25 Awesome Things You Had No Idea You Could Do In Fortnite

There is nothing wrong with taking a little inspiration from a similar product to produce something great. This is why we have Burger King even though McDonald’s got the headstart. Where would we be without Pepsi and Coke Cola? Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition between Microsoft and Sony, right? Well, we have a new kind of “similar brand battle.” This one is between PUBG and the latest battle royal game, Fortnite. Many people feel this game is a PUBG clone, and we could see how people would come to that conclusion. There are some striking similarities. However, that does not mean the game cannot hold its own to become an engaging and unique experience. So, don’t count this one out just yet, you might find some features that are just as much fun as PUBG.

Fortnite is like PUBG’s more goofy and self-aware cousin. The characters look more like cartoons, and there are things like “boogie bombs” and “bush transformation potions.” This game isn’t trying to take itself too seriously, and that is where the charm comes in. It also has some elements that make it stand apart; like the opportunity to build protective structures or the revelation that pistols can be useful. If you are looking for a more serious experience, PUBG is probably the way to go, but if you want something a little bizarre and goofy, give Fortnite a look. Here are the 25 awesome things you probably had no clue you could do in this game.

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25 Trap Your Enemies

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Becoming a skilled builder is not only beneficial to a defensive strategy, but it can also aid in an offense. This game can get pretty petty. Imagine being injured, or unable to move and you notice that a structure is forming around you. All of a sudden you are surrounded by wood, brick, or metal. You are trapped, and while you want to be angry, you cannot get mad at their forethought and strategy.

All walled in...get it?

You are done for, and this is because Fortnite allows players the opportunity to build around enemies, trapping them into attacks. Players do have to be savvy and fast enough to accomplish this, and it probably takes a lot of practice to be able to do this efficiently, but it is definitely a unique strategy.

24 Ready For A Balloon Ride?

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You can build structures, ride on an airborne bus, disguise yourself as a bush, why not ride on a balloon at this point? Now, this does take a lot of patience, planning, and time management, but the results are so cool we think it is worth it. Are you always losing the loot crate? Are you still the last to reach it, or notifying other players of your position when you even try. Well, here is a strategy for you. Players can build up toward the sky and position their structure to allow them to jump on the loot crate balloon to get the prize before anyone else. It is a challenge, but it can be done. Some gamers have even recorded themselves doing it, so there is hope.

23 Venture Into The Hidden Room

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This game wouldn’t be what it is without some sort of hidden room. There always has to be a place that only a handful of hardcore gamers know about. It gives them the advantage over everyone else. Sorry, experts, but we are going to have to spill these secrets to the masses. In the Tomato Tunnel, there is a hidden room behind a car.

Hit the jackpot!

It houses tons of loot and golden chests for players lucky enough to find it. If you missed out on all the loot locations for whatever reason, this is the surefire way to get level with everyone else. All players have to do is hit the area, collect the bricks, and walk right in. You might want to build in the wall behind you to make sure that no one sneaks up on you, and you may have to use whatever weapon you find to battle your way out. Good luck!

22 Launch Pad Trap

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This game is so cool in how it lets players trick others. Players can dispel enemies by creating a structure and placing a launch pad under a carefully positioned hole. This trap will propel enemies away from the area and send them up for a nicely timed shot. Now, we don’t know which is worse: the humiliating boogie bomb, or being taken out after basically jumping onto a sensitive trampoline? Gamers have noted that others will jump on launch pads without knowing where it could lead to or why it is there, so if you are one of those people be careful. There could be an enemy stealthily waiting for you to slip up and launch into the sky. At that point, it is indeed game over.

21 Explode To Safety

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What was the coolest thing about old school 90s action films? The ability for the action hero to survive an explosion as they were propelled away from danger. Fortnite brought this tradition back in full force in their game. Here is a trick that is sure to bring back some memories and get players out of tight spots.

Michael Bay has nothing on this.

Grenades may seem just like a weapon, but these things can also propel players forward. If players are trying to outrun a storm or get from one rooftop to another, they can detonate a grenade to push forward rapidly. Throw caution to the wind and relive the days of The Terminator, Last Action Hero, and any Steven Segal film. These guys survived anything that came their way, and it looks like you will too.

