25 Awesome Things Fans Forget About Naruto

Naruto Shonen Jump and Shippuden are fan favorites in the anime world full of rich characters and compelling story arcs. It's thrilling watching young ninja grow from wet behind the ear to truly elite shinobi with their own unique style. Some of our favorite moments include watching Naruto and Sasuke work in perfect unison to save Kakashi from Zabuza's water prison jutsu. There are moments that make us laugh like when Kakashi hit Naruto with his hidden finger jutsu, which causes a thousand years of pain. Then there are the heartbreaking moments like watching our favorite Sage fall in battle to the Six Paths of Pain. These are moments we know well and relive over and over again.

One thing Naruto is known for, though, is filler episodes. They do filler episodes like its nobody's business. However, between the fillers, the moments that we love, and the moments that we hate, are little gem stories. These are stories that are often forgotten unless you are a true believer; a devout follower that has logged hours of time indulging in the brilliance of Naruto. For those who might use the excuse that they don't have time because of jobs or life, in general, we got your back. Let's jog your memory about some pretty boss moments that are sure to make you nostalgic and even hop on your favorite streaming service and relive the glory. These are some of the best parts of Naruto that people have forgotten.

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25 What Was She Thinking?

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It's well known in the Naruto-verse that Itachi Uchiha is a different caliber of Shinobi. He's not like these other ninjas running around; he is extremely exceptional. One of the things that makes him so is his use of Genjutsu via his Mangekyou Sharingan, a Kekkei Genkai of the Uchiha clan. In fact, this ability is so strong that a mere glance is enough to trap a shinobi in his illusion. Kurenai is an elite Jonin of the Village Hidden in the Leaves and is well aware of this. She should have known better than to try to play his game.

24 Temari Mops The Floor With Tenten

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Right before the Chunin exams, we met Team Guy. Their introduction suggested that they were the big dog genin of the leaf, especially after Rock Lee hit Sasuke. They all had an air of unwavering confidence going into their final rounds which consisted of a one-on-one match. Enter Temari, a sand ninja genin. In the very first round, Temari made short work of Tenten. In fact, Temari didn't even take Tenten seriously. She made her attempt to do her thing, then got her out of there ASAP. Poor little Tenten.

23 I Don't Care Who You Are

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Konohamaru was the esteemed bratty honorable grandson of the Third Hokage; a little brat that ran around doing whatever he pleased because everybody was too afraid to check him. This is understandable, since his grandfather and guardian was the leader of the village. Everybody just kind of looked the other way and let him do as he pleased. But if there's one thing we know about Naruto, it's that he was the top knucklehead ninja. So when Konohamaru came by flexing on Naruto, he had to catch those hands.

22 Shisui Of The Body Flicker

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Itachi Uchiha is a man of great legend in the Naruto universe. Most consider him to be the most powerful Uchiha after Madara. But how soon do we forget that when Itachi was just a pup, he was Shisui's little ninja? As a young one, Shisui achieved the Magenkyō Sharingan and the power of the full Susano. However, what he is famous for is his teleportation jutsu. This is a jutsu that made him lighting fast, and also created clones that were weightless. Yeah, AO did the right thing. He definitely didn't want that smoke.

21 A Weird Thing To Be Afraid Of

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Princess Tsunade is the granddaughter of the first Hokage, Hashirama. It's no wonder she rose to be one of the most powerful shinobi of her time; one of the legendary Sannin of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. She practically invented what it meant to be a medical ninja. So you can imagine the surprise to find out she had a fear of blood. That's like a fisherman being afraid of fish! Princess Tsunade, you are a combat medic, you are not allowed to be afraid of blood! What kind of stuff is that?

20 Shino Bout That Action

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We all have known a kid in high school that isn't quite like the others. That's basically Shino. His clan's hidden jutsu lets actual bugs live inside their body, which is mad disgusting. During the Chunin Exams, Shino was supposed to fight Kankuro, but Kankuro forfeited the match. Shino didn't like this one bit. Like an obsessed ex-boyfriend, Shino followed Kankuro after all broke loose just so he can put hands on that man. Shino wasn't about to let that go to waste. He basically was like, "you're going to get this action whether you want it or not."

19 I Got This, Bro

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When the Leaf assembled a squad to go after Sasuke and the Sound Ninja Four, it consisted of what was to be considered the most talented of the genin. With the exception of Choji, they all were presumed to have something to offer. Choji was brought along on Shikamaru's discretion. What could he possibly have to offer? In the end, he's the only one from the squad that did not need to be saved. Although it nearly cost him his life, he beat Jirobo all by himself.

