30 Awesome Things You Had No Idea You Could Do In Ocarina Of Time

In November of 1998, Nintendo would release what would become one of the most well known games in the entirety of video game history. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time would become one of the must-have games on the Nintendo 64, and in any gamer's library. The game was met with overwhelmingly positive praise by almost all, and spawned so much extra content and pop culture references. Ocarina of Time would be re-released multiple times for the GameCube, Virtual Console, and later remade for the Nintendo 3DS.

The player base is still incredibly large, and Ocarina of Time is the 2nd biggest game chosen for speedrunning, with over one thousand people competing for world records. With a game with so much history, and one that's widely considered one of the best video games of all time, much has been discovered in Ocarina of Time and to this day new glitches, techniques, and even ways to skip whole parts of the game are still being discovered. In this list, we will be covering thirty different things in Ocarina of Time that you can do that you never thought was even possible. We will be looking at ways to skip entire temples, silly glitches that anyone can do, and you will even learn how to fly anywhere in the game. Not only that, you'll learn how to get any item in the game that'll allow for more than you could ever dream of. By the time you finish, you will be on your way to doing much more than you ever thought you could in Ocarina of Time.

30 That's Not How That's Supposed To Be Used!

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Ganondorf is one of the most popular video game villains in all of gaming, it helps being in one of the biggest franchises of all time. In the boss fight during the climax of the game, Ganondorf will shoot a ball of light, which Link has to deflect back at him to stun him and attack him with his weapon. However, despite the ball's stunning capabilities, it's far from something strong. If you have an empty bottle, you can use that in place of sword to parry the move back at Ganondorf. You do sadly have to switch back to a sword in order to damage him. Despite this, it is a fun little spin on the boss fight, and quite entertaining to see as well.

29 Warping All Over The Place

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Wrong Warping is a popular technique and used in almost all speedruns of Ocarina of Time. It's incredibly useful and it is a rather complex glitch. In Ocarina of Time, each area of the game is put inside of a "loading zone." However, it is possible to teleport into the wrong loading zone and enter into an entirely different area of the game. It's used in many situations, and if you ever want to start speedrunning Ocarina of Time, it is the most important glitch you can learn. This technique also goes hand in hand with other entries in this list. Wrong Warping will overwrite the loading zone you're meant to go to, and alter it to a different loading zone. It is usually done by going out of bounds in some capacity.

28 This Is No Place For Children!

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In Ocarina of Time, normally you fight the final boss after you obtain all the weapons, complete all the dungeons, and beat Ganondorf. You are required to be an adult for a good majority of the game, the final dungeon being no exception. However, thanks to the previously mentioned Wrong Warp, it is possible to defeat Ganon as a child, and skip everything else in the temple. You must do a wrong warp after defeating Gohma by doing a very specific set of inputs before using the teleport that is supposed to take you out of the dungeon and in front of the Great Deku Tree and it will instead teleport you to the scene where the castle is collapsing and Link as a child can do the sequence and kill Ganon.

27 Beat The Game In No Time

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With Ocarina of Time being such a popular game both in the competitive and casual scenes it's no surprise that all sorts of sequence-breaking glitches have been discovered to beat the game faster. New glitches get discovered and more optimizations are found that bring the time it takes to beat Ocarina of Time down vastly. As a matter of fact, it is possible to complete the game under twenty minutes. The current world record is 17 minutes and 9 seconds by Norwegian speedrunner Torje. The Any% category, meaning beat the game as fast as possible, has a huge player base, so if you want to add a competitive feel to Ocarina there's plenty of competition. As a matter of fact, two of the most important things you need to know to do so are the above entries.

