25 Awkward Whisper Confessions From The Sims Players

These Whisper confessions from The Sims players are shocking, to say the least.

The Sims has been around for a very long time now, and has gone from just being a fun builder game with SimCity to something much bigger. The universe went from this builder stage to an interactive place where the Sims people turn into the real reason to play the game. It used to be that the people would be placed in the game as decoration almost, though all would have a function. However, there was then a theory that if they gave the people more interactivity, it could drive the game into the future, thus "The Sims" was born.

The gamers make the game, and thus, the universe. They could be the ones who hook people up, promote people, or make businesses what they are. Literally, a gamer can control an entire universe for their own. What kind of crazy gaming maniac would hate this? This model for The Sims made them totally worth playing, and while the original might have been fun, the newer versions make everything far better.

Due to the way this franchise has gone, a lot of people feel like doing or actually do some crazy things. Sims players are from all walks of life, so trying to find a specific demographic can be hard. Men and women of all ages play, which makes it tough to pin down the type of person playing. This means a lot of confessions come about may seem odd but are completely true. We may never know what kind of crazy demo type came up with these ideas and confessed them, but that makes them more interesting.

25 such confessions we came across. You're going to feel weird, laugh, or be shocked reading this. Be prepared.

25 Keep Your Pants, Jim

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In a confession that many will laugh out-loud at, a man's Sim universe was hit with a terrible but weird situation. One of the Sims in the universe, let's call him Jim, Jim Sims... is a romeo of sorts. Every woman in the Sim universe seemed to fall victim to his charm, but this came at a price. He would get with these women and impregnate them all, meaning there wasn't a chick in town Jim didn't get close to.

Once any girl came of age, there would be Jim ready to have relations and make whoopy on their birthday. Eventually this led for this gamer's universe to be full of half-siblings and mothers. Soon enough, there were all of these related people who clearly did not want to have relations with their brother or sister. Due to this, the clan slowly died out and the universe was whipped out. Someone really needed to kill Jim when they had the chance.

24 He Stole The Dang House!

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One Sims player was particularly horrible. He claimed that he did not like having to build homes from scratch, as things took too long and he just hated the whole problem with it all. So he found a lovely woman about to move into the home. His Sim would manage to have an affair with the lady of the house. He made sure she divorced her husband and after doing this, he would marry the woman. He would even go as far as impregnating the woman, which would result in a lovely new family despite the horrible way it all started. Over a dang house! The house still meant more. He would knock the lady up and marry her, making us feel he had turned good. But nope!

He would kick the woman out after divorcing her, leaving the new wife and upcoming child out on the cold as he got the nice home. I'm not sure if the woman would go on to commit arson, but something tells me the Sims neighbors might help take him down.

23 The Born Artist, Okay, Forced Artist

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One gamer truly wanted the son of his to become an artist, which led to the move for him to do something for his son that was absolutely nuts. We all know that creativity comes from an interesting place, as some people get their creative juices from dark places. This is especially true for artists. The gamer felt that his Sims son would benefit from some of this. He would train the son to become a fantastic artist, good enough to paint paints he could screenshot and share.

In order to get the dark, crazy artist gimmick up to bat, he would force the son to paint unspeakable things. The son would never go on to be a famous Sims artist. Who are we to judge his formula.

22 So It IS Something You're Born As!

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One Sims player made sure to let us in on their crazy universe, which may resemble that of something Wonder Woman is used to. While this Sims universe was not called Themyscira, it may have resembled that. The gamer confessed that they would make all of their girl Sims into lesbians, thus making sure the population may not grow but we would see new additions a lot more.

Why was this done? The gamer claimed that they were "just better at making girl Sims characters." Not the best reason to force preferences on a Sim, but hey, this person was sort of playing God in their universe anyway. Not shocking that they would create a world where it seemed like Amazons were taking over. And not the ones who deliver.

21 Once Was A Coincidence, Twice Is A Trend

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If you're a young person growing up with good parents, they typically tell you to not tell you to get involved with substances. At least, drink safely when you're of age may be their response. Partying too much can be bad, they will say. We, as kids, sometimes avoid these talks and learn a lesson for doing so later on. This Sims player seemed to get the lesson quicker than expected.

The Sims player had his Sim reach adulthood, and on the birthday for the Sim he goes to a nightclub. It was there that things are going fine until one of the other Sims drops dead in the middle of the floor. Talk about creepy.

