30 Awesome Side Quests Hidden In Destiny 2's Forsaken

It’s not a secret that we all love finding hidden things is games; it drives us to look at walls for hours on end hoping that there’s some sort of hidden meaning or clue behind that painting. And surprisingly enough, Destiny 2’s Forsaken has done just that, given us a reason to stare at a wall for hours just to figure out the right sequence of images to solve the puzzle.

I could probably guess what you’re thinking at this point, that Destiny 2 was a horrible game at launch. But hear me out: they’ve redeemed themselves. There are tons of hidden activities waiting to happen, and it seems like much more is on its way with the upcoming Black Armory downloadable content released sometime in the early weeks of December. Let’s hope that they don’t forget this lesson and make the same mistakes again and again.

Destiny has been a favorite of mine ever since the Taken King came out in September of 2015, I knew I would become an instant fan of the game. Finding all the hidden calcified fragments became almost addicting as well as finding all the hidden quests tucked away in the DLC; and it would seem that Forsaken has done this not only incredibly well, but with tons of content. I still find something new every time I log in and it brings a smile to my face any time I see something that I hadn’t seen before. Here’s hoping that you find something that you haven’t seen before as well.

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30 New Super Quests

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With all the sub-classes getting a new super ability for each class, getting them can seem like a mystery. When you start the main campaign for Forsaken, you are given a bounty that you need to find visions of light. Then you do the mission Visions of Light, receiving a seed of light at the end of the mission. Getting the second and third seeds are a little more challenging, however; you have to complete the Blind Well, tier two or above. Once you complete that, you have a small chance of getting a seed of light to drop.

29 Ace Of Spades Exotic Quest

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With the owner of Ace of Spades no longer in need of it, it’s given to us in their last will. You get this exotic bounty after completing the first mission, and once you finish the campaign that’s when you can get started. You then have to grind through Gambit defeating enemies, complete strikes, and the Crucible with 25 precision final blows all with a hand cannon. Then, you have to go through the universe and find all the hidden stashes. Then complete the mission Ace In the Hole and return back to the tower and she’s all yours.

28 Malfeasance Side Quests

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This gun can be tricky to get, but keep at it and you’ll be rewarded with one of the best-designed weapons. In order to get the Malfeasance quest, you first have to defeat the Ascendant Primeval Servitor, which spawns at random so keep playing Gambit until you find one. Defeat Taken mini-bosses/bosses in the Dreaming City. Complete the Corrupted strike at power level 580. Now, the fun part: you have to win Gambit matches and deposit motes without losing either the matches or the motes, then you have to defeat opposing guardians and defeat multiple enemies on invasion.

27 Blind Well

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Similar to Escalation Protocol and the Court of Oryx, Forsaken added another multiple guardian event. Within the Dreaming city lies a challenge called the Blind Well. This has three different tiers of difficulty.

Thankfully, you can actually see inside the well, it’s just a name. You have 5 waves, each with 2:30 to complete the wave of enemies. To make this more interesting, you can make the Blind Well even harder. By completing tier three, you have the option to add an unstable light, making tier three into a heroic event.

26 Ascendant Challenge

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Each week, there are secret challenges hidden away inside the dreaming city. In order to find these challenges, you have to use a tincture of queensfoil. After using this, you can see portals for about 30 minutes that lead to another world. These challenges are quite difficult; if you perish within the challenge, it will kick you out of it and you’ll have to start again. Not to mention there are eight separate challenges hidden in the Dreaming City; a new one appears with the weekly reset.

25 Feeding Cats

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If you think that feeding hidden cats small gifts of mint is a fun time, then do I have a surprise to you. Throughout the Dreaming City, there are eight cat statues in total waiting for you to give them a small gift.

What more could you want from a game?

After receiving a small gift from activities in the Dreaming City, these cat statues will give you either a piece of the Reverie armor set or a Dreaming City weapon.

24 Raid Wishes

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These raid wishes are one of the biggest secrets in Destiny 2’s Forsaken. Before the Kalli encounter, head left and follow the path into the wish room. There are 15 different wishes that can be activated. All of the wishes do different things. These range from boss encounter skips, to keys to get bonus loot, to making the raid harder. To activate these wishes, you have to shoot the pattern on the wall and stand on the main plate to complete the wish.

23 Corsair Down

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Have you ever been exploring the Dreaming City and you suddenly get a Corsair Down bounty, but have no clue what to do? There are a total of five different locations within the Dreaming City that you can use these bounties.

The bounty will have a clue as to where the downed corsair is. Find the corsair, and it’ll spawn a boss. Defeat the boss and you will get a dog tag. After you take that to a Queen’s guard camp, you’ll get a reward.

