25 Barbie Dolls From The 90s (That Are Worth A Fortune Today)

Barbie is a doll that was launched in 1959 and created by Mattel, Inc. Barbie was inspired by a doll named Bild Lilli that Ruth Handler saw during a trip to Germany. This doll inspired her to come up with the concept of an adult fashion doll who we now all know as the iconic doll and media franchise Barbie, a name given to her as a reference to Handler's daughter, Barbara. For the past 50 years, Barbie has become a cultural icon and a staple in the toy world, particularly among dolls.

Barbie has expanded from being a single doll to being a whole series of different characters, playsets, and even items like movies, clothing, and other toys. Because there have been so many Barbie dolls that have come out over the years to commemorate special occasions or as collaborations with other brands, there are a lot of toy collectors that love Barbie and pride themselves on collecting all the rarest limited edition dolls and playsets.

Even if some dolls or playsets weren't particularly expensive when they were introduced, a lot of them have become really rare and expensive over the years. In the 1990s, a ton of really unique and cool Barbie dolls and playsets were released. These days, a few of them are worth some major cash if they're in their original boxes and in good condition! To see 25 awesome Barbie dolls and playsets from the 1990s that are seriously worth a fortune today, keep reading!

25 Bob Mackie Neptune Fantasy Barbie

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Bob Mackie is a fashion and costume designer who is well-known for dressing iconic celebrities like Cher, Joan Rivers, and Judy Garland. In 1992, he even dressed Barbie! This Barbie was released in 1992 as part of a collaboration between Barbie and Bob Mackie.

Today, this highly detailed doll can fetch between $100 and $230 for an unopened doll!

That price is no joke! Who knew our parents were right when they told us our toys would be worth more unopened and un-played with? This Barbie is almost too pretty to dream of selling, though.

24 Secret Hearts Barbie And Ken

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This romantic set of two dolls was released in 1992. Even though it wasn't released as a limited edition set, this Barbie can still fetch a pretty penny for collectors that have the right set in good condition!

For this Barbie, the high price tag comes for the sets that have both Barbie and Ken in the box.

Although the Secret Hearts Barbie alone isn't worth much these days, the 1992 gift set that includes her beau Ken can be worth up to $85 or more!

23 Faberge Imperial Elegance

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This Barbie doll is definitely one that wasn't released to be played with. It came out in 1997 and today, it can be worth over $500 for collectors who have one in its original box! Why so expensive?

This porcelain Barbie has over 50,000 stitches in her dress with over 175 Swarovski crystals hand sewn in.

Along with the special materials and the incredible detail in her clothing, this Barbie was released as a limited edition doll the year that it came out. The price makes way more sense now!

22 Barbie Loves Elvis And Barbie Loves Frank Sinatra

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These retro gift sets were released in 1997 and 1999 and are each worth quite a bit of money these days if a collector happens to own them and have them in their original boxes.

The Barbie Loves Elvis gift set was released in 1997 and can be worth up to $85 while the Barbie Loves Frank Sinatra set was released two years later in 1999 and is now worth up to $45. Whether you're a Barbie fan or a huge music lover, these gift sets are just too cute!

21 Barbie All-Stars Home Gym

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Who wants to hit the gym? Not us! Unfortunately our gym equipment just isn't as cute and hot pink as Barbie's is and we don't look as fabulous in our gym attire. This Barbie All-Stars Home Gym playset was released in 1990 and, even though it didn't come with the dolls required to really enjoy it, it can still be worth up to $140 today!

It includes a stationary bike, dumbells, a radio and headset for Barbie to enjoy some awesome tunes while she works out, weights, and a ski track.

20 Summer Splendor Barbie

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This Barbie was first released in 1997. She's a super summery Barbie with a gingham dress in a bright yellow print with an overlay of lace and flowers all over the entire dress. She also has a flowery choker necklace, lace gloves, and a big, summery hat in a bright yellow shade that accents her dress.

This Barbie may not be as intricately detailed as some others, but one of these dolls that a collector owns that is is unopened in a good condition box can still fetch up to $110!

19 Barbie University Dorm Room Playset

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It seems like Barbie manages to do everything. Since she was introduced, Barbie has had just about every awesome job that we could dream of! But Barbie hasn't let having all those cool jobs stop her from going to college and getting a quality education.