20 Not So Starving, Are You?

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A man once thought his Sim was deserving of more than he was worth. It makes sense, as we all feel we're more than what we attain in life. In a universe you can pretty much design for yourself to succeed in, it makes total sense to abuse that power. This led to the man having his Sim marry above his class, if you will. He would have his Sim marry the third richest woman in town.

Why not the first, second, or fourth? We don't know, we didn't do what this maniac did. In any case, being married to a nice woman whose also rich would be pretty cool to most men. But not to this horrible Sim. He said he felt bad about having his Sim do it, but did he?

19 Sometimes The World Just Hates You

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This user just couldn't catch a break with his Sims family. He claimed that he wanted to complete a legacy, but the game got in his way and felt everything was against him to fail at this. The game apparently was so horrible to him, it broke his laptop. Then, he would lose everything. He would try again, but his heiress to the legacy was randomly hit by a meteorite. Do keep in mind that you may have control over the universe, but the game throws in curveballs as well, as this is all a lively and interactive universe. This is when you have to react to things to make the most of what you have.

While the meteorite might seem like the last of his failures, he would try once more. The latest of his possible heirs would die from being electrocuted. No one ever said that building a family would be easy. Perhaps the world just hates you when all of this goes on, I think this man is just learning of it now.

18 For The Mother Of All Chairs

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The Sims game allows for you to impregnate women in the game, of course. This is well-known and we've even addressed it a few times already. However, sometimes these pregnant Sims do not make it to the due date of their child. It is a sad day when this occurs for any gamer to address, but it happens. However, there might be at least one way that a woman dies that makes you really question life.

One user claimed that she had a pregnant Sim die on her in the most random of ways. One of the Sims was unable to get food, and every pregnant woman needs that not only for herself but her unborn child as well. Obviously, one would assume the starvation happened due to her being trapped or being lost... right? Nope. A chair was in the way while trying to get to the kitchen. It could not be moved. Thus, she was unable to get food and eat and starved to death. This all happened in a somewhat glitchy Sims 2, so we feel you.

17 That's A Grim Birthday

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Birthdays are usually all fun and games, quite literally. Sometimes, however, this is not the case and one Sims gamer found this out the hard way. One day he is celebrating his wife's birthday, Sims wife of course. In doing so, he throws her a party and all the guests as well as his wife are having a wonderful time. All the sudden, she dies in the middle of the party. To make matters worse, the Grim Reaper comes for her during the festivities.

Things did pick up for this gamer, however. The Grim Reaper would come back to do the dishes after the party, which was nice of ole Grim to do. The guests would even say later on that they enjoyed their time at the party. So basically, this party had everything. It had death, Grim Reapers doing dishes, and everything. Stefan from SNL may need to research more clubs that could top this.

16 A Certain Hub Might Love This Guy

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All of the games have had glitch problems at one time or another. This is not shocking as all games do at some point, regardless of how new or old it might be. However, Sims 4 had some major issues at the beginning, when it first came out. This is when one gamer decided to do some really creepy, yet not unexpected from the internet generation, things. Due to the glitch, there is one thing that opened up.

For those unaware, the Sims does not allow you to flirt or make advances toward anyone directly related to you, other than your wife or husband, of course. This includes step-parents and step-children. Glitches changed this. So this gamer decided to make one of his step-fathers flirt and make advances toward his step-daughter.  The glitch may have been repaired, but you tore a family apart, Gerald. I hope you're happy with yourself!

15 Abort! Abort!

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While there are many controversial things in the world of politics, one thing may be more controversial than any other. It seems that the Sims made sure to lead to the fact that it could happen in their universe, but they don't come out and say it or anything. One user remembers that their sims were visited by the repo man. Probably couldn't pay their bills.

This is always terrible, but to top it off, one of them gets pregnant. This throws a wrinkle into the entire thing for them. Times were already tough, then this comes along? Apparently, there was some evil person in his universe. This repo person would end up coming up to the pregnant Sim and the pregnant Sim would never give birth. I don't think you need any science lessons to figure out what happened here.

14 Art Imitating Life?

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One Sims user felt her real life and Sims life merge into one when she started to play. In the game, she created herself and real life fiance. She would have them together in the game, and get married... living happily ever after. So, she was assuming this would go down without one issue... she was wrong. Like in real life, all men like to flirt with beautiful women. Some men do it whether the girl is married or not. We're not all winners, ladies.

