15 Awesome Things You Had NO Idea You Could Do In Assassin's Creed Origins

There are a ton of new features in Assassin's Creed Origins, a lot of which are not immediately obvious. Here are some of the coolest things to do.

Assassin's Creed Origins came out last week, and that can be said about it is..."WOW." In some backstory to how this game came to be, the idea of going to ancient Egypt was tossed around for a very long time. Fans wanted it, and Ubisoft clearly wanted to do this as well. The time period is perfect due to all the drama and extremely interesting real world material.

Most of what one tends to see in Assassin's Creed games are mostly accurate historically. The developers try very hard to research and make sure everything is perfect. Obviously, our hero has to be added into this world... thus, sort of messing with history a bit. However, they have always tried to keep things as close as possible. That is why our Assassin sided with the United States in the Revolution game. Since the U.S won the American Revolutionary War, it made sense.

Being thrown into THIS world is a lot different, as there is so much that could involve an assassin that does not even need to involve them with political figures. Though you do end up seeing this throughout the game, with real people involved. This game is also made by the people who made the Black Flag or Pirate Assassin game, which was also quite different from other Assassin's games before it.

While Black Flag truly wrote the book for all other Assassin's games when it comes to changes that fans wanted, Origins takes things to an entirely new level. There are a ton of things that are in this game that you could never do before. On top of this, there are things we once could do but couldn't in later games. Check out this list of amazing things you did not know you could do in Assassin's Creed Origins.

15 Man Of Fire

Your torch is equipped the entire game, which you may not notice right off but you would learn down the line when you need it again. You have no need for materials to start it, as it just starts on its own. This torch is not just useful during darkened times, but also as distractions. Gamers can light a lot of things on fire in this world, as it is quite active. You could be on fire, your horse, and many other things. You could burn down trees, seriously.

This can be used as a distraction, and of course an aide to help kill enemies. Trust us, everything can be put on fire, the arrows most of all. Really, fire is one of the best resources in the entire game.

14 Chariot War

The chariots can be seen throughout the game. One of the best features is basically what I'd call the the "assassin robbery." Enemies can be found carrying useful materials in small packs across various areas you'll visit. It is there that you can kill them all and take what you need. Usually all of the material can be used to craft things that help your health or weapons. It's well worth it. One of the best places to do it is outside Alexandria in the outskirts portion of the area. At one point, enemies with these materials came through 12 times in an hour. Try it out!

13 Even A GPS Can't Handle This Map

The best way to handle things is actually to happen across them, to be honest. While one can still do the synchronization material by climbing large surfaces, it will not completely serve you well. While completionists will still want to do this, it will, again, not help. The map is active enough to give you an idea of what you're seeing as far as missions go. However, they do not dictate the animals you'll need to find, or enemies with major items you might want, among many other things. What's the best way to handle this? Fly Senu, your eagle, a lot more.

12 Don't Sweat Raising A Level

Every area you take down equals more to your overall level increase. This is a big deal, and it is important that you take this on before you go to higher level places. Side quests and base takedowns are now more important than ever, due to this high level-based system. Another way to increase points is to do the assassin robberies on your enemies and killing certain animals, especially ones that are said to be plaguing the citizens of an area. Try all of this to increase, and don't skip just to get to the main story this time. It won't be smart.

11 Bad Guys Be Smartical

This means you have to be smart with what you do and how you do it. There is not an animation that takes you from person to person with ease this time. This means they'll attack even if you're in a sequence with another person, or shoot you with arrows. How do you handle this? Bigger weapons like spears can allow you to attack multiple people at a time, thus allowing for you to take on more than one person. Also, using a sword while moving on a horse can help avoid some of the issues too. However, you be sneaky and stealthy like normal and you'll be okay.

10 Trust In The Adrenaline

This time though, these skills mean a great deal to you. While you can do just fine without adrenaline, you must pick it up soon. The reason for this is that the enemies and animals you will come across may be tougher than you expect them to be. One of the best things adrenaline can help with is enemies of higher skill levels. Due to being under the amount you need to be, they will take you down with ease. Smart attacks are the way to beat them. However, if you must be one on one with no gimmicks, using adrenaline when available can do wonders in helping you take them down. It's also quite handy for other things.

