Baby Yoda Could Solve The Escort Mission Problem

Looking at Baby Yoda as a solution to the issues with escort missions in video games, mainly the fact the characters are useless and not enjoyable.

The escort missions during a game have long been overdue for a change to how they operate. If games want to make these types of missions more enjoyable, there is a solution to the problem. Only one adorable, little hero can make it all worthwhile - Baby Yoda.

Image via The Mandalorian

Escort missions in games can sometimes be frustrating. The character a player must escort tend to be annoying, move slow and are a defenseless whiner. Taking an eye off of the escort for even a brief amount of time causes them to get attacked, scream and die without even putting up a fight. Talk about pathetic. This wouldn't be a problem with Baby Yoda, though. With Baby Yoda, it would be an honor to protect, fight and even die for the mission.

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Put Baby Yoda as an escort character for those types of missions. It doesn't even matter which game, any game actually. Jokes aside, a Baby Yoda escort scenario like in the show would change the game for escort missions and provide a solid blue-print for video games going forward. Two reasons specifically come to mind with a scenario like this - the ability for Baby Yoda to defend itself and how ridiculously cute it is where a player can't help but protect it with their life.

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Imagine escorting a character that could help a player out when needed. Instead of dealing with a character that is whiny and useless, where it wouldn't matter one bit if they died other than completing the mission, having a character that could help a player out when things really got tricky would be refreshing. Baby Yoda can do that, not to mention that Baby Yoda is one of the most adorable creatures in pop-culture history. It would be an honor as gamers to protect it with our lives. This could lead t0 more investment in the mission and make it more enjoyable.

Image via The Mandalorian

This case goes far past Baby Yoda, though, as that is more of a device to discuss how escort missions can be improved in gaming. If players are given a character they actually want to protect and one that could help in any way when things got into a bind, they could be invested more and get more enjoyment from those missions. Baby Yoda is the key to saving the escort mission. At least, the idea of it is.

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