This woman's Sim character was flirted with in the game and like many women, she sort of spoke back to him. Though she would shoo their advances, she still felt as if talking to them at all crossed a line. So she felt so bad about it, she told her real-life fiance about this so he would not assume she fantasized about being with other men. While it is quite cute that she felt so bad about a video game situation, we have to wonder what the fiance felt about men speaking to her.

13 Straight Doesn't Really Mean "Straight," Right?

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I think we have all had that weird fantasy moment where we think to ourselves, what if there was a guy or girl named something and I could totally mess that up? Our evil thought there is not going to fall on deaf ears in The Sims, of course. One user confessed that they tried to do this very thing, which was quite interesting to say the least. One time, the user saw that a male Sim brought home a guy from school to hang out, seemingly.

The Sim had a last name: "straight." Now, I know what you're thinking... this is an interesting name, right? Well, that was the thought this gamer had rattling in his head too. Due to this, he decided to change the very idea of the name. He attempted to make the male Sim flirt around and try to make Mr. Straight, well, gay. Sadly, the gamer never told the world what happened. I wonder if Mr. Straight had to change his name.

12 Practice Makes Perfect

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The Sims are quite realistic and lifelike, which is kind of the point of this game. You have these men and women in the Sim world interact and go about their lives as if it's a normal life, and you're playing God. Kind of a weird situation, but it makes sense. This works, and we all take advantage of the God-like power we possess in this universe. So much so, we sort of practice life here.

One gamer felt like she needed to use the Sims as a place to escape real-life for a bit, just so she could practice for the real-life she would eventually return to. This came up big when she decided she wanted to talk with her crush in real-life, but did not know how to talk to him. She confessed that she created herself and her crush and decided to have them interact and see what types of things they would be good at talking about here.

11 The Sims: VR Style

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I think we can all say, with safe feeling too, that Virtual Reality will eventually become a massive thing in gaming. It has already started, and the moment things get more affordable and tech continues to improve, VR will take over pretty well... possibly even over regular console gaming. The Sims clearly is a place people escape real life to join, which is why the game has become so lifelike and has pushed for newer content consistently to help this.

Imagine, if you will, that things got MORE lifelike. The only way it could is through VR, and one Sims user had that same thought. VR may have more uses than the simple first-person shooter after all. Plus, we can tell you... this is gonna happen.

10 This Computer Needs To Grow A Proper Spine

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We've all been there, whether it was a controller going out or that dreaded red ring of death on the X-Box 360... consoles and parts to it have broken or stopped working. It happens, and we cannot avoid this even when it comes to computers. In fact, The Sims is played so heavily by players that the space it takes up can be quite large. One user noted how The Sims apparently ruined her computer.

She confessed that the spine on her Macbook cracked due to massive amount of heat from the game. She was told by Best Buy's Geek Squad that it would be best to get a desktop. As she is looking for one, she starts to think that she is about to buy a desktop computer, forking over a ton of money, all because this game took over her life. Ah, responsibilities. Such as life, eh...

9 You Can Come Out Any Time... In The Sims

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In this game, you can sort of be anything you want. You could be a white ten year-old girl from New York, but in the game you could be a twenty year-old black guy from California. That is what is so cool about this, as the only thing endless is here is your imagination of the people you create. You can create Sims of a different skin color, gender, and even orientation. All of which is pretty cool.

One woman confessed she liked to always create herself as a bi girl in the game because she was afraid to come out as bi in real-life. Coming out gay or bi is known to be quite difficult for anyone, so it is not shocking someone would have trouble. However, seeing that The Sims are a way to escape real-life and be what you want to be is great. People like this girl can be who they want to be without any sort of ridicule or torture from people truly knowing. Though, this may not be the healthiest option.

8 He Too Likes To Live Dangerously

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It is pretty common that The Sims are used, as stated before, to escape the real-life for the fake one you want to create for yourself. This is not always a bad thing, of course. Perhaps, it could be a problem for one guy, however. We all know that the game allows us to create babies with the characters. Obviously it goes off of science, so gay couples cannot somehow have relations and pop out a kid. This makes the reality of the game still alive with real-life.