20 Predict Your Escape Time

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Like other battle royal games, the storm is always coming to push players toward the center of the map. It may be hard always to predict when and where it will happen, so players still have to be on guard to know when the fun will end and they have to move to the next part of the map. It may seem random, but players can predict how long they have to run away if they are paying attention to their surroundings. If players are savvy enough, they can predict when the storm will come. Each quadrant of the maps takes 45 seconds to cross, so if players are two quadrants near the zone, they will need a minute and a half to escape.

19 Get The Jump On The Next Circle

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This is priceless knowledge! Imagine that you could always predict where the next crate storm is likely going to land? Who thought Fortnite would have gamers doing mathematics calculations and a little physics? If players know where the last circle occurred, then they can predict the next one; all they have to do is see where the previous supply drop happened.

A little math goes a long way here.

The supply crate signifies when the next storm is coming, and it is landing somewhere within the next circle. So, if players are paying attention, they can figure out where the next one will fall. Hey, Fortnite is not only a battle royal combat game, but it also involves some strategy. So, get out your old TI-83 calculator and start making some projections. You will be the envy of teammates.

18 The Dust Leads To Victory

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So, you are in the game but failing to make a splash. You are trying to get a strategy together, but people seem to have the drop on you, and you cannot get a strategy going. If all else fails, follow the dust. There is going to be a first timer playing at some point, or an arrogant player who thinks they cannot be stopped, and they will try to run on the dirt roads. However, because you read this list, you will be smarter for it. Catch a newbie or player in la la land by following the dust. When a person sprints on the dirt road, they will kick up dust alerting other players to their location. Players should look for dust trails kicked up by unwise sprinters. This will lead them to players for easy elimination.

17 Ride The Rocket

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Okay, so the entry does sound like an old school 80s hair metal song, but it is a real thing players can do in Fortnite. Imagine, you want to see what the enemy team is planning, but it is a little far away then what you can get. Players can ride on rockets as they see them going by.

Ride the rocket wave!

Have one of your teammates pull out their rocket launcher, climb up to a higher elevation, and jump on the rocket to ride the wave. They are slow, but it is kind of cool to use a weapon as a means of transportation. There are some cool side activities to engage in while playing this game. So, take some time, turn on that record button and make some memories.

16 MaGyver That Door

via youtube.com (ELV1L)

The cool thing about Fortnite is that you can turn anything into a resource. Almost nothing is off limits for players to use to get the advantage of other people. This includes tires, cars, and even doors. To get the drop on players or get to the second or third levels of a home faster, players can jump on the door to propel upward. This is a great way to stay out of the radar of those who may already be in the house and reach the next level of the structure rapidly. If you want to be the last standing victor in Fortnite, you have to be innovative, creative, and ready to use anything to get ahead. This type of feature is what makes the game so much fun!

15 Humiliate The Enemy With Disco

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One thing that is for sure about Fornite is that it is a little more open to a more light-hearted atmosphere than other battle royal games. This has led to some seriously funny moments and bizarre hallmarks that truly make this game stand apart from the others. Maybe you are like Batman, and you have a thing against annihilating enemies, so you enjoy employing alternative techniques to keep from taking out people.

Anyone in the mood for a dance off? 

However, no one said anything about causing humiliation and embarrassment. There is a melee weapon called a Boogie Bomb that makes anyone hit by it dance for five seconds. It is not deadly, but it is humiliating for those who are caught by it. We don’t know about you, but we feel a dance off coming on.

14 Shaking Like A Leaf

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Fortnite entertains a lot of different play styles. If you are guns blazing, there are tons of weapons for you to choose from. If you like to play the middle of the road, there are strategies you can use to come out on top. However, if you are the type of person who enjoys stealth and making your way to enemies without being detected, then Fortnite has some resources for you to use in your gameplay. There is a potion called Bush that turns players into the foliage. Yes, you heard that right. There is a formula that literally turns you into a bush. The results are quite hilarious to look through. Hopefully, this potion is just as good when it comes to hiding players as it is in causing laughter.

