Baldur's Gate 3 And Dungeons & Dragons Will Be Changing The Ranger Class In The Future

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The ranger is one of the weaker classes in the current edition of Dungeons & Dragonsbut that will be changing soon, as the class will be different in both Baldur's Gate III and in some new updates for Dungeons & Dragons in the future.

The future of the ranger class was discussed by Mike Mearls, who is the creative director for Dungeons & Dragons, and Swen Vincke of Larian Studios, which is the development studio that is currently working on Baldur's Gate III. The two appeared on an episode of Kotaku Splitscreenwhere they talked about both Baldur's Gate III and Dungeons & Dragons.

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Mearls and Vincke had approached each other concerning issues with the ranger class in their respective series. Mearls revealed that a lot of the exploration aspects of the class went unused and that made rangers feel less impactful as a whole. Vincke did not mention exactly what the problem was with rangers in Baldur's Gate III, but it's likely that the exploration powers would also be situational in a video game. Mearls mentioned that new options for the ranger were going to be play-tested this summer, though he did not mention how they would be implemented into the game. It's possible that an updated version of the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons is in the works (similar to the 3.5 edition of the game) and that the ranger class will receive an overhaul.

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Rangers have been criticized since the launch of the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons due to how underpowered they are compared to other classes, with the Favored Enemy ability being far weaker than in previous editions. The Beast Master archetype used by rangers is also notorious for being the worst one in the game. Rangers had previously been updated in an article on the Wizards of the Coast website, but it seems as if a more permanent solution is coming in the future.

The 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons isn't the only one that screwed up the ranger class at launch, as the original version of 3rd edition did the same thing. The 3rd edition rangers gained almost all of their abilities at first level and received nothing of note for the remaining nineteen levels of the class. An optional variant of the class was created by Wizards of the Coast, which formed the basis for the next version of the class in the 3.5 edition.

Baldur's Gate III is currently in development for Google Stadia and PC.

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