ever depict human versions of the Looney Tunes, especially when referring to a bit-part player like Lola Bunny; thankfully, artists like CharlieRobin exist to bring this fantasy to life.

Is the Tune Squad accepting applicants?

The author's Deviant Art page is stacked with mesmerizing tributes to popular Western characters like Teen Titans' Raven and Tomb Raider's Lara Croft. While these pictures are fantastic, CharlieRobin's Lola steals the show. There is something amazing about seeing a fictional character taken in a completely different direction. Focusing squarely on her design, there is simply nothing to fault about the author's Lola. Now, we want to see a live-action version of Space Jam.

23 Sometimes, Clothes Shrink After A Wash...

Via ss2sonic.deviantart.com

Well, this picture is a slam dunk. Okay - we will TRY and avoid using any more basketball puns.

No promises.

Right out of the gate, Lola Bunny was quite a looker. While describing an anthropomorphic animal as attractive might seem weird, Space Jam included a scene were Ms. Bunny comes out to music and dances provocatively. This moment did not end with a punchline or a gag, and the rest of the Looney Tunes received straight-forward call-outs. Yet, a character who children barely know received her own unique entrance. Ss2sonic's drawing is rather amazing, with the author really capturing Lola's charm and passion for basketball. A small nitpick, but how massive is that ball? Seriously, it is the size of her stomach! How big is the hoop?

22 Now, Life Is Complete

Via chozan.deviantart.com

The Looney Tunes Show brought Lola Bunny back for a cameo appearance; although, they took her character in a different direction. Rather than presenting Lola as an empowering female character, who occasionally bends down to pick up basketballs, she was turned into somewhat of a stalker.

Lola loves her Bun-Bun.

Suffice to say, she was pretty darn hilarious; especially, if compared to Space Jam's original. Chozan's version seems closer to this later incarnation of Ms. Bunny. Aesthetically, the art piece steps away from the character's conventional appearance; perhaps, aiming for something which is similar to anime. Whatever was the author's goal, this Lola looks like the type who would follow her significant other to the end of the world.

21 Scratching An Itch

Via naje7.deviantart.com

Okay - this is a match made in heaven. After all these years, Marilyn Monroe remains arguably the most famous actress of all-time. People who never even watched any of her films should still recognize her name and this infamous moment from The Seven Year Itch. Lola Bunny is hardly the first character to echo this legendary scene, with dozens of creators parodying or paying homage to Marilyn Monroe.

Candle in the Wind. 

Naje7 penned this version of The Seven Year Itch, although the original design was credited to Anima-dos. In terms of looks, Lola shares quite a few similarities with Marilyn Monroe and we are not only referring to her blonde hair. Physically, the cartoon's design aims for the pinnacle of attractiveness, a standard largely set by the actress.

20 Day At The Beach (Part 1)

Via jcthornton.deviantart.com

Awesome, there is always room for a beach episode. Anime fans who love their harems know that the beach is the pinnacle of fanservice. At one point or another, the cast will find an excuse to visit the ocean or the local swimming pool. In some cases, the plot is put on hold for a week, as the characters simply have to showcase their newly purchased summer wear.

Lola knows what she is doing.

JCThornton's tribute to Space Jam's leading lady is likely to motivate quite a few viewers to prepare for the summer. As she lazily peaks from above her sunglasses, Lola is fully aware that she is the center of everyone's attention. Actually, she appears to be thriving in it.

19 A Brand New Look (Part 2)

Via sakimichan.deviantart.com

If there is one artist who should be checked out, it would have to be Sakimichan. The author's Deviant Art page is a gift from the pop-culture gods. Whether searching for video-games, anime, or Western cartoons; Sakimichan has probably created something to suit your needs. Besides this fantastic rendition of Lola Bunny, the author's contributions include a gorgeous Mai Valentine, a jaw-dropping Mercy, and a modern version of The Witcher's Ciri. When it comes to Lola, do we really need to say anything? The drawing is flawless. The human version of the Bunny is stunning and including a reflection of the original was a masterstroke. Also, why is her skin so shiny?

