20 AWFUL Pokémon You Need To Stop Using, Right Now

Pokémon is, without a doubt, one of if not the biggest franchise in video gaming history. The series is incredibly well known, even by people who do not play it. Pokémon has the most recognizability out of any other game franchise. The series has existed since 1996 and has spawned all sorts of video games, trading cards, spin offs, and anime series. It's impossible to deny Pokémon's worldwide appeal and success, whether one is a fan of the game or not. With so many games being released, and tons of new Pokémon being added there's quite a scale of Pokémon to choose from. Without counting Mega Evolutions and Alola Forms, there are over 800 unique Pokémon that are currently obtainable by anyone. The number only gets higher when you include those, as Alola Forms can be seen as different Pokémon due to their unique stats and typing compared to their normal versions.

With so many Pokémon out there, many exist that are must-haves for any proper Pokémon team. The trade off to this is that there are many, many Pokémon that are not worth even catching. This list will cover just that: Pokémon that are so bad you need to stop using them right away. These Pokémon have close to zero redeeming qualities to warrant picking them for your Pokémon team. From Pokémon from Generation I to those in the latest games, the following Pokémon need to be put into your PC for good as soon as possible 'cause they have no place in battling.

20 Just Not Firey Enough

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Magmortar was an evolution added retroactively in Generation IV's Diamond and Pearl. It would be the evolution of Magmar from the original 151 Pokémon. Magmortar is a pure fire type Pokémon, and despite an interesting enough design, there's not much else it has to offer. His special attack isn't terrible, but he is bogged down by a horridly low defense and bad speed. The issue with Magmortar stems from this, as it is incredibly easy to take out quickly. All it takes is any Pokémon with a good attack stat to shut down anything that Magmortar has to offer. The fact that Magmortar has slow speed as well only worsens him, as it's not hard to play around Magmortar's gimmick of high special attack, since most Pokémon can attack first.

19 Nothing More Than A Punching Bag

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Quagsire was introduced in Generation II's Gold and Silver. The Pokémon looks simplistic in design, with its pupils, nose, and mouth being simple black dots and lines. That's not the only simplistic thing about this Pokémon, 'cause its gameplay is far from anything special. Quagsire's only real strength comes from its survivability. The issue is if your opponent has a grass Pokémon, Quagsire is as good as gone. Quagsire's speed is incredibly low, so if your opponent starts with a grass Pokémon, the odds of Quagsire doing much is basically nothing. Its only real use is to delay other Pokémon from doing things, but at the same time it would simply be better to utilize a better Pokémon as to not just delay the inevitable.

18 Use Her As A Water Taxi Instead

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Lapras was one of the original 151 Pokémon that were introduced in Red and Blue. Lapras has a surprisingly common dual typing of Water and Ice, which is its biggest weakness. The two types together leave Lapras having many different weakness and thus puts her as a glass cannon of sorts. It has a very good health stat, fighting a Pokémon that is strong against Lapras would lead to that not mattering. Lapras also doesn't have very many offensive options, and doesn't have too many defensive options either, leaving her in a weird situation where she's a tank but can't utilize much of anything. Overall, there are far better choices to put on your team over Lapras, despite a rather adorable design.

17 Let This Bug Free

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Butterfree is another Pokémon that came into the world in the original generation of Pokémon. It's the final evolution of the Caterpie evolution tree. The dual typing of Bug and Flying doesn't do it any favors, as it only adds on to the already poor defense Butterfree has. Butterfree has only one real use, and that's spreading special status conditions. However, Butterfree has both low health and defense, making it incredibly easy to take care of it. If Stealth Rock is in play (a move that hurts Pokémon when they get switched in) it will remove half of Butterfree's health, only making it that much worse. Butterfree is one of the first final evolutions you can get, but it definitely isn't one you should keep in the long term.

16 This Diva Doesn't Need A Stage

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Jynx was one of the first Pokémon, introduced in the first entry to the franchise, Red and Blue. While Jynx is one of the better Pokémon on the bottom of the barrel, there are so many more Pokémon that are far better to invest time into. She is bogged down by her vulnerability to attacks with higher priority. Jynx is very easy to kill after she knocks out the opponent's Pokémon. She lacks longevity that other far better Pokémon have. Her speed is far from bad, but those with faster speeds, especially fire Pokémon, can shut anything Jynx can do down right away and prevent her from starting any of her shenanigans with Lovely Kiss. Jynx has too many counters to warrant investing time into her.