26 A Heart Piece For You! And You! And You!

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In the 3DS version of Ocarina of Time, it is possible to spawn an infinite number of heart pieces. You have to be a child and pay Dampe to dig up the grave, meaning that this only works with a specific heart piece. In the 3DS version you can do this an infinite amount of times. It is also possible to get infinite heart pieces in the original Ocarina of Time, but it will only work in the GameCube version of the game. It requires you to clone the Skull Kid and perform the usual way to get the heart piece. It's incredibly difficult to set up, and involves going out of bounds and keeping track of numbers to not crash the game.

25 Keep Swinging Forever

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The Infinite Sword Glitch is one of the most well known and most useful glitches in the entire Legend of Zelda franchise. It does about what it sounds like. The glitch, commonly known as ISG, is a bug that will cause Link to think he is constantly swinging his sword, even though you are not pressing any buttons. In order to do it, you have to be next to something you can interact with using the A button. At the end of the stab, it must be interrupted by using the A button. It is best done with bombs or signs as they are easy to find and obtain. You will know you performed the glitch right if your sword has a white glow around it.

24 Where We're Going, We Don't Need To Walk

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As a kid, it was everyone's dream to be able to fly, and Link is able to do so. By using the Infinite Sword Glitch from the last entry, you can use a different glitch known as bomb hovering. When ISG is active, Link will be unable to fall off a ledge unless ISG wears off. The only way he can is backflip. It can be done as both an adult and child, but using hover boots makes it far easier to perform as the timing is more generous. To perform a bomb hover, Link must block damage with his shield to stays suspended in a position. Messing up will cause the explosion to damage you and cause you to lose ISG and fall down to the ground.

23 Crouch Me If You Can

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There is an odd bug in Ocarina of Time that is known as Power Crouch Stabbing. When you attack while crouched, rather than doing its own amount of damage, it will use the damage output of the last attack you did. So, if you do a jump slash (the most powerful attack) with a Big Goron Sword you can pause and switch to the Master Sword and do that amount of damage and still be able to shield. This can be combined with the Infinite Sword Glitch, so you can do that much damage in a matter of seconds. It is important to note that you can not be Z Targeting while doing this otherwise it will not work. Properties will also be carried over from Power Crouch Stabbing, so paired with the Megaton Hammer the Master Sword can destroy boulders.

22 We're Not Sure Why You'd Want To Do This, But Okay...

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Ocarina of Time has its fair share of useful glitches that make beating the game easier and faster, but it is no stranger to more silly glitches. Normally, Link can not use any items in a building and can not take any damage. While this is true no matter what, it is still possible for Link to die inside of any building. In order to do this, all you need is a bomb and have only half of a single heart. You must put the bomb behind you and face the door (make sure the A action is to open and not grab!). You have to enter the door at the exact same time to bomb goes off, and Link will enter with zero hearts. As soon as he does, Link will die.

21 This Is Good If You Hate Trees

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The Great Deku Tree is the first dungeon in the game, and is also the shortest. The entire Kokiri Forest sequence acts as a way to learn about how the game functions. Although if you don't want to go through all of it you don't have to. There are tons of ways to escape Kokiri Forest without having to go through the Great Deku Tree. After getting the Deku Shield and Kokiri Sword, go to the exit of the forest and between the child blocking it and the sign. Turn Link slightly to the left, facing towards the wall and crouch stab and quickly hit A to talk to the guard (you will get ISG to show you performed it correctly). You can move to a spot to where the "speak" option is gone and roll into the tunnel, clipping past him.

20 Flippin' Awesome

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Megaflipping is a technique that utilizing the bomb's explosive power to launch Link back great distances. It is very useful long distances over long chasms. The only requirements are a bomb and a shield. The easier method uses Nayru's love. First, cast it. Then you you want to move away from a bomb until it dose no say "grab." Next, hold R or Z as you wait for the explosion. Once to explosion hits, backflip and Link will travel much farther than normal and hence, perform the Megaflip. It is possible to do it without Nayru's love, and has the same set up. The difference is that Link has to roll into the explosion and then backflip in order to successfully perform the Megaflip this way.