18 Lootopia

Via surge-spark.deviantart.com

Disney's Zootopia was better than most people might have expected. Tangled and Frozen brought the animation company back on the map, but the studio upped their game when creating this gorgeous and thought-provoking police procedural. At its heart, Zootopia is a buddy-cop flick centering around the unlikely pairing of Lt. Judy Hopps and con-artist Nick Wilde. The two work really well together. Taking into account Judy's species, is it really surprising to find a picture of a role-playing Lola Bunny dressed as the officer? It was simply a matter of time. Surge-Spark crossover highlights the differences in the characters. In comparison with Lola, Judy is a pretty straight-forward rabbit who is not defined by her physical appearance.

17 Lola Unleashed

Via buster126.deviantart.com

There is more to buster126's piece than initially seems apparent. With the help of Spoontay, a little icon was added to her weapon. While it might be rare, occasionally, even fan art include their own Easter Eggs. Loonatics Unleashed ranks among the lowest points for the Warner Bros. franchise. Released in the mid-2000s, the cartoon teleported the cast into an action-fantasy setting forcing Ace Bunny and friends to save the world from the forces of darkness. For those who yearned to see a crossover between the Looney Tunes and Power RangersLoonatics Unleashed offers a reasonable middle-ground. Astonishingly, fans did not react too positively to the lack of humor and the series ended after only two seasons. Buster126's Lola would slip seamlessly into the cartoon's cast.

16 Nothing But Net (Promises Are Made To Be Broken)

Via nikyshouse.deviantart.com

This digital picture's coloring is rather stunning. The fiery orange perfectly compliments Lola, while not overshadowing the central character. Aesthetically, NikySHouse definitely added her own spin to Space Jam's prominent female player. Obviously, there are quite a few similarities to Warner Bros.' original rabbit, but Lola seems a lot more glamourize in this rendition. Admittedly, this might be due to the starry background, as this artistic choice adds a certain gloss and artificiality to the overall picture. This is the version of Lola who appears in Bugs Bunny's dreams, away from the public's scrutiny or gaze. Carrying a basketball and dressed in her popular gym clothes, Lola Bunny is ready to own the court. The Monstars should prepare for a fight...

15 Waiting...

Via tgwonder.deviantart.com

The Looney Tunes Show re-introduced Lola Bunny as an obsessive Bugs Bunny fangirl. They completely dropped any of her Space Jam traits, preferring to create a comedic persona who spoke a dozen words per second. Amazingly, Lola's contribution to the series was largely positive. Sadly, this version of the Bunny rarely gets any love on Deviant Art. The original played a part in our collective childhoods, with Space Jam having nostalgic value for a large number of people. Lola was an important player in the film and the most obvious candidate for fan art. Tgwonder's rendition exhibits an almost melancholy air and Lola seems to be lost in thought. What is troubling her? We could not possibly say. On the other hand, she might just be wondering what is for dinner.

14 Best Of The Gals

Via metalpandora.deviantart.com

Lola Bunny won a fan art poll held by MetalPandora on their Deviant Art page, resulting in the birth of this glorious tribute. The Looney Tunes character has only played a significant part in a handful of products related to the franchise; yet, Lola is easily the most popular toon within the fan art community.

We wonder why...

The author's Lola is an impressive specimen, with a really visually-appealing and clean design. It is similar to the original Space Jam version, although the clothes and hair are new. Still, Lola continues to show why she is so beloved within the art community. She was designed to catch people's eye.

13 The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side

Via tini.deviantart.com

They say actions are worth a thousand words, and the same can be said for a single look. Lola's facial expression paints a clear picture of a character who is completely comfortable in their own skin. Taking into account that rabbits eat grass, tini's drawing might just be depicting Lola during dinner. If that is the case, then very few cartoons probably can look this good while eating. The hand-drawn art style is gorgeous. The entry's best quality is probably the use of colors, as they are really vivid and eye-catching. Lola's blue eyes juxtaposition well with her yellow fur, while the clothes are simple but attractive. The grass is not always greener on the other side, but this might be the one exception to the rule.