13 This Is So Cheap!

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Okay, so turning into a plant is not your thing. We get it; everyone has their line in the sand when it comes to how bad they want to win. So, for those who don’t want to show up on some streamer’s video as “that guy who turns into leaves and camps to take out other players,” the game has another option for you. In other games, it is sometimes impossible to get the jump on other players nearby, but Fortnite makes it easy.

This is almost as bad as being offed with a knife in COD.

All players have to do is crouch, and they are virtually unheard by anyone regardless of how close they are. This could become a bit overpowered if used in excess, but who could argue against having the opportunity to sneak around undetected without having to look like a tree?

12 Sit Down For A Little TV Time, If You Dare

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Hey, even virtual avatars need their rest and relaxation. Fortnite gave the little pixels which are actually involved in the game a little fun. These guys put some televisions in various locations throughout the game. In the homes, the televisions work, so players could turn on the television and catch a show. Just be sure that you are ready for the creep out of your life! When players turn on the televisions, they are treated to a Ring or Grudge easter egg that is sure to take gamers off guard. Players will see the ghostly face of what looks to be a woman staring at them on the television. The paranormal-looking entity is then accompanied by static. Maybe TV is not the best past time in Fortnite.

11 Make Your Home In The Mountains

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How cool would it be to have your house built exactly the way you wanted it? You could have your humble abode in the forest, on the sands of the beach, or on the side of a mountain. Fortnite awards creativity and a great way to stay above the competition is to use the elements to help fortify your protective structure.

One of the features that sets this game apart is the building aspect.

There are a lot of options for players to build structures that shield them from enemies. Many may build in open areas, but players can also build into mountains. Ever wanted to hang out in the atmospheric elements? This is your chance! Just make sure you build diagonally up the mountain, the alternative could get you eliminated.

10 Hydrants Will Take You Higher

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We really meant it when we said everything could be used as a resource in this game. Gamers should pay attention to their environment to see what they can use to their advantage. Those who know what is around them will perform betters than those who don’t. For instance, did you know that fire hydrants could get you some significant air? Players can shoot off the tops of fire hydrants to produce a stream of water they can jump onto that will send them into the air. They can use this to access higher level places near a home or structure. This can also be a quick way to get away from an enemy in a pinch. Abandoned tires can also do the same thing, so be aware of where these items are in your play time.

9 Up For Some Soccer?

via youtube.com (Chitty Let's Play)

So, you are trying to waste some time while the other players go at each other. This is your strategy, and it is surely not a bad one. However, idling around can get tedious and dangerous really quick. This game gave players some activities to pass the time if their strategy is to wait it out.

Bend it like Beckham!

In Greasy Grove there is a court where players can play soccer. There is a ball that gamers can kick around with each other for a quick game. Some have even built a stadium with bleachers around it to make the game feel even more real. Again, this is a great time waster so for those who like to wait for other players to do the heavy lifting of eliminating the competition.

8 Get In On The Action Faster

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Like PUBG, players are released from the air to make their way down to their desired place on the map. However, if someone unknowingly decides to drop onto land with a high elevation, then their parachute is going to deploy a lot sooner. This can be a bummer since the parachute (or in this case parasol) can slow you down. Well, there is a trick to speeding up the process, but players have to know precisely where they are and how long it will take to float over to land. If players go to the outskirts of the map over the water they can land sooner since there is no land below them to activate the parasol. This will likely allow players to fall onto ground sooner. The only caution to this tip is to make sure that the parasol can effortlessly float over to land once it is deployed.

7 Catch Those Pesky Bush Walkers

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Alright, so we gave out a tip that players can turn into the foliage to evade enemy attacks. This is one play style, but what if you are the type who enjoys looking for “bush campers.” Your principles do not allow for people who just camp to attack others. You believe that everyone should be actively on foot participating in the game.

If you're one of "those guys," this trick is for you.