One man confessed that he likes to have a little extra fun in the game. He apparently fantasizes about stuff a lot, as he felt this would be good to try out in the game. However, you cannot really do that. So the best way to do it is to pretend the odds of having a child are the same as they would be in real-life. So he would close his eyes and randomly hit either the "woohoo" or "try for a baby" button, not knowing which until after. You know, like real-life works.

7 Brace Yourselves, The Rednecks Are Coming

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Growing up in Alabama has taught me one thing, not all rednecks are created equal. However, there is this underlining thought that all rednecks are the exact same. This creates a perspective that makes people see rednecks from the South in a weird way, despite many never visiting the states to know any of these people personally. This is where The Sims gets their redneck ideas from, which is not ideal. However, if they are there... people will take advantage.

One gamer confessed that they enjoyed taking over towns with rednecks. He claimed to have turned many big lots around town with a lot of smaller lots, with trailers on them. He would then move in the rednecks, all to "redneck-ify" the place.

6 Deadly Lyrics, Man

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Perhaps, the most unhealthy thing we can do is harbor hatred within us for too long. Do not tell that to a certain Sims gamer who decided to kill off one Sim. They never opened up on what this Sim did or why they were willing to go to this level, but they did go with killing them. The way it was done was quite interesting. She set the person on fire.

She claimed to have put a Sim in the fire, only to then put an interesting thing on his gravestone. She chose the "Girl on Fire" song. While we won't ultimately judge her over the decision to kill a guy in a video game, we may need to reach out to her friends and family.

5 That's One Way To Do It...

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While the United States has a bit of a debate when it comes to what women can do with their bodies, it seems this is all your decision in The Sims. While most of us would try to put a baby up for adoption or something of that nature, it seems one Sims user had a different idea when it came to babies they did not want. Apparently, they were unaware of the now known cheat "cas.fulleditmode." Due to this, they could not automatically get the child they wanted.

You know, this was made to be random like real-life, but hey... THIS IS SPARTA, right? They claimed to be unable to get the right child at times, so they would kill any child that came out with the wrong eye color that was wanted by them. While most of us might consider colored contacts, apparently this seems like an excellent route to go after that. Weird to see, but think about it, if they just had the right eye color then they would still be alive. Seems like a certain German guy was big on certain hair and eye colors...

4 What A Grim Pregnancy

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The Sims have gone through periods when glitches would occur in the games, which is not shocking to hear. Most Sims gamers know of this by now. However, one person took full advantage of a glitch and did something we're all very eager to do. It might be your white whale, seriously. What if you could get the Grim Reaper pregnant? This man did just that.

Apparently during a glitch period the Grim Reaper was able to be seduced like a woman, and had all the properties of a female in the game. From pregnancy to a child being born. He never went into detail on what happened when ole Grim gave birth. But now we're freaking pumped to find out, right?!?

3 Art Is Pain, Pain Is Art

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The Sims would not be a complete world if they left out the obvious prison or jail side of things. Criminals are common in The Sims, so this is not shocking to see. They are dealt with in a different fashion all the time, however. One Sims gamer wanted to use the prison system for his own freaky gain, and we have to question his level of sanity in doing this. He filled the prisons with artists who would then become, well, slave-artists. Clearly, a bit odd.

He of course gave these artists all they needed. They would get food all the time, well, as long as they were able to turn out sellable art. Apparently, this formula did not work out well for this crazy Sims God. Most of the artists would go insane and/or die.

2 The Dog-Man Is Just Horrible

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We may have all had that one pet growing up or currently with us that we loved, and perhaps thought would be an interesting human if it could happen. One Sims gamer had one in Makin' Magic, a dog called AJ. Due to the world, you could actually turn animals into humans. AJ might have been a wonderful dog, but he was apparently one heck of a terrible human. That is when this Sims gamer knew they had to get rid of AJ. It's a bit sad, but I guess some animals are better off as animals... oh well.

1 If He Dies, He Dies

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In Sims 3, burglars were pretty easy to spot and know of. This Sims user had enough of the break-ins, as one burglar in general kept breaking into a certain home. So he would have the Sim in the house broken into somehow get close to the burglar. They would create a close bond with him, and eventually ask him to move on in. He would throw him a party, and even invited his friends and family for cake and fun. He watched his family and friends die and finally was allowed to go down to see them, only for him to end up in the room and die from the same fate.  Good lord... this is more than a confession, this man has to seek help.

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