15 Shockingly Bad

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Electivire, like Magmortar, was added into the game in Generation IV as an evolution of a Pokémon from Generation I, Electabuzz. Electivire has the ability to learn all sorts of moves and varying types, yet it doesn't learn the moves it needs to. Most of the viable moves Electivire learns are special, the downside to that is that its special attack isn't anything special, and unless used on a Pokémon that is weak to that move it will probably not do anything too special. Not only that, Electivire has relatively low defense and health stats, making it all the more worse. There's far better Pokémon that can do what Electivire does much, much better with much better stats. Don't bother with this Pokémon, it is far from worth your time.

14 More Suited For Contests

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Furfrou was intoduced in Generation VI of Pokémon in X and Y. The Normal type Pokémon may of won the hearts of trainers with its design, but that doesn't mean it should have a permanent place on your Pokémon team. The only really good stat is its speed, while maintaining an okay special defense stat. The issue with Furfrou is that it fails to have any survivability. It has awfully low health and defense stats, and with no real powerhouse moves it puts Furfrou in a position of uselessness. It fails to have much notable options, and only gets taken out by most other Pokémon. Perhaps it's better to keep Furfrou for the contests, but keep it as far as you can from actual battles.

13 Leave This One Hanging

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Chandelure is a Pokémon added during Generation V's Black and White. Its design was criticized harshly upon release as it's simply a chandelier with a face. This Ghost and Fire type Pokémon is the epitome of a glass cannon, and not even a good one. Chandelure has a very high special attack stat, and a decent special defense and physical defense. The issue lies with Chandelure's low survivability. It has awful health and incredibly low attack. It can very easily be shut down with Pokémon that are super effective against it. It doesn't help that Chandelure comes with a very small move pool, and doesn't have many notable options that other Pokémon can't offer. Not to mention the fact that other Pokémon can do what Chandelure does far better.

12 Rather Fight With A Piece Of Wood

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Sudowoodo is a Pokémon that was introduced in Generation II of Pokémon in Gold and Silver. It would later be made into a final evolution with Generation IV's Bonsly. It has the pleasure of being unique in the fact it is a pure rock-type Pokémon, however that doesn't help its overall usability. It has abysmal special defense and speed, making any Pokémon that has good special attack a huge threat to Sudowoodo. The benefit Sudowoodo has is its rather good defense and attack stats, but it's bogged down by the other stats by a significant amount. Sudowoodo is very easy to shut down as the likelihood of attacking before it is very high, not to mention it has low health to begin with.

11 Even Its Name Makes It Sound Bad

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Purugly was added to the game in Generation IV's Diamond and Pearl. It's the final evolution of Glameow, and while its abilities can be useful, such as Thick Fat cutting Fire and Ice type moves in half, it fails to have much else going for it. The fat tiger cat has really good speed and a decent attack but falls flat everywhere else. It has very little usefulness, as Purugly's defense, special defense, and special attack stats are all very low. A Pokémon with a decent physical defense can easily counter Purugly and is near the bottom of the barrel, with being fast (ironically enough) its only strength. It doesn't help the only decent move Purugly learns is Slash, even then it has relatively low base power compared to other possible moves.

10 At Least She's Got Her Looks

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Lopunny is the final form of Buneary that came into the fray in Generation IV's Diamond and Pearl. The bunny Pokémon would gather a bit of a fan base based around its design, however it fails to do much in actual battling. The main issue with Lopunny is that it's not only a normal type Pokémon, it's just too normal of a Pokémon. Lopunny isn't necessarily a bad Pokémon, it just fails at being good at anything. The issue Lopunny has is that the Pokémon around it just do everything it can do just much better. There are better Pokémon that have better attacking capabilities than Lopunny, and Pokémon with better defensive capabilities. The issue with Lopunny is it doesn't have enough to be a good middle-ground Pokémon.

9 There Are Better Electric Pokémon Out There

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Ampharos is the last form of Areep and Flaaffy that was added in Generation II of Pokémon in Gold and Silver. Ampharos is a pure electric-type Pokémon. However, Ampharos is a weird kind of Pokémon. Most electric Pokémon have low defense but the trade off is faster speed. The issue with Ampharos is it doesn't have any of this. Instead it has relatively high special attack and rather decent special defense. However, Ampharos suffers from a below average attack and defense that makes it an easy target. Ampharos also doesn't learn many useful moves to utilize the better stats it has, putting it in a position where it's not an electric type of Pokémon that is beneficial to a team, and should be kept on the sidelines.

8 Both Him And His Original Form Are Bad

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Bibarel came into the series in Generation IV of Pokémon in Diamond and Pearl. It is the final form of Bidoof, and it has the unfortunate pleasure of being labeled as the Generation IV's "HM Slave," meaning its only real use is with HM moves as originally those could not be forgotten and were required to advance in the game's story. Most of the time they were weak and given to Pokémon that weren't good in any other ways. Its stats are quite low, and it can easily be taken care of my a very good majority of the cast. It has only a mediocre attack stat to fall back on, but fails to be able to capitalize on it due to its low defense.

