25 Awesome Things You Didn't Know About The Evil Within 2

Survival horror fans knew something was up when one of the first scenes in The Evil Within 1 had the main character hanging upside down from a meat hook while a monstrous butcher attacked other prisoners. With echoes of the play style of Resident Evil and the psychological horror of Silent Hill, The Evil Within brought a new flavor to survival horror. Scarce armor and terrifyingly challenging bosses made the first game a must play. However, there were still some who were not convinced of The Evil Within as a major survival horror contender.

In October 2017, Bethesda invited fans to take another macabre dive into the twisted world of psychotic enemies and painful memories for the main character, Sebastian Castellanos. This time around, Sebastian is looking for the daughter he once thought was dead due to a house fire. To find her, he has to plug back into the machine that brought him to Beacon in the first game. Before, Sebastian was a motivated detective solving a mysterious murder case. In The Evil Within 2, Sebastian is a desperate father willing to face every creepy and disturbing monster to locate the daughter he lost. This game is bigger than the original, happening in the setting of a city instead of one location (like Beacon Hospital in the first game). There are a lot of improvements on the original and features within this game that have players ready to embrace the terror. Here are 25 awesome things you did not know about The Evil Within 2.

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25 Yes, There Is A Flamethrower

via youtube.com (PS4trophies)

Games often give you a chance to experience things you would never have thought possible. Wanna surf in clouds? Fight Greek gods on Mount Olympus? Run a Grand Theft operating ring? Well, video games have you covered. Most of the time, especially with games like EW2, gamers become incredibly excited about weapons. Fans have been clamoring about the hint that a flamethrower would be making its way into the game, but for the weapon was yet to be found within EW2. However, it was not long before video showed up on YouTube of players with the flamethrower. Players can pick up the flamethrower by defeating a boss wielding one later in the game. The damage done to the boss during the fight will make the weapon unusable. However, players can repair it by taking down two of the same bosses in Union City. It's a tough fight, but the flamethrower is worth it!

24 Don’t Pass Up A Can of Soda…

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Sprite, Coke Cola, Mountain Dew…sometimes you just need a can of soda for a pick me up. When players first went through EW2, it probably looked like the developers wanted to infuse a bit of reality and give Sebastian a chance to grab a cold one while blasting scary creatures. This is kind of supported by the fact that he can drink coffee for health. In the game, there are tons of soda machines spread out in Union City One would think they are just props or a chance for a health boost, but they can actually be pretty valuable to the player. If the player goes up to the machine and bangs on it, the soda machine will deliver crafting items and green gel instead of soda. So, don’t pass on a little fizz.

23 A Major Award Awaits Once You Beat The Game in Nightmare

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Some may question the story and direction of The Evil Within franchise, but there is one thing no one can take away from this game: its insane difficulty. Even in normal mode, gamers can be ready to pull out their hair at the strength, speed, and unpredictability of enemies. Couple this with a scarcity of ammo and this game may cause frustration. However, the developers will reward players for their tireless efforts. Once a player beats the game in nightmare mode, they can use a “classic goodie” to take out enemies. Brass knuckles are up for grabs in melee fights. How cool does the hardened Mr. Castellanos look hauling a right hook back to take out enemies? Players have earned that right after the horrors of nightmare mode.

22 This Game Had Its Own Gaming Engine Created For It

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You know a gaming studio is serious when they are considering creating their own engine to run their game. EW1 had some issues running on consoles and PCs due to its difficulty in being housed on the ID Tech 5 Engine. Tango Gameworks took the faculty experience of gamers to heart and followed in the steps of Arkane Studios and Dishonored. They created the studio’s own gaming engine named after “STEM,” the technology within the game that is used to transport people to Union City. It shocked gamers by using reverse technology from ID engines to create their own. Because this is a new engine that consoles have never run before, there is some risk that it might not be as smooth as hoped for. Still, creating your own engine is pretty boss!

21 Combat – Bar Fight Style

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Who would have thought Bethesda would take their combat cues from the rough and tumble world of bar fights? If players get the Bottle Break skill early in the game, they can use bottles as a melee weapon against enemies and aggressive monsters. There are tons of bottles scattered all over Union City, and all the player has to do is grab one and break it over the monster’s head. This is very useful in situations where ammo is scarce. EW2 requires players to be creative to survive, and tricks like this are essential to make it to the end. The developers are really trying to throw out some bones here because they know this game is “throw-your-controller” hard. Bethesda, we appreciate the help.