19 Save A Horse, Superslide Instead

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Traditionally in Ocarina of Time, Epona is the fastest way to move around the overworld. However, you don't obtain the ability to use her until later into the game and even then, she is not the fastest way if you look towards untraditional methods. It requires the use of any grabable objects, and bombs are the best. To set it up, backflip and set a bomb down right away by pressing the bomb equip and shield at the same time. The button should read "attack" not "grab." Hold Z or R, and roll before it explodes (40 frames before to be exact) and then hit A to grab it just before it does. You must continue holding R to keep the Superslide going, which will keep sending Link backwards. Once you let go it will stop.

18 The Gold Skulltulas Never End

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It is possible to constantly spawn the same collectible over and over again in Ocarina of Time for a good majority of them. We've already covered heart pieces, but it can also be done with Gold Skulltula Tokens. To do the glitch, you must have the boomerang and Song of Storms. Travel to Hyrule Castle, near where you wake Talon up. Play Song of Storms and enter the grotto in the corner that contains a gold skulltula behind a bombable wall. Get close to the exit portal, and use the boomerang to kill the skulltulla and then throw it to grab the token. As soon as it touches it, backflip into the portal; the text box should pop up but not read anything if you timed it right. Repeat this process each time to keep spawning new gold skulltulas.

17 Out Of Bounds? No Problem!

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Ocarina of Time has many ways to get out of bounds, known as clipping. This use all sorts of different techniques depending on where you are doing it. Blocks that you can move are one of the things you can clip through, as well as acute angles. To get through an acute angle, a jumpslash will usually work. If it does not, supersliding will usually do the trick. Clipping through movable blocks follow the same stipulations, and when one technique doesn't work another one will. Hoverboots are useful for clipping, as it gives you more time if it is an area out of bounds that will cause you to fall off into the abyss. It will also cause you to slide farther, making it easier to reach other parts of the area.

16 Link CAN Jump!

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The Legend of Zelda series is well known for not having any way to jump (traditionally anyways) and instead the usual jump button is replaced with a roll. However, there are a few ways that you can store a jump that will let you jump anywhere. The first way is to hold Z and drop down a bomb and step back, still within grab range. Next, take out your sword or deku stick and hold R and press A. Once the bomb explodes, it will save. Just do a side hop and you will get perform the jump. This can also be done by rolling into a bomb and rapidly tapping A until the roll stops (while holding R) and waiting for the explosion. Note that this can happen if you mess up a Megaflip or Superslide.

15 Even Link Doesn't Want To Do The Water Temple

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In Ocarina of Time there are 5 dungeons you must complete as adult Link, however three of them are possible to skip entirely. Those are the forest, fire, and the infamous water temple. The only requirement is having magic beans. Plant the magic beans in the Graveyard as a child and return as an adult. Go to the platform with a crate and heart piece. Stand on top of the crate with Link's back to the graveyard. You must use a Megaflip to get to the ledge in front of you. There is a seam you must go along and activate the Infinite Sword Glitch to not fall off. Run towards the entrance to the torch and sidehop into it. You will land inside and the door will not be there, allowing you to access. Beating this temple will make the game believe you beat the previous ones too.

14 ...Honestly, If You're Going To Do This, Why Are You Playing?

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It is possible to skip half of the temples you are meant to complete as adult Link. These are the Forest, Fire, and Water Temples. To do so, you must complete both the Shadow and Spirit Temples. We've covered how to beat the Shadow Temple early, and for the Spirit Temple you just need access to Gerudo Valley. To perform, you must plant a bomb near the fence that is blocked by a Gerudo. Position yourself on the wooden beam right next to it. Have enough distance so you can do a running roll. You will be hit by the bomb and then jump slash with your sword. If you did it correctly, you will land on the fence. Avoid guards and use a backwards run to cross quicksand. Enter and exit the Spirit Temple and you will learn the song to come back as an Adult and complete.

