30 Barbie Dolls That Are Worth A Fortune Today

It’s raining Barbies here at TheGamer, and gold is raining down along with them! When Mattel, Inc. launched their very first Barbie Doll in March 1959, little could they have possibly known that this gorgeous work of art, which most of us call a toy, could set such unique standards in the industry. As with most things, our multi-faceted lady made her debut in New York.

Families, girls growing up, and a whole slew of collectors have been grateful to Mattel president and inventor, Ruth Handler, for giving them a franchise worth appreciating in all its manifold splendors. And, as has become the case, to cash in on! Barbie dolls are not just pretty they are also pretty expensive, if some of their collector-value prices are to be believed. So if you happen to own one of these Barbies, or know someone who does, you’re sitting on a mini-goldmine, and that’s only if you have the heart to give them away.

Keep the release years for each doll in mind, as well as what rare qualities are required for them to be eligible for the values mentioned in this article. We have, for your convenience, listed them from least expensive to most. It's possible that you've got some of these hiding in your basement somewhere; whether you decide to sell it, if you have one, is up to you. But we hope that you'll all make a pretty penny off of these Barbie dolls!

30 Midnight Tuxedo Barbie

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Release Year: 2001.

Between the faux-fur stole and the floor-length black gown, the doll gives off a signature presence, one of pure elegance and red-carpet charm. The design was inspired by the classic American Tuxedo, with Barbie introducing some excellent femininity to the overall look.

A sleeveless design adds to her grace, along with six silvery buttons, diamond earrings, and lapels flourished with satin.

Midnight Tuxedo Barbie’s pose is one of cool confidence. Rare qualities include the fact that the doll should never once have been removed from its original box packaging. This special collector piece is valued today at $995.

29 Pink Splendor Barbie

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Release Year: 1996.

One look at all that pink, and we couldn’t help but wonder how she pulled it off without coming across as too intense. With only ten thousand pieces sold worldwide, it comes as no surprise how she made it to our list.

The shimmering rhinestones only add to Pink Splendor Barbie’s beauty. The wholesome train of pink further enhances the gown’s appeal, and the big pink bow on her back wonderfully wraps up the overall look. Let’s not forget that signature hair-do! Yours must be a limited edition to be valued at $999.

28 The Glory Of The 80s Barbie

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Release Year: 2017.

Touted to be a "tribute to the glorious and iconic 80s," this Barbie was designed by prime talent. What Bill Greening helped realize in this particular doll is nothing short of nostalgia. The belt, the silver linings, the heels, that Goldie Hawn hairdo, and of course those bulbous shoulders, we have a Barbie who distinctly even poses for the role.

Rare quality requirements include the fact that the doll still remain inside its original box.

There are only a hundred Glory of the 80s Barbies worldwide, making this one a genuine keeper currently valued at $1,000. Talk about striking gold.

27 Dahlia Barbie

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Release Year: 2006.

This doll has indeed captured the exotic romanticism of Spain. From her classic strapless gown to sumptuous folds of black and white lace, this Robert Best masterpiece has all the makings of a collector’s item. The redhead Barbie has a fiery-soft expression to match her Spanish roots and the white satin opera gloves bring outstanding elegance to her overall look.

The earrings are a pair apart, but don’t forget the brooch at her waist. It’s made of genuine Swarovski crystals. The rare quality requirement for Dahlia Barbie is that she remain in mint condition, i.e., still inside the original box. She’s valued today at $1,000.

26 I Love Lucy Barbie

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Release Year: 2004.

Anyone who has seen Lucille Ball is sure to have fallen in love with her. She’s just… she’s Lucy! The I Love Lucy show has given us no end of comedic masterpiece moments, including the laugh-out-loud ‘Sales Resistance’ episode. This Barbie is a tribute to the genius of Lucille Ball, and comes dressed for the role.

The “Sales Resistance!” I Love Lucy Barbie is valued today at $1,050, and there are no special rare quality requirements. If you have it, it can go for the value mentioned. You probably love her too much to let her go anyway.