9 Tame The Beast

Hit the animal you wish to tame with a sleep dart. Make sure they are alone. If you're in a pack of lions and hit the alpha, every other will come after you too. This is not smart. Once they are alone, hitting them with the dart will allow you to tame them. Think of it like Horizon: Zero Dawn when you're switching a machine to be on your side. You have to be sneaky about it. In this case, an isolated animal put to sleep will do the trick.

8 You Must Kill To Build Health

It sounds odd, but this is the best way to think of it. You have soft leather and hard leather needed, among other things, to build up health. This means you have to kill, say, a deer or lion for the soft. For hard leather, a crocodile or hippo can give you what you need. The more you kill, the more leather you obtain. Thus, the more you can craft to build health across the board. While this is also needed for your blade too, the best way to build it up is to do the mentioned assassin robberies and obtain "bronze." The more of these things you get, the tougher the assassin will be. Even if you're below a level, this can help to last against tougher opponents.

7 Dine And Dash!

One of the coolest things people do not realize they can do, but actually can, is that they can loot while on horseback. Before, the player would have to get off their ride to loot someone. Not this year. You can even be riding quickly and loot any surrounding thing available, such as a dead person or animal. It's quite useful, saves time, and allows you to loot the enemies you already killed if you need to escape quickly for health concerns.

6 There Is A Present Day Storyline

This time, a new present day woman is involved, named Layla. She is the one using the animus this time, and she's pretty awesome. You do not play with her a lot in the game, only after you take down a major boss mostly. However, there is a ton to do in this area. Once the bleeding effect takes hold, you can climb, jump, and more with her. The deeper the game goes, the more you'll do. Without giving storylines away, you'll really love playing this part. Be sure to explore the computer, that's all we can give away without spoiling.

5 The Eagle Is The Most Important Tool In The Game

While you have to develop this skill, Senu can attack enemies and stun them for you, which is helpful when taking on many at the same time. On top of this, Senu is used to sense the entire area and let you know where things are that you need to get to. As mentioned, the map is useful but Senu is far and away more useful than the map. Eagle sense gets its name from the major ability of Senu and it makes total sense. That the eagle sees is amazing and we're able to do better in the game due to it. Use Senu as often as you can.

4 We're Going To The Future, Marty... By A Few Hours

Different captains and guards, sometimes at different levels, will be around during certain times of the day. There are often guards asleep you'll come across during night portions. It is here that you will be able to sneak around and pick off the awake men. Then you would be able to simply walk up and kill the sleeping ones and steal the loot. It is helpful against animals as well. A lot of people do not know what it is or how to use it, but that's the basic run-down and it's insanely helpful in the game.

3 You Can Keep And Dominate With Your First Weapons

This is not exactly as big of a situation as some assume. Say you're at a level 15, but you really love the level 9 spear you have. It makes sense to love a certain weapon and giving it up can suck. However, you do not have to do this. Simply go to the blacksmith in the area you enter and instead of buying a new weapon, upgrade it. Whatever level you're on, the weapon will jump to, thus adding more to it and even skills to the weapon it may never have had before.

2 The Hunter Will Become The Hunted, Here's How To Stay Alive

They also tend to show up in major parts of cities where you're going to have to be eventually. It is not the same one either, as certain ones are in different districts, all at different skill levels... the lowest being a freaking 20! This is where you strike. Go after the weaker types, but always run from the phylakes you see at higher levels. The reason is simply because beating them without high health is tough to do. However, they carry legendary weapons and you want those. So, level up and take them down as you reach the level of one you came across sooner.

1 Unicorns DO Exist

There you'll come across things you can buy or earn with points. This is where you can purchase and use a unicorn in the game at any point you choose. It is odd to see and use, but the unicorn IS available and you CAN ride this thing through the entire game. It is weird and odd, but hey, you're gonna go and do it now, aren't you?

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