The Fate Of Baldur’s Gate Is In Your Hands In New D&D Adventure

Warriors of Sehahine Cover

The city of Baldur's Gate will once again become the source of adventures in a new adventure for Dungeons & Dragons called Warriors of Sehanine, which pits a party of adventurers against a rampaging black dragon.

Warriors of Sehanine is an adventure intended for a party of four to five adventurers and will take them from level three to level five. The adventure begins in the city of Baldur's Gate, where the players encounter a group of elves seeking help in reclaiming the nearby fortress of Ravenglade Keep, which has been taken over by a black dragon known as Duskbringer. Little do the party know that there is more to the quest-givers and the enemy than meets the eye.

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Warriors of Sehanine was created by Poison Potion Press, which are known for other high-quality adventures such as Serving the Squash and Shore of Dreams. The name of the adventure might sound familiar to those familiar with the gods of the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse, as Sehanine is the name of one of the members of the elven pantheon who serve under Corellon Larethian. Sehanine is one of the most mysterious members of the Seldarine, as her divine portfolio covers death, dreams, and worship of the moon. How these elements tie into Warriors of Sehanine will be up to the players to discover.


The city of Baldur's Gate has often been used a starting location for various campaigns set in the Forgotten Realms, as it's the one that players will most likely be familiar with, thanks to the popularity of the Baldur's Gate video games. This is also the reason why Neverwinter is also often chosen as a location for campaigns. Warriors of Sehanine is set near the city of Baldur's Gate but it's distant enough that it could easily fit into other established campaigns without affecting any long-running storylines that the DM could have running.

Warriors of Sehanine is available to purchase now from the DMs Guild for $4.95.

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