20 Awesome Things You Had NO Idea You Can Do In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has come upon us and it is glorious. I write this for you after playing a crap ton since release to share what I have learned about this long-awaited sequel. To preface this list, I would like to mention that I wrote this with all levels of players in mind. Casuals and die-hards alike all have different levels of knowledge of this game, so the levels of obviousness in these may differ as well. Hopefully, there will be something for everyone, whether you did not play Destiny and are giving Destiny 2 a whirl, or you checked the beta out a little, but still do not know much or even if you follow Destiny 2 heavily. This is a learning experience for all!

So, cool things you can do in Destiny. Well, this list is tricky, because most things in Destiny are pretty cool. I mean, the interplanetary scale of it all allows for quite the spectacle. Whether it is in the form of the awesome space alien creature things you fight, or the impossible landscapes we see in these far off worlds, there are so many aspects that qualify as "awesome things", but I will try to stick to things you would expect from a list like this. What's the next tower mini-game? Fun in-game glitches, easter eggs and new abilities are in store, just like the game... in store... now... buy it... it's been a long day...

Anyway here's the list.

Oh yeah, and possible SPOILER alert.

20 Anyone Up For A Game Of Soccer?

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Whether you're unwinding after spending all day kicking the milk out of your Vex foes or shooting Cabal scum, there is no better way to do it then with some light soccer... or futból if you like being wrong or whatever. In Destiny 2's new social space, The Farm, there is a full sized soccer pitch where players can play well... soccer. It is essentially the replacement for every original Destiny players favorite pasttime, "nudge the purple ball". R.I.P. Purple Ball. Never Forget. This mini-game is next level from the purple ball game because it's intentional. This is evidenced by what happens when you score three goals in the same net... fireworks. It seems kinda dangerous to essentially be letting off signalling flairs in the middle of the European Dead Zone and ya know... enemies. I guess guardians needed the speaker to function more than they thought. Look at me. I am the Traveler now.

19 Travelling Faster Than Light

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A new feature in Destiny 2 is the inclusion of fast travel. All Destiny veterans can agree that the amount of sparrow riding you had to do to get where you needed to be was pretty absurd at times. That, coupled with the much larger scale of the second installment's maps necessitated a way to navigate the world without wasting that precious hour of game time between work and sleep that you have on cruising through the scenery. You cannot create custom fast travel pins for your personal points of interest, but instead there are approximately around 3-5 fast travel points on every map that players can utilize. This inclusion for the new game as it promises to allow you to be near the action at all times rather than inching your way there on a sparrow that keeps exploding as you boost. Get good engine, get good.

18 "I'm Going On An Adven-chah!"

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Adventures are a welcome new aspect of the game that really show case Bungie's promises for the sequel of Destiny. A fair amount of the complaints about Destiny were that it lacked content, not only in the base game, but in the expansion. I believe adventures were Bungie's answer/fix to this problem. Adventures are missions that are tangential to the plot, in which you can earn reputation with various factions based on which planet the adventure takes place. There are literally so many adventures in this game, it is absolutely ridiculous. You beat the story mode, and you think that is all there is, but then NOPE... you have like 15 adventures to complete on each planet. This is great because it also dulls the feeling of grinding for materials. When you play missions you never played before, then the grind does not really feel like the grind.

17 Like A Hamster In A Wheel

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Have you ever wanted to be a hamster or perhaps walk on a thin cable? Well, if you want a really expensive way to do that, maybe Destiny 2 is the game for you. On The Farm, you can jump up the central, tall building to get to the top and perch on the electrical wiring like a common crow or pigeon. This provides the best view for a soccer match or perhaps acting look out for oncoming Fallen predators. Make sure to get up there and look down on those ground dwelling plebs. Also, if you are looking to improve your cardio and stamina, then you can hit up The Farm's hamster wheel and run to your hearts content. Destiny 2 has definitely improved in the "things to do in the social space" department. Here's hoping they add more!

16 Surf's Up

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The game has not been out very long, but the Destiny 2 community has been finding unique things to do left and right. Not long into the open beta, players figured out how to pike surf. With good timing and just the right button combination, while standing on your pike/sparrow and initiating the dance function, you can control the pike/sparrow while dancing, thus effectively surfing. This kind of seems like a glitch that may be patched by Bungie in the future, but I ask you, why? If there is a little quirk in a game that is just pure fun and can make the player base smile, then why patch it? Maybe we can just agree and call it a happy accident and leave it at that.

15 Your Own Private Concert

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Yup, one fourth of the Beatles has a secret concert playing in the game. Does that sound insane? That's because it is. However, on the mission "Homecoming" (the start mission where the Tower is being raided), behind a locked door, you can hear a muffled demonic sounding version of Paul McCartney's end credit song for the first game, "Hope for the Future." After being memed into oblivion during the peak popularity of Destiny for being terribly cringeworthy, it seems Bungie decided to do a little memeing of their own. I guess all we can do now is hope that the copy that was playing it behind the locked door was destroyed when the Red Legion took the Tower. If not, perhaps we take a Gjallarhorn round to it.