22 Hidden Ascendant Chests

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While under the effects of quennsfoil, there are hidden chests throughout the entire Dreaming City. There are a total of ten chests spread around the Dreaming City. Acquiring all of the ascendant chests will reward with a completion in the moments of triumph.

All the loot you could ask for! The loot you receive from the chests is not the best in terms of light level, but it can always be used to infuse lower level gear that you miss, or gather more materials from.

21 Hidden Taken Eggs

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What do the Last Wish raid, the shattered and corrupted throne, and the ascendant challenge all have in common? Eggs! They all have an egg. There are forty hidden Taken eggs that can only be destroyed with the Wish Ender bow.

Talk about an Easter egg!

When you finish destroying all forty eggs, you unlock all lore tabs involving the eggs as well as a cool emblem. Be sure to also find Toland, the ahamkara bones, and the crystals hidden away inside the same places.

20 Wish Ender Bow

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There is a bow that when fully drawn can allow you to see enemies through walls. Here’s what you have to do. Head over to the Confluence Zone via the portal in the Spine of Keres and speak to Shuro Chi. Head into the Shattered Throne. Just before you head to the final boss, find the statue right before the boss and give her an awoken talisman.

Head to the Four-Horned Gulch, finish that quest, and head back to the Shattered Throne and complete the puzzle there, eventually receiving the Wish Ender bow.

19 Visiting The Queen’s Court

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Now, getting to the Queen’s Court is very challenging indeed. You need to send an offering to the Oracle three times in three weeks, and then the portal will open to you and you will get a very interesting cutscene.

You can get an offering to the oracle by completing bounties from Petra Venj. When you complete this challenge, you will receive a third seed of light, making the third subclass unlockable to you. Tough to get to, but definitely worth it.

18 Cursebreaker Titles

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If you are one of those gamers who absolutely need to get that 100% completion in every game that you have played, then you have a challenge up ahead of you.

In order to obtain the Cursebreaker title, you have to complete every seal associated with the Dreaming City. That means all forty eggs found, all ascendent challenges complete with the time trials, and finally acquiring the Wish Ender Bow. And these are just a few of the challenges that you'll have to complete!

17 Lore Triumphs

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Finally, we have the rich lore that had eluded hardcore Destiny players inside the game. From 24 hidden ghosts, 23 secret crystals, and even 16 Ahamkara bones, there's so much to get.

These hidden collectibles can be found all over Destiny 2 universe, often in places you wouldn’t even imagine finding something in. With each collectible you find, a lore tab opens up. If you unlock all of the same lore tabs, a short story is available for you to find. Really cool!

16 The Disappearance Of Master Ives

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Remember Master Ives of the Reef, the cryptarch that sounds strangely like Devrim Kay? Well, he’s no longer around and it’s up to you to figure out what happened to him. If you played when the Festival of Lost activity was active, you were given a quest to discover who ended Master Ives.

The trail's gone cold, sadly.

It seems that with each weekly reset, a little more of the mystery unravels itself. Until then, Master Ives will be unavenged.

15 Haunted Forest

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With the recently ended Festival Of The Lost came a new area called the Haunted Forest. The Haunted Forest is located on Mercury and is an endless map where you fight progressively harder and harder enemies.

Within the maze are nightmares and an Invincible Nightmare endlessly hunting you down, with modifiers making it harder to progress. Complete a part of the maze by defeating enemies and you’re faced with a boss. End the boss, and you’re on your way to the next level.

14 Moments Of Triumph

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With the release of Forsaken came the moments of Triumph, returning from Destiny 1. These different triumphs range anywhere from the crucible, to strikes and even raids.

Within the different tabs are hidden objectives that people are still trying to figure out themselves. If you find yourself nearing a completed moment of triumph tab, you will receive a title that appears beside your name, hovering above your guardian. This makes it the biggest bragging rights you can have in the game.

13 Hidden Vendors

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Two hidden vendors are waiting to trade you their goods for some of yours. Baryon boughs are what you need to bring them. You need 50 for a tincture of queensfoil, and 25 for a charge of light, tier two.

You get to these vendors by going to the Harbinger’s Seclude, entering the hall, turning left, going up the stairs to the right, through the tall door, and jumping into the hole. There you’ll find the two vendors on either side of the throne.

12 Spiders Wanted

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Forsaken introduced a new vendor for us to talk to, the Spider. A fallen on the Tangled Shore, he gives us a fair amount to do. There are wanted enemies spread throughout the universe and bounties associated with almost every wanted enemy. Completing these bounties will reward you with sweet loot and completion in your moments of triumph book, as well as unlocking a few exotics if you’re lucky enough to get one to drop. It's a rare drop, so keep at it.

