• The first consideration is what exactly this means to you. Does pro gaming mean being recruited by Tempo Storm, or simply being a streamer? 1 / 9

  • eSports is a growing industry that is not likely to slow in the future. With that said, competition is fierce 2 / 9

  • On average, professional gamers can spend eight, or more, hours per day sitting down to practice 3 / 9

  • If you have not yet graduated High School or University, this is a major point to consider because balance is all but impossible to attain 4 / 9

  • What is your game of choice? Some games are inherently risky, like Fortnite which is criticized for not being a viable eSport in the future 5 / 9

  • Create a list of specific, quantifiable goals relating to your progress, specifically dealing with your rank 6 / 9

  • Beware ailments, as the article shows a video whereby young men who play often appear far older because they spend so long sitting 7 / 9

  • See the rest of the article for a more in-depth discussion on the subject of seeking to balance these aspirations 8 / 9

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