This totally 90s dorm room playset was released in 1998 and is worth up to $65 today!

Like other playsets, it doesn't come with a doll but it does come with a bed, locker, and all kinds of college essentials like pizza and Pepsi!

18 Bob Mackie Empress Bride

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In 1992, fashion designer collaborated with Barbie to create multiple dolls and this Empress Bride Barbie is among them. This barbie has a large, intricate dress that matches the headpiece she has on. Her blonde hair is braided into a long, thick braid that comes around the front of her dress.

In unopened condition, this intricate Barbie can be worth up to $500!

Everyone wants to look like a princess on their wedding day and this Empress Bride Barbie definitely achieved that look! No wonder it's worth so much now.

17 Ice Cream Shoppe Barbie

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A ton of really creative Barbie playsets have come out over the years. This Ice Cream Shoppe playset was released in 1998 and is definitely one of the most creative and fun ones that was released!

Anyone who managed to keep this full playset in its box (without losing any pieces!) and tries to sell it could get a whopping $500 for it!

For that price, Barbie better be serving up the best ice cream ever. This playset actually made real ice cream, so that's actually pretty possible.

16 Vera Wang Barbie

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Vera Wang is a fashion designer who is well-known for her wedding dresses. What better person to make a gorgeous wedding dress for Barbie? This Barbie was released in 1998 and is a white dress with black velvet bows and trim for accents.

Wedding dresses can get expensive and this Barbie wearing a miniature one is no exception to that!

Barbie aficionados who own this doll in its original box and in good condition could sell it for up to $150! That's more than three times the price of a new, non-Vera Wang bridal Barbie gift set today.

15 Barbie Snowdance Horse

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This isn't a Barbie doll per se, but it is her horse! It came out in 1991 and came with a fur-trimmed outfit that could match a Ski Fun Barbie absolutely perfectly. Any Barbie fan will know that Barbie accessories like cars, pets, and clothes can get pretty expensive.

Considering this horse goes for up to $125, this accessory is no exception!

Other accessories like a sleigh that the horse could use to pull Barbie around were also sold as part of the Ski Fun line that also matched this horse.

14 Antique Rose Barbie

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This Antique Rose Barbie was one of the first Barbie dolls that was released as part of the Limited Edition FAO Schwarz Floral Signature Collection in 1996. She wears a gorgeous satin gown in an off-white rose shade. The real detail in this Barbie comes from the fact that silk roses in different sizes cover her skirt.

Looking this pretty comes at a price! In unopened, mint condition, this Barbie can cost up to $150!

Other Barbies came out in collaboration between Barbie and FAO Schwarz, but the Antique Rose Barbie is definitely the one that collectors seek out the most.

13 Special Expressions Dance Cafe

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This playset is one that turns Barbie into a music star! There are playsets that give Barbie the ability to do just about anything and this one is a super special one because of the fact that it comes with play food, a juice bar, and an assortment of pieces of musical equipment like a piano, guitar, microphone, and speaker.

For a full set with all the little pieces in its box, this playset can cost up to $300!

Barbie playsets aren't cheap when they're new and the ones from the 90s show that they don't get cheaper as they age.

12 Holiday Caroler Barbie

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This porcelain Barbie was released in 1996 and looks so warm and cozy for the wintertime. She's a hand-painted doll who is wearing a super detailed green dress with lots of fur trim at the collar and the ends of the sleeves.

Because this Barbie is a porcelain doll and was limited edition, it can cost up to $190!

Barbies have been released for many different seasons and holidays, but this winter Barbie is definitely one of the more sought out ones for collectors who love Barbie dolls.

11 Kelly Playland

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Although many playsets that have been released have been for Barbie her self, not all of them are something that she can use! Kelly is a doll who is Barbie's younger sister and the Kelly Playground playset is all for her! It was released in 1998 and has a ton of super fun pieces.

This playset creates an entire playground for Barbie's adorable little sister and can cost up to $230.

It comes complete with a treehouse, slide, swing, sandbox, and other toys for Kelly and Barbie to play with.

10 Crystal Rhapsody Barbie

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Crystal Rhapsody Barbie was released in 1992 and is definitely an example of a Barbie that was released solely to be a collector's item. It comes with a stand that will help her to stand up and be on display all the time.