18 Granny Chiyo Almost Puts Hands on Kakashi

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Hardcore fans know of Granny Chiyo, grandmother of Sasori, and straight up thug. When Team 7 went to the Village Hidden in the Sand to provide support, Kakashi almost caught a two piece with sides. Mistaking him for the White Fang, Kakashi's father, she hopped off a balcony and was playing no games! You would have thought Kakashi owed her money and been ducking her for months. Naruto had to jump in and prevent what Kakashi was about to be blessed with. Remember kiddies, respect your elders. Always!

17 I Fought The First Hokage And Liked It

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Kakuzu was one of the more threatening members of the Akatsuki, whose membership is comprised of all heavy hitters. He is also the oldest, thanks to his immortality. He is so old, in fact, that he fought the first Hokage. The mere fact that he walked away and lived is an accomplishment in itself. In fact, Kakuzu might be a little too humble about the matter. It should be his catchphrase. Before entering into any squabble, he should announce himself as Kakuzu, the First Hokage Survivor.

16 They Gave It Everything They Got

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Ino and Sakura were rivals, competing mostly for the affection of then Golden Boy Sasuke Uchiha. Since they attend a ninja academy and are essentially soldiers, their competition came to a head during the last round of the Chunin exams. It was a metaphorical fisticuffs to prove who is superior. The problem is that it lead to the most remarkably unremarkable ending to a fight in the history of the Chunin exams. They knocked each other out, resulting in a double elimination. Not a draw, but an anti-climatic double loser scenario.

15 The Weirdest Jutsu

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Before Naruto started down the path that would eventually lead him to become the greatest shinobi of his era, he was a little punk. However, he did develop his own jutsu that was utterly ridiculous. Basically, he transformed into a female version of himself in order to distract. It is a technique that is so stupid that it actually works when used right. It would be one thing if it only worked on gross old men, but he hit Kaguya with the reverse jutsu then laid her out with the illest right hook ever.

14 I'm Better When I'm Out Of It

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Rock Lee is a shinobi who has no talent in ninjutsu or genjutsu, but still had the determination to become a truly splendid ninja. So he focused all his time on developing his taijutsu. Those hands are a definite problem, and you don't want any smoke when it comes to exchanging blows with dude. However, Lee discovered, in true frat boy fashion, that he actually is a lot better when he's out of it. If Lee gets out of it during the fight, he turns into the ninja version of Floyd Mayweather. Good luck trying to put hands on that guy!

13 Yagura The Puppet

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Yagura; the fourth Mizukage of the Village Hidden in the Mist. During his tenure, he garnered the nickname the Blood Mist Village. A perfect Jinchūriki of the Three-Tails, he was a force to be reckoned with. He also made sure his people didn't play any games out in those streets either. But as it turns out, the Yagura wasn't even bout it bout it. The whole time, he was being manipulated by the Sharingan of "Madara Uchiha." For all we know, Yagura was the sweetest of sweethearts. Would the real Yagura please stand up?

12 Sage Mode With Training Wheels

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Jiraiya the Toad Sage is perhaps one of the most beloved characters in the Narutoverse. One of the Legendary Sannin, he can use all five nature releases and is one of the very few characters who has achieved the ability of Sage Mode. But for Jiraiya and all his might, he did not perfect the Sage Transformation. That would probably explain why we only saw him break it out against his former pupil Nagato. He even needed help from two toads to help gather nature energy for him. So his sage mode kind of had training wheels.

11 Orochimaru Gets Put In His Place

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Orochimaru is one the most feared and powerful villains in the Narutoverse. His goal at one point in time was to collect all the jutsu of the world. So when he happened upon someone with the famed and mysterious Rinnegan, he just couldn't help himself. He concocts a plan to snatch the eyes right out of old guy's head. Much to his dismay, he hadn't yet realized that he didn't want any smoke with Pain. Oh, but he did learn quickly that day. After he got the proverbial hand from Pain's almighty push technique, he knew he better have let well enough alone.

10 The Time Gaara Almost Got Got

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When Sasuke lost his mind to will his body to Orochimaru to gain more power, Naruto and the gang had to go after him. Only problem: the Sound Ninja Four was basically mopping the floor with all of them. Luckily, the Hidden Leaf called in some back up from some old frenemies. If Gaara hadn't shown up to bail Rock Lee out from bailing Naruto out, he would have got dealt with. Kimimaro wasn't playing any games with that boy. Gaara learned a lesson that day after dropping his guard, because he thought the fight was over. If Kimimaro wasn't already on the way out, he would have had a bone to pick with Gaara, literally.