20 Nintendo Fans May Be In Luck

via polygon.com

Nintendo is always thinking up new ways to create a more immersive gaming experience. The only problem is that they usually are not open to third-party developers, but they may be up for making an exception in the near future. Shinki Mikami, a producer of EW2, has expressed interest in bringing the title to the Nintendo Switch. Bethesda is sending numerous games (Doom, Wolfenstein, and Elder Scrolls) to the Switch, so it is possible that EW2 could soon be a part of that lineup. Budget-conscious gamers typically have to choose between Nintendo and other consoles because many games are not offered, it is cool to know that Nintendo may be opening up the playing field a little more to new developers and games from a variety of genres.

19 The Keeper Isn’t Done With You Yet

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Freakishly tall and relentlessly deadly, the Keeper was a real force to be reckoned with in EW1. He stalked players with his heavy meat tenderizer all throughout the game. His brute force and metal cage that screams masochism can make any imagination run wild about his torture plans. To the surprise (or dismay) of many, The Keeper makes another appearance in EW2. Gamers were terrified of this guy in the first game, but he shows a little bit of his softer side here. He now comes in doll form and can be found at Sebastian’s house. Fittingly enough, he is the last “Bethesda collectible.” Could this also be a hint that this villain is still around? The developers may be helpful in the ammo area, but they are not above messing around with players.

18 Your Crossbow Isn’t Just For Shooting

via gamespot.com

Who remembers those annoying traps in EW1? Before players knew it, Sebastian was flying across the screen from walking right into a tripwire followed by a disappointing game over screen. Well, Sebastian has more opportunities to get his “booby trap” on. Players can have some forethought and be sneaky with enemies by creating exploding mines with the crossbow’s exploding bolt. Sebastian can set this up with a doorway, some trip wire, and the exploding bolt ready to go. He encountered a lot of traps in the first game, and now he can create his own. In this game, some of the tripwires have been replaced with “murder cameras” from Stefano Valenti, so there’s that. Bethesda definitely gets an “A” for creativity with that one.

17 Venture Into The Memories Of A Ghost For A Prized Possession…

via youtube.com (deathmule)

Anima is a creature that terrorizes many residents in Union City. She can read minds and kill people by taking their life force from their bodies. A being one would not want to come across in any way. She just seems like something to be avoided, but her memories link her to Beacon Hospital, the site of the first game and the start of Sebastian’s trouble. If at Beacon, Sebastian collects the three documents of her memories, he can unlock his old iconic handgun once again. It may not be as stunning as a crossbow, but there is something attractive about taking out enemies like a cowboy-gone-mad. Just hope you can steer clear of Anima, might want to use a crossbow on her if you cross her path.

16 No Wonder This Game Looks Amazing

via techradar.com

Staffing shakeups at gaming studios are par for the course, but this one might have improved the overall look of EW2. Shinji Mikami directed the first EW, but this time around Mikami stepped down, and John Johanas, the visual effects director from the first game, took over. Many have commented on the more significant attention to natural environmental settings, and the elaborate locations (like the Museum) within the game. A lot of this is due to Johanas’ emphasis on visuals in a director role. This game is a lot more open, and players are given free reign to explore. While it still keeps the linear play style, there is some leeway for gamers to discover new things in Union City. However, more locations bring more problems.

15 A Manifestation Of Stefano’s True Insanity

via egmnow.com

Like Silent Hill, EW developers and storytellers do a great job of connecting monsters with the real emotional hang-ups and personal pain of heroes and villains. The Guardian is a monster Sebastian meets in the early part of EW2, and it is a horrific mash-up of body parts, saws, and hair. This beast is said to symbolize Stefano’s insanity and his obsession with the intersection of art and murder. Many women were killed to create this monster, so it is a breathing reminder of the horror they experienced, and are now ready to unleash on someone else. It is interesting that many of the major creatures in this game are based on women. In addition to The Guardian, Anima and Obscura also find time to terrorize Sebastian.