13 Who Needs A Sword, Anyway?

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It is normally impossible to manually unequip a sword or shield in Ocarina of Time. A shield can be destroyed through either burning (Deku Shield) or if eaten by Like Like (Hyrule Shield). However, this can not be done by unequipping them. It is possible, however, for Link to lose his sword, something that shouldn't happen. To do so, you must be at the final battle with Ganon. At some point Ganon will knock the Master Sword out of Link's hands. Simply save the game and restart, and when you enter back into it you will not have any sword equipped. To get the Master Sword back, it is as easy as equipping it again. This will open the door to more fun, silly glitches you can do in the game.

12 You Can Even Use Items On Epona

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Performing the Swordless Link glitch will allow a lot more silliness that would not be possible otherwise. This particular glitch can be considered useful, but since the ability to use Swordless Link comes so late it is more for show. To perform, you simply need to perform the Swordless Link glitch and then get on Epona. For whatever reason, the fact that Link will not have a sword will allow you to use any C Items on Epona when normally it's not possible. A fun thing you can do is use the Ocarina, and doing so will drop you into the ground where the horse currently is. If you stop playing, it will act as if you are remotely controlling Epona rather than riding her.

11 Live Out Your Walking Dead/Zelda Crossover Fantasy

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Redeads aren't the only zombies in Ocarina of Time, because it is possible to make Link one. To do so, you must perform the Swordless Link and C Items on Epona glitches. You will also need the Zora Tunic, Iron Boots, and Hookshot. Go to Lake Hylila and get on Epona. Use the Ocarina to fall off of her and equip the Zora Tunic and Iron Boots. Once at the bottom, hit A and get on Epona. Go to where the Scarecrow is and hookshot the fence behind it. Take off the Zora Tunic and the timer for drowning will go down, as the game believes you are still underwater. You will go into a death scene. Dismount Epona and you will be able to walk around as a zombie.

10 Truthfully, This Glitch Is Really Useful

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This particular glitch is perhaps one of the most useful in the game, as well as one of the easiest to perform. Known as both Infinite Lens of Truth and Non-Consuming Lens of Truth it does exactly what it sounds like. You can keep the Lens of Truth active and it won't use any magic, allowing you to save it for a spell or spin slash. To perform, it is only required to have the Lens of Truth itself as well the Song of Storms. Play the Song of Storms and as soon as the song completes, activate the Lens of Truth. If done correctly, you will notice the Lens of Truth is not using any magic. It is great if you have trouble during the Gerudo Valley segment of the game.

9 Hey Girl, I Heard You Like Bottles

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Bottles are used in Ocarina of Time many ways, and it is possible to duplicate them as many times as you like. To perform, you must have at least one bottle, and an item you don't mind losing. You need to be near something you can catch with a bottle such as bugs or a fish. Use the bottle to catch it but just before you catch it, pause the game and switch the bottle out for the item you want to replace. You will catch the item and whatever you put in the bottle's place will become a bottle, while maintaining the original. If you turned an item into a bottle, to return it to normal simply collect the item again. If it is an item you can only collect once, it is not possible to return it to normal.

8 Drown No More!

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It is possible to swim on any surface in Ocarina of Time as long as you have Iron Boots. To perform, go to a body of water where the level goes up and down, the Lake Hylia fishing pond works well. Swim out facing away from the land and begin Z targeting and swim backwards towards the land. During the middle of your stroke, equip Iron Boots and once you begin moving slower because of them, remove them right away but continue to swim backwards. If you perform the glitch correctly, Link will continue swimming no matter what surface he is on. Using a Hookshot or Arrow, as well as equipping Iron Boots will cancel it. Despite swimming, Link will be able to use his sword and shield.