We cannot fault that logic, so here is some help for you to accomplish this noble mission. This one is going to favor those playing on consoles since those on PC will not have the ability to utilize this feature. Fortnite allows console players to use aim assist when trying to find enemies in the area. This skill will reveal those who are nearby in bushes.

6 The Magic Loot Bus

via youtube.com (MiniProductionzHD *All The Best WW2 Glitches*

Okay, so many people feel that Fortnite is a PUBG clone. While there are definitely some similar elements, this makes the game stand apart. At the beginning of the campaign, players can drop down to start from a flying bus. That’s right; there is no colossal military looking plane, only an airborne bus. Now, the reasons a bus was selected is lost on us, but it definitely brings out the quirky side of this game. It may seem really wacky, but this mode of transportation does appear again to benefit some lucky player who finds it. The bus that players can jump from at the beginning of the game can be seen again on the east side of the map. At the bus, there is tons of loot located including a golden chest.

5 Ride The Wall

via youtube.com (Giovanni Zillinger)

We all know about the silly ways that gamers can perish in these types of games. One of the most frustrating is elimination by falling from a not-so-high distance. Ugh, it can be heartbreaking at times. It’s totally not cool, but it happens. Fortnite has a lot of walls that players have to traverse to get down to lower levels.

As long as we are not subject to a "Wasted" screen...

Players can quickly perish if they jump from walls that are too high. However, if players look at the wall and position to walk down it, then they will ride the wall to safety. Gamers have to make sure they are always looking at the wall and do not disembark too early. This feature may be a glitch so it could get patched, but it is still worth the try.

4 Turn That Roof Upside Down

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Bet you didn’t know that you had to be an architect in this game as well. Yes, you literally look at blueprints as you build structures. The goal is to get to a structure that can do the job of protection and providing a buffer of time for gamers to figure out their next move. While each material has its level of strength against attack, there are some design choices players can make to give them a little more time to defend themselves. Gamers can be innovative in how they do builds. On the fourth piece when making a roof, gamers can invert it to create bendable sections that protect players from oncoming attacks. The goal is not to be an expert at building, but the better the strategy, the easier it will be to defend against attack.

3 No Combat Game Is Complete Without A Bunker

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Like the above entry that notes that it is impossible to have a game like this without a secret room, there also has to be a bunker at some point. The mysteries, backstory, and loot are too much to pass up for a strategically hidden bunker. So, this game does not disappoint by having a pretty nice outfitted military-like area.

Can we have a treehouse next time instead?

Someone has been keeping a secret in Fortnite. Some unknown individual has been staying in a bunker. If players go over to Shabby Shores and find the enormous orange building with mushrooms in front of it, they can enter, smash the bookcase and head down the stairs to a secret bunker. Once inside, players will be treated to some excellent loot and ammo.

2 Is This Silent Hill?

via youtube.com (Astrid Allusions)

We thought the scares were done after the television incident, but the developers of Fortnite are still looking for ways to scare the socks off players. Want to get spooked? If players go to the stadium, they can have the scare of their life by staring at a teddy bear seated in the stands. After a few seconds, the teddy bear will disappear and reappear floating in mid-air. This event also happens if players point a gun at the bear, eventually it will vanish. There are bears scattered throughout the various map. Not only is the disappearance creepy, but it is also unsettling to think that children may have had some part in this world at some point. The developers know you are not going to believe you could come across anything terrifying in this game, so that’s what makes this all the scarier.

1 A Wick In Time

via gamesradar.com

John Wick is one of those movies that you never forget you saw. There is something so groundbreaking about the fight scenes, and the gritty anti-hero nature of Mr. Wick (aka Keanu Reeves). He is a warrior, and what better way to honor a guy like this then to feature him in a game like Fortnite?

Beware the Baba Yaga ;-)

If players are tenacious enough, they can play through a host of challenges in the Battle Pass (some have said players can also pay for this as well), and receive the “John Wick Skin,” where players can look just like the character. Once players reach tier 100 (which take a lot of work), there is a host of seven more challenges, if players complete that they can they get a glider that was inspired by Wick’s Mustang in the movies.

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