Man Robs Bank In Mexico Using NES Zapper Wrapped In Tape; Duck Hunt Dog Wanted For Mocking The Victims

In Mexico, a man went on a crime spree using a taped-up NES Zapper as a fake gun to hold up different banks.

It's just not that easy to acquire a gun in most parts of the world. It seems that purchasing a firearm is tricky in Mexico, especially, as a man went on a crime spree using a taped-up NES Zapper as a fake gun to hold up different banks.


An unnamed perpetrator in Hermosillo in Mexico robbed a bank using a taped-up NES Zapper. The tellers at the bank were able to describe the man to the police and he has since been apprehended. The man is believed to have used the Nintendo gun in up to fifteen other crimes.

The reason why the criminal had to tape up the NES Zapper was due to the fact that its light grey with a bright red trigger, which means that most people would easily be able to tell that it is a gun, so the tape is meant to obfuscate its true appearance.

It's just a shame that the criminal couldn't have imported the original Japanese version of the NES Zapper, as it more closely resembled a revolver, which is why it was redesigned for the international release, as Nintendo didn't want anyone to think that the design of the NES Zapper was too realistic.


The NES Zapper was included with certain launch bundles of the Nintendo Entertainment System in order to distance the system from the previous consoles that had been swallowed up during the video game crash of 1983.

The bundle with the NES Zapper was very successful for Nintendo, with Duck Hunt still being the fifteenth best-selling Nintendo game of all time, and led to the dog/duck's inclusion in the Super Smash Bros. series.

It's possible that these crimes were a protest against the nerfing of Duck Hunt's Trick Shot in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is reason enough to go on a crime spree. If the guy really is a Duck Hunt main then he may be able to get a lesser sentence by claiming that they were crimes of passion.

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