12 Bugs Bunny Usually Plays The Love Interest

Via da-wabbit.deviantart.com

Bugs Bunny survived for half-a-century without a love interest; although, Lola was hardly the first to make an appearance. Hare Splitter introduced Daisy Rabbit, a character who simply looked like Bugs with lipstick, but she never re-appeared after her initial short. Tiny Toons Adventures included a love interest for Buster Bunny, Bugs's pupil, but the rascally rabbit was largely stuck with Daffy Duck.

They were made for each other.

Space Jam threw Lola into the mix, with Bugs even getting a peck on the lips for his troubles. Finally, the Bunny was not flying solo. Despite setting up a potential romance, Lola was largely pushed to the side in the subsequent Looney Tunes shows. Understandably, Da-Wabbit saw this as a missed opportunity and decided to take matters into her own hands.

11 It Is ALWAYS Lola Season

Via ishoka.deviantart.com

Perfect. Frankly, there is no adjective better suited to summarize this picture. Looney Tunes is stacked to the brim with mischievous characters, a trait noticeably absent from Lola's personality. Focusing squarely on her appearance in Space Jam, the female player felt like a straight man to the rest of the cast's wacky antics. Considering that Michael Jordan fulfilled the exact same role, Lola ended up feeling like nothing more than a token female character who dished out tired lines while delivering a couple of weird fanservice moments. Ishoka kept Lola's design largely unchanged but added a tiny smirk that ends up making a world of difference. Suddenly, this pretty face appears to be up to trouble and we cannot wait to know more.

10 Day At The Beach (Part 2)

Via mcdutt.deviantart.com

Wow - Lola seems to have gotten her paws on some 'Eat Me' cake from Alice in Wonderland. The Bunny is absolutely massive in McDutt's drawing. To be crystal clear, we are not really complaining; after all, there is no such thing as TOO much Lola Bunny. Still, that hammock is in for a rough night. Finding a swimsuit picture of a popular cartoon character used to be akin to discovering the holy grail.

It should not exist, but here we are.

Nowadays, this type of depiction is a dime-a-dozen. Oh, you do not believe us? Try writing the name of any fictional character on Pinterest or Deviant Art and then we can talk. McDutt created a really pretty picture, with a great breach worthy of Lola's presence.

9 Halloween Brings Out The Best In People (And Animals)

Via glitcher.deviantart.com

When it comes to Halloween costumes, witches are a dime-a-dozen. Still, there are always a few who really make it work. Apparently, Lola Bunny is one of those special cases. This version belongs to glitcher, but the original concept was penned by BobGuthrie. Guthrie was actually commissioned by Warner Bros. to create this unique drawing of Lola Bunny; so, this goes beyond mere fan art. Glitcher took the idea and ran with it, adding all of the background details and coloring the character. Obviously, Lola is the star of the show, but the house on haunted hill and the creepy graveyard are fantastic touches which elevate the drawing's overall appeal to an entirely new level. When it comes to the central girl, Lola's smile is simply infectious.

8 Nowhere To Run

Via claudia-r.deviantart.com

Oh, looks like Lola Bunny has a wild side. Well, she is a member of the "Tune Squad;" so, that seems part of the course. The fact that Lola is a really popular character for fan artists makes complete sense. Speaking frankly, the animal had practically no personality in Space Jam. She was a Looney Tune without a single joke or punch-line.

Don't EVER call me doll!

Yeah, that line does not count. Lola felt like she was thrown in just to add a female face to an otherwise male cast. This lack of personality makes her the perfect model for artists like Claudia-R, as it is always easier to start working with a blank slate. In terms of depth, Space Jam's Lola was about as bland as they get.

7 Ready For A Fancy Dress Party

Via danaki.deviantart.com

Awesome - it is fantastic to see Lola dressed in something other than her short purple shorts and yellow tank-top. As one of those rare animals who actually wears clothes, she obviously has more in her wardrobe than a pair of shorts and a single shirt. What about those days she does not spend playing basketball or defeating aliens to save the (cartoon) world? Once-in-awhile, people need to dress up for an occasion. In this case, Danaki still found a way to present Lola as visually-appealing as possible. While she is wearing a suit, the tight pants might raise a few eyebrows at most high-class restaurants. At the very least, Lola's shirt actually seems to be the right size. Is there any situation which would force the Bunny to wear a pair of shoes?

