There Is Now A Line Of Baby Pokémon Products Called Monpoké

In the world of Pokémon, a child is allowed to go on a Pokémon journey when they reach the age of ten. Ash Ketchum is still ten years old after all these years, even though the show has been going since 1997. The reason for this is to appeal to the kids who are the target audience of the Pokémon franchise so that they can imagine themselves going on a Pokémon journey of their own.

It seems that the Pokémon Company is eager for parents to put their kids on a Pokémon journey from an even earlier age, as they have just announced a new line of baby and maternity products called, Monpoké, which is a title that switches the Pokémon name around.

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The official Monpoke website talks about how the line of products is all about the important first experiences that take place between a parent and their baby. According to Famitsu, the Monpoké line was a response to a growing need for high-quality maternity goods among young parents. The Pokémon franchise is over twenty years old, and many of the kids who started their journey with Pokémon Red & Blue are adults with children of their own, so the Monpoké line is designed to appeal to the parents who wish to share their love of the series with their own offspring.


The five Pokémon that appear in the original Monopoké advert are Pikachu (naturally), Smeargle, Dedenne, Mime Jr., and Ludicolo. It makes sense for the likes of Pikachu to be chosen as a mascot for Monpoké, but Ludicolo is a strange choice, considering how creepy it looks when it starts dancing around.

The Pokémon franchise is the most profitable media venture of all time, to the point where it has made more money than the likes of the MCU and Star Wars. The reason why Pokémon became so profitable is due to the sheer amount of merchandise that the franchise has sold over the years, and it seems that Monpoké will continue this trend by being part of a person's life from as young an age as possible.

More information about Monpoké will be revealed at the Maternity & Baby Festa on April 6-7, 2019.

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