9 Might Guy, The GOAT

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During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Six Path's Madara was giving everybody that work. So when Guy Sensei stepped up to the line, everybody was thinking "Oh no, what are you doing?" Now, Guy is strong in his own right, especially not being able to use ninjutsu or genjutsu. Much to everybody's surprise, Guy went and him a good old fashioned whooping. In fact, Guy almost put an end to Madara's tenure. Madara even had to give him props and declared Guy to be the strongest. He's not, but he did the thing to Madra, so we can understand why he would say that.

8 Your Soul Is Mine

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Sasori was a member of the Ataksuki and a puppet master genius. There's no debating it. In fact, he is probably the greatest puppet user of all time. He was also a sociopath. Like, a super big noteworthy sociopath. At some point in his history, making puppets wasn't enough. He wanted to take his craft to the next level. He turned his friends and enemies into puppets. That should have bought him a first class ticket to the looney bin, but he managed to fly under the radar runaway and intimidate the world. He also was so obsessed he turned himself into a puppet.

7 Hath No Fury Like A Kaguya Scorned

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Betrayal is nothing new to the world. People are often betrayed by the ones who are closest to them. Kaguya of the Otsutsuki Clan was no different. Sent down to Earth to collect chakra from her clan, she would fall in love and become pregnant. But when her beloved was enthralled with war, her enemies set in motion a plan to rid the world of her. Betrayed by her love, whose babies she was carrying, she fought back by enslaving the world and spreading doom and gloom to every corner of the globe.

6 Shikamaru Is Basically Batman

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Shikamaru is perhaps everybody's favorite slacker. But like a gifted student in a non-challenging environment, he just never put in very much effort in the beginning. However, when he started trying, it was clear that he was in a league of his own and he didn't need Tom Hanks to coach him. They say great chess players are always two moves ahead. Shikamaru is like 500 moves ahead. His ability to read the battlefield and formulate a battle plan in real time is beyond approach. Unlike Bruce Wayne, people actually like him, so that is a huge plus!

5 Using Talents To Enhance Life

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The son of the famed Sage of Six Paths and grandson of Kaguya, one could assume that this kid was destined for greatness. Never mind that later he would be manipulated by one of his grandmother's minions and become a bully and a menace. He had his moments. With the chakra he inherited from his father, he learned how to use it to enhance life. By creating hand signs, he learned to release his chakra in various forms for the benefit of the world. Little did he know that people would weaponize this invention and start squabbling with each other.

4 Run, Forrest, Run!

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When the Akatsuki first started running around snatching up Jinchūriki, Itachi and Kisame made a play for Naruto. The only problem is that he was in the company of Jiraiya, the resident super powerful ninja. So when their little plan failed to separate the two, they found themselves trapped in the mouth of a toad. First, that is really disgusting, and two it was mad sticky in that piece. They were barely able to escape.

3 Naruto Jumped A Jonin

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Before Naruto would become the stuff of legend, he was a little not nosed brat. He couldn't even graduate from the ninja academy. To call him a loser would be the understatement of the century. Who knew to unlock his potential all he needed was someone to believe in him? So when his do-nothing sensei started crying Naruto's praises, it made him take his first step towards greatness. Mastering the second Hokage's forbidden jutsu, he spawned a thousand clones and jumped his attacker. Talk about not fighting fair.

2 Ending In A Draw

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When Team 7 went to go ambush Kabuto and Orochimaru after Sasori's passing, they never expected that they were the ones getting ambushed. Everyone knows how dangerous that snake Orochimaru is, but he had the misfortune of making Naruto snap. A Naruto who had not yet mastered being a jinchūriki. Going into the nine tails cloak mode in a rage, the two engaged in a slugfest. Amazingly, Orochimaru couldn't seem to best Naruto, resulting in a stalemate. At that moment, Orochimaru probably knew that later Naruto would have to the ability punch his clock.

1 Don't Get Crystalized

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Guren: a very dangerous Orochimaru minion with probably the rarest Kekkei Genkai in all the Narutoverse. A powerful one at that. Don't be fooled by the rocks that she got; Guren is still that ninja from the block. Able to match blows in taijutsu with Kakashi, which is no small feat, and a borderline OP crystal release style, she is not someone you want to get messed up with. Act up if you want to and you might find yourself encased in a pink crystal. But hey, at least you will be pretty enough for news coverage.

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