6 A Hard Day's Work

Via bobdirt.deviantart.com

In this entry's Deviant Art description, Bobdirt provided some context. Why is Lola taking a selfie in a locker room? Is this set prior to the Space Jam match? No, she is simply showing off her gains after a tough workout at her local gym.

Lola has an Instagram account.

Hey, working out requires commitment, time, and dedication; Lola Bunny has earned the right to take a selfie. We doubt the cartoon world's internet community is complaining about her social network profile. With an aesthetic similar to finger-painting, the art style is quite cool and impressive. Bobdirt's choice of attire is a nice departure from the usual, as he could easily have gone with her popular shorts and yellow tank-top. Afterall, Lola is at a gym.

5 The Importance Of Stretching (Part 2)

Via ken1171.deviantart.com

3D can be freaky. In comparison with traditional cartoons, the style aims for a higher sense of realism; sadly, more than anything else, the final product tends to come across as uncanny. Ken1171's Lolla Bunny does not completely avoid this valley, but the author's work is a step above some of his peers. The fact that Lola Bunny is not meant to seem real probably helped matters. The image is a reference to an infamous scene from Space Jam which focuses on Lola slowly leaning over to grab a basketball. Honestly, this rendition is slightly less inappropriate than the original. The model and texture work was done by KP-Shadowsquirrel, while Ken1171 morphed Lola into this flattering pose. Whatever might be your preference, Deviant Art has got you covered.

4 A Brand New Look (Part 3)

Via victordinakara.deviantart.com

Kids, when it comes to working out, this is why you should never skip your leg days. Lola's thighs are massive. Actually, they make the rest of the character's design seem out of balance. The player should consider throwing in a few dumbbell biceps curls into her routine; you know, just to even things out. Pushing past Lola's training schedule, VictorDinakara is another artist who tried to create a human version of the rabbit. Taking into account the other similar entries, the authors always took the character in a completely different direction. Depending on someone's preferences and imagination, Lola's human aesthetic changed accordingly. In this case, she has a girl-next-door vibe.

3 Adding Lips To The Equation

Via ch3che.deviantart.com

Remove the bunny ears and we might not be able to tell who this piece is representing. To be fair, the basketball is also a pretty clear giveaway. As is the nature of fan art, the contributions can generally be divided into two categories: faithful and loosely-inspired drawings. Just to state the obvious, this entry belongs to the latter. As an artist, CH3CHE primarily focuses on Western entertainment products, with highly-stylized depictions of characters like Power Girl and Fifth Element's Leeloo. The author's Deviant Art page has a ton of really cool and creative depictions of popular fictional faces that played a part in our collective childhoods. With regards to his Lola, she seems to be closer to a human than a bunny. Her full lips are rather overwhelming.

2 The Importance Of Stretching (Part 1)

Via thestoicmachine.deviantart.com

Thestoicmachine's drawing was created to be submitted to a Deviant Art competition dedicated to Lola Bunny. Yes, the Space Jam character is popular enough to warrant her own contest and there were more than a dozen entries. Despite playing a relatively limited role in pop-culture, there is a substantial nostalgic cloud hanging over the female character.

There is no forgetting Lola.

Ignoring whether the film was actually decent or not, Space Jam was huge. It was marketed everywhere and there was not a single child who did not ask to watch the comedy in the cinema. The movie continues to be remembered fondly, but Lola's reception tends to be cut down the middle. As a character, she is not always spoken in a positive light; yet, she still receives a ton of love from the fan art community.

1 A Dream Or A Nightmare?

Via moon-shyne.deviantart.com

There is just something off-putting about Moon-Shyne tribute to Lola. Physically, the author perfectly replicated Space Jam's character; honestly, there is very little to fault. Once you stare into Lola's eyes, there is no escaping. Yet, the rabbit's smile seems slightly unhinged. She comes across as unpredictable and dangerous.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Anyway, the rest of the drawing is top-notch and serves as a worthwhile tribute to the rabbit. Lola's large face in the background is a neat touch, even if it does add to the picture's overall creepy vibe. The clothes suit the character well, and the tail seems reasonably fluffy.

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