Her super detailed dress is covered in rhinestones and she has a black velvet skirt with a white satin jacket over it. All this luxury definitely comes at a price! New in her box, Crystal Rhapsody Barbie can cost up to $190!

9 Hawaiian Ice Party Playset

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This playset makes a whole party scene for Barbie and all her friends to have a tropical summertime party. When it was released in 1990, it even came with a packet of Tropical Punch Kool-Aid for the person playing with it to make their own delicious icy treats.

Today, this set sells for up to $150 if it has all the parts in their original condition and is still in the box! Keeping these playsets all together isn't easy since any Barbie fan will know how easy it is to lose the little parts.

8 Royal Splendor Barbie

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This limited edition porcelain Barbie was released in 1993. She wears a long sleeved gown in a bright purple color that makes her look totally royal, just like her name would suggest.

New in her original packaging, this Barbie can be worth up to $225!

Considering the fact that this Barbie was one that was released as a limited edition collection of porcelain dolls and her dress has such intricate embroidery, it's no surprise that she can pull in such a hefty price tag today.

7 Bob Mackie Masquerade Ball Barbie

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This Masquerade Ball Barbie is another one that was released as a collaboration with fashion and costume designer Bob Mackie. This Barbie looks totally ready to go to a super fancy masquerade party in her incredibly colorful beaded dress. It was released in 1993 and currently can sell for up to $200!

Between all the detail in the Barbie and her accessories, like the glass beads and the gorgeous feathered hat, and the fact that it was released as a limited edition doll, we're not surprised that it's so expensive now!

6 Pink Sparkles Ribbon And Roses Bed

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Barbie has a ton of accessories and playsets that have come out over the years. She can be any profession like a veterinarian to a chef to an artist and she can do all kinds of cool things like have a tropical party or even go camping.

Living such a glamorous life must really make Barbie tired!

Luckily, this Pink Sparkles Ribbon and Roses Bed was released in 1990 so Barbie can catch up on her much needed beauty rest. Today, this bed can sell for up to $110!

5 Gold Jubilee Barbie

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This limited edition Gold Jubilee Barbie is one that has so much detail on it that it's not surprising that it costs so much today. It was first released in 1994 as part of the Anniversary Dolls collection.

Her dress is covered in gold and colorful beads that really draw the eye in. It's paired with a pink-lined coat that is also covered in a whole bunch of beads. If you think this Barbie looks expensive, you'd be right! She can cost as much as $350 today.

4 Yuletide Romance Barbie

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This holiday-themed Barbie was released in 1996 and is a Collectors Edition doll. It was created as a Barbie version of a classic Hallmark card and features a green satin dress with gold accents that match the gold accents on her velvet jacket.

The box that she comes in comes with two Barbie-size holiday cards, a brush, and a stand to display her on. This Barbie is worth up to $55 today which may not seem like much, but she's still a popular collectible for Barbie lovers.

3 Toy Store Playset

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How clever is it to have Barbie working at a toy store? This playset lets Barbie come to life and work or go shopping at a toy store, just like the ones she's sold in!

This playset was released in 1998 and features a ton of different toys that Barbie can shop for, including miniature Barbie dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids, and more. It even has a cash register and shopping cart to really bring the whole shopping experience together. Today, it can sell for up to $225!

2 Jeweled Splendor Barbie

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This Barbie was released in 1996 as one from the limited edition FAO Schwarz Floral Signature Collection. She wears a floor length black velvet dress that is accented with colorful jewels all over the bodice, through the waist, and around the bottom of the dress. She even has jewels across the top of her hair that match the ones on her dress for a colorful accent.

Like the other dolls in the FAO Schwarz Floral Signature Collection, the Jeweled Splendor Barbie is highly sought after by collectors and can cost up to $275!

1 Star Trek 30th Anniversary Gift Set

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Collaborations between two different brands or collaborations are always popular for collectors. And what could be more of an iconic collaboration than Barbie and Star Trek?

In 1996, Barbie and Ken were able to join the U. S. S. Enterprise in a tribute to the original Star Trek!

Today, this gift set is worth up to around $40. Compared to some other limited edition Barbie dolls and playsets, that probably doesn't seem like much. But, considering the fact that this is a collaboration between two franchises that are so loved, it's still popular for collectors.

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