14 There Are Already World Record Speedruns For This Game

via youtube.com (uhTrance)

Around four days after a game’s release, speedruns will begin to make their way onto YouTube like clockwork. EW2 was no exception in this trend. Currently, uhTrance has a 2 hour and 31 second world record for beating the game in survival mode. Quizzle looks to have the world record for nightmare mode with a knife only. In fact, as this article was being written, another YouTuber was trying to beat the nightmare world record on a live stream. This is genuinely entertaining and shows the dedication gamers have to this challenging game. Once all is said and done, players will have tried every iteration of speedrunning on this game, and viewers will have just as much fun watching it as they have playing it.

13 Ain’t Nothing Like A Little Freedom

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Sebastian Castellanos is not a boilerplate character this time around. Whether gamers know it or not, the experience of the game is altered based on the skills the player chooses to give to Sebastian. Weapons are not the only thing that can be upgraded, but his health, recovery, combat, athleticism, and other personal attributes can be tinkered with. He can be a “blast everything walking” character or a sneaky stealth player that does his best to not interact with monsters unless he has to. This drastically changes the gaming experience. The Gel is used for Sebastian while weapon parts upgrade his arsenal. The best thing developers can do is provide options to gamers about the type of gaming experience they are looking want.

12 More Goodies For Completion

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The EW2 rewards players who make their way through this monstrous game. Once players beat the game on any difficulty, they will be awarded the Magnum gun to use on their next run through. It is a shame that you cannot start out with this gun. According to gamerevolution.com, it does more damage per shot than any other gun in EW2. Its power resembles a tiny cannon. Knowing this is a tease. Think of how easy it would be to get through Union City with this thing. However, it does give players incentive to get through the game. Gamers could kill two birds with one stone and complete the game on nightmare and get both this gun and the brass knuckles. However, that may be a bit of a tall order.

11 The Evil Within 2 Soundtrack Is Over 100 Years In The Making

via neogaf.com

Masatoshi Yanagi was the composer for EW1 and has taken over the task again for EW2. On the soundtrack of the game, along with Masatoshi, a familiar name shows up quite a few times to bring home those twisted artists and photography murder scenes in the museum. Yanagi sampled Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s music in a blend of classical music meeting a disturbing industrial symphony. Oh, how fun! The sounds perfectly complement the insanity of Stefano Valentini’s lair and murder chamber. Tchaikovsky was around in the late 1890s, which is also when his musical productions were at the height of popularity, so his music is living on in EW2. Whoever said classical music was boring has never taken a listen to the full EW2 soundtrack. Many of the songs will keep you up at night.

10 Beacon Hospital May Not Be Done With Sebastian Just Yet

via manekin3k0.wordpress.com

Sebastian has had a rough go of it since the first game. No one believes him about what transpired at Beacon, and he has now lost his family. However, the origin place of the terror is not done with Mr. Castellanos. At the beginning of EW1, Sebastian can be seen wearing a trench coat, and players never see it again as the game goes on. Well, in The EW2 trailer he is seen wearing the coat again as it was a gift from his wife. This could imply that Sebastian went back into Beacon Hospital from EW1, and retrieved the original trench coat. Will gamers see him re-enter a familiar place of madness? If so, one can be sure that it will be just as hair-raising as the first time.

9  :-) ALL (Fire Walk With Me)

via dreadcentral.com

The developers of EW2 are horror movie fans. They have included two shout-outs to the legendary sci-fi/horror show, Twin Peaks. First, at an early point in the game, Sebastian is in a “red room” that is very reminiscent to the one in the show. The second has to do with an achievement called “Fire Walk With Me” where Sebastian has to walk through fire while a mysterious girl protects him. This is a straight nod to the Twin Peaks film called Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. This reference is one many fans recognized immediately, and it shows that the team around this game took their time to incorporate neat elements into EW2 that would have players talking. There definitely seems to be a lot more of these compared to the first game.

8 Love The Cinematic Styling Of The First Game?

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Fans either loved or hated the letterbox style of the first game. Some felt it created a unique cinematic experience while others thought it was a distraction and took up ample screen space. The EW2 team seemed to understand where gamers were coming from and decided to do away with the mandatory letterbox this time around. Players have the option to select the letterbox style once they beat EW2. It is cool that the developers give people a choice instead of forcing them to choose that style. It is also a nice nod to one of the defining features of the original game. Even though those that dislike the letterbox have a point, the attention to detail this game has does lend itself to a cinematic experience.