14 Make Your Grenades Matter

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Among the new features that have been included in Destiny 2, Voidwalker warlocks have acquired a new skill tree ability called Chaos Accelerant. This ability allows warlocks to draw power from their super ability to enhance their grenades. This ability creates a new decision for warlocks to make in the heat of battle. Is a more powerful grenade worth the super charge and delaying the Nova Bomb? My problem with this is that Chaos Accelerant does not make the grenade do more damage, but just augments the grenade in unique ways. Scatter grenades have increase area of effect, vortex grenades have increased vortex duration and axiom bolt grenades get more seeking charges. However, this ability shows potential for more unique abilities to be included in the other classes and subclasses.

13 Writing's On The Wall

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Lost sectors are yet another new addition to Destiny 2, that essentially put you on a miniature raid. Okay, I may have hyped it up too much... it's not necessarily that Lost Sectors are similar in format to a conventional raid in Destiny, but you literally raid Lost Sectors. Can you just let me explain, please??? A Lost Sector will be marked on the map by the symbol above. This symbol will also appear in the environment, so if you see it on a mossy rock, or perhaps a non-mossy rock, that means you are close. Now all you have to do is venture down into the depths/caves near the symbol and kill everything in sight. Lost Sectors chests are guarded by an Ultra enemy, who you must defeat in order to get the key to the chest. These chests are even better than the average loot chest... happy hunting.

12 Throwin' Shaders

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What can you do in Destiny 2? Look like a straight up gangsta, THAT is what you can do! In Destiny, did you ever apply a shader to make your chest look cool, but then all of a sudden, guess whose legs look completely awful? That's right, it's YOUR legs (this was the spoiler I was talking about... change those legs!!!) Well fret not, Guardian, that trouble is a trouble of the past because in Destiny 2, we have the glorious addition of item specific shaders. Want your arms blue and your chest black? INDIVIDUAL SHADERS. You want your helmet silver and your legs white? INDIVIDUAL SHADERS. Are you some sort of sociopath who wants an orange chest and brown arms? You might want to rethink your fashion sense, but... INDIVIDUAL SHADERS!!! Your style customization needs are all accommodated this time around!

11 Subhypetypes!

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After the launch of beta, pretty much up until the launch of the game, there was speculation on the inclusion of the third subclass for each character type. In the first game, Destiny, it took about a year for Bungie to release the third subclass for the Titan, Warlock, and Hunter. When trailers for each classes base two subclasses were released during beta, there was a lot of talk of doubt about the inclusion of the last subclass. But, alas, it turns out Bungie came through and third subclasses are confirmed! After level 15, Guardians have a chance of acquiring a relic, which is a quest item you must complete to get your third subclass. Once you finish the quest, you have free reign to play as your new subclass. Titans get to break the sun! Warlocks get to call the storm! Hunters get to stalk the night!

10 The Grind Continues...

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Do not get me wrong, I truly believe this game has changed from Destiny, when the game play worshiped the almighty grind, to a game where the grind feels a lot better due to more missions and thus less repetitiveness. However, to expect the game to change THAT much is unreasonable, but now a fun thing you can do is farm resources with much cooler names. You can get dusklight on Earth, alkane dust on Titan, microphasic datalattice on Nessus, and phaseglass needle on Io. This new resource system is also great because collecting these directly translates into getting reputation for the various factions instead of going toward gun or armor forging. Value has increased and so has name awesomeness. A pretty great change, no?

9 Mad Mods

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This next new thing we have is weapon and armor modifications. In Destiny, your primary source of modification came through your subclass skill tree and your armor's pre-existing perk. However, in Destiny 2, from what I can see so far, the legendary armor pieces do not really have worthwhile perks and it would seem that is because armor modifications are going to be the primary source of outfitting guns. While the mod abilities are pretty tame, they allow you to add a little kick to your favorite gun that may have been lacking prior. Also, as an additional tip, Banshee-44 sells random mods for 2500 glimmer and I think it is one of the best ways to spend it. You'll never run out because glimmer is like oxygen in this game. Probably not the best simile for a game in outer space, but I try.

8 Hunt That Treasure

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The grind is made easier in Destiny 2 by a lot of things, and one of those things is the treasure map. X may not mark the spot in these, but they will lead you to loot chests galore for whatever planet they are designated for. Once you finish the main story line, Cayde-6 will be your go-to guy for treasure maps. Considering how easy glimmer is to acquire and how these maps are only 2500 glimmer, I would say these are a pretty good way of converting the currency you don't want into the currency you do want. The use of this easy way to farm reputation tokens will surely separate those who hit the level cap first and those who lag behind. Go find that booty, matey!