7 The Return Of Young Link

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Thanks to glitches, Young Link can use the Master Sword. You must have access to the Master Sword as well as the Odd Potion from the trading sequence (you must NOT have given it to the Kokiri girl). Go to the Temple of Time (you cannot warp) and stand by the pedestal and wait for the Odd Potion's timer to hit zero. At the exact same time, press A to put the Master Sword back in. Link will become a child again but the timer will now say there is five seconds left. When it hits zero do the same thing, and Link will reappear in Lost Words with the Master Sword equipped to B. It will look like the Kokiri Sword in game. Swinging it will show it is very much the Master Sword, however.

6 If You Can't Wait To Go To The Well...

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Normally, the well in Kakariko Village is filled with water until much later in the game. However you can do it at any point in the game. To get to the bottom, find a Cucco and attack it just enough times so hitting it one more time will cause the Cucco Revenge Squad cutscene. Throw the Cucco to the edge of the well and stand on the opposite side of it. Perform a jump slash and it will hit the Cucco, causing the cutscene to begin. However, Link will continue falling down the well during this as it believes he can't move. You should fall to the bottom of the well and once the cutscene finishes, it is as simple as swimming to the entrance and you've officially done it.

5 Walking Along The Seams

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Seam Walking is a technique that can be done in various parts of the game, and it is sometimes useful, and other times useless. However it is interesting enough and can lead to out of bounds fun. To perform, line up straight against the corner of a wall where it meets exactly and simply press up on the controller. It does not work in all corners, but if it does, you will get up the wall and be able to walk anywhere sans the edge of the area. If you do go over the edge, you will fall into a seemingly never ending pit and have to do the whole process all over again. It can be used for skips, or simply to explore places you'd not be able to do otherwise.

4 Why Does It Look Like That??

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One of the craziest and even creepiest glitch utilizes both the Swordless Link and Items on Epona glitches. It will only work in Lon Lon Ranch, and the effects are unable to be seen anywhere else. You must know the Song of Storms and have Epona. During the day, travel to Lon Lon Ranch with Epona and accept the Obstacle Course Malon gives you. During the challenge, use the Ocarina on Epona and perform the Song of Storms. The game will freak out, and everything will take on a purple and pink hue. Oddly enough the fence will retain it's normal color. There will be a fog in front of Link making it near impossible to see a few feet in front of him. Regardless its rather cool to see.

3 Don't Put Your Mouth On That!

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It is possible to play any item in the game as if it were an Ocarina, from a deku stick to bomb. To perform, you simply need to have an equipable item and a bottle with a fish or bug. Release the bug or fish and catch it again. Perform a backflip and press the item for the bottle and then the button for the other item. If the glitch was done correctly, Link will hold up the other item you pressed as an Ocarina, and be able to played. It is important to note if you use any item that does not have any ammo (shows a zero) except for the Bow and Slingshot, instead of playing it as an item it will be erased and replaced as the bottle.

2 This Is Fine, Everything Is Fine

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Link can use his Ocarina for an infinite amount of time and will be completely immune while he uses it. As such, it is possible for Link to play the Ocarina while in lava that would normally instantly kill him. All you need is a bottled fairy. Enter into Death Mountain (do not wear a Goron Tunic) and stand by the edge of lava and get ready to jump. When the timer reacher 1-2 seconds, jump into the lava and your hearts should disappear in the middle of your jump. Link will die in the lava and the fairy will come out and revive. When she is almost done start mashing the button for Ocarina and if you timed it right, he will begin playing as his body is on fire.

1 It's Mine Now!

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Link can steal a fair bit in Ocarina of Time, and one of those is the fishing rod. The fishing rod is only used in a fishing mini game and is not an actual item you can carry around. However, if you go to the fishing pond and pay to fish you can take it. Go in the water and swim close enough to the edge you can almost exit. Once you start floating, hold down the A button to dive and rapidly press B when you come up. If you do it right, you will stop swimming when you land and Link will cast the rod but still be able to move. You can walk to the door and press A and Link will exit with the rod on B. You can use the rod, but it will not appear and Link will stand there until you reset.

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