7 In The Right Circumstance, An Enemy Could Be Your BFF

via polygon.com

When is the last time you have had this experience? You are fighting a boss ‘til the death. You are a few swipes from a game over screen, and you take care of the enemy. Your health and stamina are low, and as you see more enemies coming your way the one, you just killed leaves you with an item that will get you through the next horde. It is no secret that ammo is scarce in these games, so the developers found another way to help gamers. Upon their demise, while some enemies drop Green Gel, others may drop hand axes to help you maximize your melee game. One would hope there would be a lot of these in a nightmare mode situation.

6 Without Resident Evil 4, There Would Be No EW2

via vg247.com and residentevil.wikia.com

Mikami is one of the leading people behind the Resident Evil franchise, and his involvement in the series is felt in EW2. The plot of EW2 mirrors RE4 in a significant way. A seemingly ordinary town or suburb falls into chaos as a result of the inhabitants becoming evil mutants. It sounds a lot like RE4. Also, the third person views and the scarce supplies are a definite nod and throwback to RE4. Granted, Leon was responsible for saving someone else’s daughter instead of his own unlike Sebastian, but it does have some striking similarities. RE4 has gone on to become one of the most favored installments in the Resident Evil series, maybe EW2 has this coming as well in its series.

5 Keanu Reeves Or Sebastian Castellanos?

via youtube.com (MKIceandFire) and delightfulknowledge.com

Thank goodness for the Matrix! It is a time-tested tale of virtual reality and science fiction done right. Its innovation has inspired a lot of films, but it has also left its mark on gaming. Awesomely enough this movie is likely a direct inspiration to EW2 and the franchise as a whole. STEM is a horror-filled virtual reality that works in similar ways as the Matrix. Participants are connected to a machine through their brain and are even suspended in liquid during the dream sequences (much like Neo was in the first Matrix), and those in the world can still communicate with those outside using mobile devices. This game represents a horror version of the iconic movie. Would that make Sebastian’s daughter the Oracle?

4 Hope This Mug Doesn’t Replicate

via pcgamer.com

Another nod to Bethesda is nestled in the insanity of EW2. In Chapter 13, when Sebastian goes to the hotel, in the lobby there is a very familiar collectible mug behind the front desk. If it looks like you have seen it before, that’s because it has a famous role in another game. It is the Transtar Coffee Mug from Prey. This is the same one that was replicated and turned into a tentacle monster that terrorized some lab technicians. The cool part about these collectibles is that during the game, players can speculate if these are just fun easter eggs, or if the game is trying to use them as clues to what may come. We won’t spoil it for you here, but the suspense of this adds to the tension of what players already have to face in the game.

3 Mr. Rockability Sebastian

via comicvine.gamespot.com and pinterest.co.uk

Ever wondered what your favorite voice actors are doing when they are not bringing your video game hero or villain to life? Well, like other people, they have to make a buck doing other jobs, but sometimes those jobs are just as cool as what you know them for. The voice of Sebastian Castellanos in The Evil Within Franchise is actor and voice actor Marqus Bobesich. He has been involved in a number of movies and shows and most recently has made an appearance in Orphan Black. His character on the show is known as Rockability Bob, a friend of the main character, Sarah Manning. He is a sharp dresser and sports some of the thickest sideburns around. He looks as if he stepped right out of a 50s movie.

2 Say Hello To Pipboy!

via gameranx.com

The Evil Within 2 pays a lot of homage to other Bethesda games, but one, in particular, will have fans nodding in approval. Pipboy from Fallout is a small collectible that players can grab in the game. The caption reads that this is something the player recognizes but can quite put their finger on where they know about it. It is a subtle nod to another major franchise in the Bethesda family, and it is probably not the only one players can grab in the game. This collectible is also fitting because there is something inherently creepy about a little “harmless looking” figurine that smiles and puts a thumbs up in the midst of apocalyptic chaos. Pipboy fits right into The Evil Within universe.

1 Leatherface Makes An Appearance

via theevilwithin.wikia.com

In EW2, there are many references to horror movies. One, in particular, gets a major shout-out in a huge way. Father Theodore is a crazed pastor who is trying to take control of Union City. Instead of trying to unite the city under peace and kindness, he uses fear and violence to make his point. His tactics are to send his own group of monsters Sebastian’s way to get rid of him. One of the creatures he uses to battle Sebastian is The Sadist. He bears a striking resemblance to Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and acts in a similar manner as the movie's antagonist. He may be a direct grab from the film. The revving up of a chainsaw produces a unique brand of fear, which is right up EW2’s alley.

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