11 Chaperone Quest

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The slug shotgun made its return into Destiny 2’s Forsaken. You can acquire it by completing the exotic quest, Holladay Family History. It drops randomly by completing just about any bounty. It’ll drop eventually, so keep at it. Try doing some other quests while looking for it to drop.

You have to get shotgun eliminations in the crucible, as well as arc void and solar ability eliminations. You have to do this in Gambit as well. Once completed, you will be rewarded for your hard work with the Chaperone slug shotgun.

10 Secret Secret Bounty

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Going deep into the queensfoil secrets, we are left with the secret secret bounty. In order to complete this bounty, you need to be ascendant. Take the queensfoil and you will become ascendant. With this thirty-minute buff, you can find the two hidden chests you need to loot in order to complete the bounty.

While ascendant, be sure to keep an eye out for any other hidden pathways or ascendant challenges. They are easy to miss and it’s best to complete them as many as you can.

9 Queensfoil Secrets

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When you take Queensfoil, it allows you to ascend to the level of the awoken. This lets you see pathways, chests, or portals that were not always there to begin with. In order to acquire these rare items, there are several things you can do.

There are two skulls: one that you can get charges of light from, and the other will trade 50 baryon boughs for a tincture of queensfoil. Or you can get it as a drop from bounties.

8 Pauurc The Farseer

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Pauurc the Farseer is a secret ogre boss hidden in the dreaming city. In order to activate the boss, you need to head to Rheasilvia and wait for the enemies to move against each other, and wait for a saboteur to spawn.

Defeat the saboteur and take the orb to a well of light, then to the statue far away and deposit the charge into the ground. If you see the message “a good deed is rewarded,” you know you spawned Pauur the Farseer.

7 The Shattered Throne

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The Shattered Throne is an intense dungeon found in the Confluence Zone and speak to Shuro Chi. This is a multi-layered dungeon and it is hard. Don’t even attempt this dungeon unless you are 560 light, as the highest level enemy you will find is 590.

Be sure to also complete the Wish Ender Bow quest while you’re in the dungeon, as well as any other hidden collectibles you might find inside. Seeing as how difficult this place is, you may as well get everything done while you can.

6 Hidden Ghosts

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Looking further into collectibles that can be found in hidden all over Destiny 2’s Forsaken, there are twenty-three ghosts found scattered all across the Destiny universe.

These ghosts can be found on all the different planets. Not just the new zones, but also in the most obscure places. Once you’ve collected all of the ghosts, you will have completed a lore tab for each one as well as a moment of triumph tab completed.

5 Hidden Bones

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There are sixteen hidden ahamkara bones hidden around the Dreaming City and its subzones, and if you are a wondering how to get the Cursebreaker title, as well as the full story for Marasenna, you need to find all of these bones.

Most of the bones can be found inside the Dreaming City, but you need to be going into the ascendent challenges, as well as the Shattered throne dungeon. So, be sure to be on the lookout because these bones are as hidden as they can be.

4 Hidden Fallen Device

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Here we are again looking for more collectibles tucked away in the corners we never even knew were there. There are a total of 20 hidden shanks spread around the world of Destiny 2’s Forsaken. Finding all of these will unlock the story for the Forsaken Prince and will complete that lore tab as well.

Oftentimes we view collectibles as tedious. But finding these hidden collectibles are tied to a bigger picture with lore as well as a bigger score. At the end of the day, that’s all we need. Bragging rights.

3 Finding Toland

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If you are a Destiny lore buff, then you know who Toland is. If not, he’s a guardian trapped inside the ascendant realm who has an obsession with the Hive. Toland can be found inside the ascendant challenges at different locations as a floating orb that gives you a little bit of dialogue when you find him. There’s usually a bounty that gives you sweet loot when you find him. Talk to Petra Venj to receive this bounty and go hunt him down.

2 Mindbender’s Hidden Chest

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While hunting down the Mindbender, one of the barons that ended Cadye-6, there is a secret chest hidden away near the end of the mission. After you’ve defeated the Mindbender, you are told to leave the area as soon as you can.

There is a hidden platform that will appear near the right side. Follow the path and get the orb, and take it with you to unlock the locked chest. This will get you a triumph as well as a neat emblem.

1 Secret Triumphs

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Throughout the Moments of Triumph, there are tons of hidden triumphs ready to be discovered. Go out and do everything you can! You never know what’s out there waiting for you to discover, whether it’s about lore or finding an exotic quest.

Lots of these hidden triumphs are locked behind certain activities or quests, so be sure to leave no stone unturned. We all have that completionist inside of us waiting to be appeased by finding all the secrets that we can.

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