7 Baby Cayde

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This one is less something to do in Destiny and more something to do in real life (granted you have the willpower to turn off your console and go out to do it... I know I don't. I wrote this going through SEVERE Destiny 2 withdrawals). However, if you have the strength to leave the house, you should do this. If you happened to miss pre-ordering the game at GameStop, then chances are you missed out on the adorable baby Cayde-6. However, and I have confirmed this with my local GameStop, if you come in while supplies last, they will give you their left over pre-order promotional figurines, which in this case is mini Cayde. This is a great thing GameStop did, because it's a sizable figure to just give away and it is extraordinarily detailed. Plus he's holding a wrench! Who doesn't like a good wrench.

6 Uber: Sparrow

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Unfortunately, sparrows are a bit harder to get in Destiny 2. In the first installment, your sparrow was acquired before even leaving the first world, but Destiny 2 makes you wait, and getting a sparrow takes either completing the story mode or getting lucky at Eververse. That being the case, if you are a guardian who is vehicularly impaired, then you may want to join Uber: Sparrow. All you have to do is find a buddy (or a stranger if you're ambitious) and hop onto them as they mount their sparrow to hitch a ride. You can typically stay on for a good long while if they are not too erratic. Plus, much like real global warming, space warming is also a huge threat to us all (how do you think Titan got flooded?), and must be combated any way possible. In this case, make sure you carpool with Uber: Sparrow.

5 The Lone Wolf

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Have you ever wanted to raid, but did not have the fireteam to do so? Well, good news nerds! Destiny 2 no longer punishes you for not having friends! I'm just playin' nerds, you know I love you. Destiny already had many complaints of lack of content, but even on top of that, there was even more content that was inaccessible to players because they did not have people to play with. Before, you were required to find someone on the Tower and message them if they wanted to raid, or go onto a third party LFG website to find a group, which would often take a long time, if a group even picked you. Now, all you need do is queue up for the raid, and if you aren't in a full group, matchmaking will group you up!

4 A Whole New... Worlds

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The story in Destiny 2 is such a refreshing change from the first game, where it often lacked narrative cohesiveness. A great improvement in this game is the story, which is now compelling, vast and no longer confusing. The story mode has you take on Dominus Ghaul, a Red Legion cabal who invades and destroys the Tower, scatters the good guys, and traps the Traveler's light. Your character in the story is a Guardian who survived the attack on the Tower and got their light back. Now, you must search the solar system for Commander Zavala, Cayde-6 and Ikora Rey to reunite the Vanguard and gather the forces needed to take back the Traveler. Destiny 2 has new worlds to explore including Titan, Saturn's moon, Nessus, and Io, the moon of Jupiter!

3 Clan Manager (Clanager?)

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This definitely tops my list of favorite additions to Destiny 2. The clan manager tab along with all the other new clan related features make this game so incredibly fun and rewarding for groups of friends. In the new clan manager tab, you can see your clan's level (based on amount of experience each player contributes) and see the progress your clan has made for the week. As your clan level goes up, so do the benefits of being in the clan. Level 2 affords you some extra glimmer, but as your clan works its way up, they can get way better rewards. You also get the clan banner in for your character, which you can customize on the Destiny 2 companion app. Also, the best part yet is that your clan can earn several legendary engrams a week just for playing designated game modes: Crucible, Nightfall, Raids, Trials of the Nine.

2 Where in the Solar System Is Xurmen Sandiego?

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Our favorite cloaked Cthulhu is back in Destiny 2 and he's got the most OP items in the game, IF you can match his price. However, much like if you want to cross a troll's bridge, if you want Xur's items, then you have to find him. Do not worry, you will not have to answers any riddles three. When Xur is released on September 15th, he will be playing hide and go seek in the universe that is almost twice the size of the original game. Much like the cereal leprechaun, one could only assume Xur learned that people were after his lucky charms. Only they weren't lucky charms... they were bazookas and helmets. So, while this is more of an inconvenience rather than a cool thing to do, if we want the goods, we gotta go get 'em. R.I.P. to my sparrow's gas tank.

1 Heroic World Events

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Hallelujah for this one! Praise Zavala that this one exists, because it is a life saver. Granted, world events in Destiny, were not very useful ways to spend your time, but that has changed in Destiny 2. No longer. There are a multitude of unique public events, all of which have ways of turning into "Heroic Events" if you and your team just play your cards right. This yields many great items in the loot chest at the end, and many think that this is currently the best way to get an exotic engram. I too was skeptical when first hearing about this strategy, but when you do these certain things to switch the event to "Heroic", the game tells you it has switched over to heroic mode. The list of methods to trigger the switch is extremely long, so I'll just leave you with a link, it's worth the read.

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