7 Keep This Guy On The Bench

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Claydol is the evolution of Baltoy that came into being in Generation III's Ruby and Sapphire. The typing is a rather unique mix, with Claydol being a ground and psychic type. Claydol has issues when it comes to its weakness, as it is weak to rather common types of Pokémon. Its attack stat is far from anything special, and it has poor health overall. While Claydol does support decent enough defense, it lacks the proper ability to recover from damaging rooms, which is something it needs to do in order to sustain past its weak attacks. Claydol doesn't offer a whole lot to any trainer's team, and there are much, much better choices for you to make. Claydol should stay on the bench for your team.

6 Better Suited As A Mascot

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Ludicolo is a Grass and Water type Pokémon that was added to the Pokémon franchise in Generation III's Ruby and Sapphire. It is the final evolution of Lotad and Lombre. Ludicolo's unique typing doesn't do it any favors, as it causes it to be ineffective to many different Pokémon types. While its abilities have a niche use, Ludicolo's overall stats are nothing too crazy and don't do much to make him a Pokémon worth using. Its best stat would be its special defense, but it doesn't do enough damage to warrant keeping it on any Pokémon team. Ludicolo, while a fun looking character, fails to offer much to a Pokémon team and is better left as a mascot than a Pokémon that should be used in battling.

5 The Santa Bird Doesn't Belong In Battle

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Delibird is a flying and ice type Pokémon from Generation Two's Gold and Silver. The bird Santa Pokémon, while incredibly adorable, is not suitable for much else than its look. It doesn't evolve into anything and isn't an evolution. Delibird only learns two moves, and even with TMs and HMs Delibird can't learn any move that makes it super useful. Its stats don't do it any favors, as the only stat Delibird has that's decent is speed. Despite that, Delibird has horribly low defense and special defense, as well as health to make for an awful combination for the bird. It's not good at attacking either, as those stats are only slightly better than its defensive ones, and far from anything that'd be a real threat.

4 He Might As Well Just Fly Away

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Xatu is the final form of Natu from Generation II of Pokémon introduced in Gold and Silver. Xatu is a flying and psychic Pokémon, and the downside that it comes with is that it is quite vulnerable to Pokémon that are super effective against it. While Xatu's ability Magic Bounce (which causes status changing moves to effect the opponent Pokémon instead) is quite useful, Xatu has trouble landing kills. Xatu's move pool is good enough and has a nice spread, it has trouble sustaining itself like other Pokémon can. Its speed and special attack are a bit above average, but struggles with its health. Xatu has only decent defense and special defense stats, which is where weakness becomes a big factor in Xatu's game plan and could lead him to easily getting knocked out.

3 Just Clowning Around

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Mr. Mime has been in the series since Generation I's Red and Blue. It was originally a pure psychic Pokémon until Generation VI when it would be given a fairy typing as well when that type was introduced in X and Y. Mr. Mime would also become a final evolution when Mime Jr. was added in Diamond and Pearl in Generation Four. The issue Mr. Mime has is horrible survivability. Mr. Mime does have high special defense, however low defense. This will lead to powerful physical attacks to taking care of Mr. Mine quite easily. It doesn't help that Mr. Mime has incredibly low health making it all that much easier to shut it down. Having only an above average speed hinders Mr. Mime as well, as many Pokémon capable of knocking it out can do so with haste.

2 He Just Doesn't Have A Sting

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Beedrill is the final form of common Pokémon Weedle and Kakuna, and a part of the original cast from Generation I's Red and Blue. In the games, Beedrill is very easy to obtain, and is possible to obtain as soon as Kakuna reaches level ten. It has a mixed typing of bug and poison. Beedrill is capable of setting up traps for the other team, but that's about it. It has a very niche use that's hindered down by its merely average stats. Beedrill has a decent attack stat, but lacks many moves that utilize it. Beedrill also suffers from low defense and is commonly known as one of the Pokémon that can be dealt with without breaking a sweat.

1 This Is Why You Shouldn't Battle With A Giraffe

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Girafarig is a normal and psychic type Pokémon birthed in Generation II's Gold and Silver. It doesn't evolve into any Pokémon, nor do any Pokémon evolve into it. The biggest benefit Girafarig has is that it isn't weak to many types of Pokémon, only dark and bug. It has access to a decent enough move pool, however the stats that Girafarig has doesn't help it much. It suffers from a case of being too average, as no stat is too bad (the worst being a mediocre defense), and it doesn't have anything that stands out. In Pokémon, that's something that just doesn't work. The interestingly designed Girafarig may be fun to look at, but is by no means fun to battle with.

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