25 Empress Josephine Barbie

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Release Year: 2005.

Regal, historically accurate, and grace personified. These are some of the qualities that pop to mind when we examine the Empress Josephine Barbie, who was obviously inspired by the monarch of the same name. The satin gown is non-removable, is hemmed with gold fringe  and decorated with fine golden braid-work. By way of royal jewelry, this Barbie has on pearl earrings and necklace (both faux), the latter embellished with crystals, and a pair of double strand bracelets. Her shoes are gold and print-painted. As long as the doll is in unremoved-from-original-box condition, Her Majesty is valued at $1,099.

24 Chataine Barbie

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Release Year: 2002.

A sister doll to the Capucine Barbie, here’s her brunette version giving off posh graces and opulent airs. The smooth cappuccino evening gown is a lesson in show-stoppery. A mermaid-themed skirt design and strapless taffeta bustier give Chataine Barbie an ultra-gorgeous look. In her hand is a chocolate-brown faux-fur stole that brushes off her look with wealthy flourish. Rhinestone and gold earrings are her choice of accessories for the evening. The limited edition version of Chataine Barbie is valued today at $1,150.

23 La Belle Époque Barbie

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Release Year: 2012.

Another Robert Best original, this Barbie looks like a regular at classy gatherings and elegant dances. Parisian through and through, our Belle is dressed in a lilac gown accented with intricate puff sleeves, a simple train, and of course an ooh-la-la bow whose size could draw as much attention as La Tour de Eiffel.

Rare qualities in La Belle Époque Barbie include that it be signed by Robert Best.

After all, this very doll was part of a limited series made exclusively for those who attended the Paris Fashion Doll Festival in 2012. Mademoiselle is today valued at $1,395.

22 Calvin Klein Barbie

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Release Year: 1996.

Hip, American, and chic all the way. This Barbie is definitely a head-turner, what with her original Calvin Klein designer denims and an ‘anything goes’ pose. The skirt, grey crop top, and jacket are single pieces, each tagged with the original CK label. A windbreaker, also Calvin Klein, and a rather cute backpack complete her list of accessories for what looks like a fun day out with friends. Enough detail has gone into this doll that even her innerwear is CK-branded. As long as your Calvin Klein Barbie is in ideal condition, she is today valued at a stunning $1,414.

21 Trace Of Lace Barbie

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Release Year: 2004.

The cool elegance of Grace Kelly meets the sensuous pride of Elizabeth Taylor. The Trace of Lace Barbie doll is a class apart, a walking affair of chiffon and black lace. The ruffled skirt is as glamorous as it can be, without slipping into the realms of scandal. Her waist and bodice are beautifully decorated with white-satin ribbon and ebony beads.

The platinum label version of this Barbie goes for $1,475. It’s a blonde alternative of the gold label sister-doll, which is brunette. A limited Japanese collector model, there are only five hundred of these black-lace marvels in circulation worldwide. Is one of them yours?

20 Coach Barbie

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Release Year: 2013.

Trench in Tattersall is almost always in, and Coach Barbie makes an excellent example of it. This is precisely what the Coach brand is all about, and this doll has taken it up a few notches with brilliant accessorising.

The Barbie franchise has applied plenty of faux pieces in its doll line-up, but here we see Coach Barbie toting a genuine leather duffel bag. This directly pays tribute to the Coach brand, in fact the bag was made in a Coach handbag factory. Your doll must have all three original and genuine Coach bag accessories to be valued today at a jaw-dropping $1,500.

19 Barbie As Medusa

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Release Year: 2008.

We’re turning a page into Greek Mythology, and exploring one of modernity’s favourite dolls in an ancient light. The Gorgon Medusa! A powerful look and design has gone into this Barbie, from the green corset to her fishtail skirt made of fine chiffon.

Voila, snake arm necklace and cuffs, brushed golden! Her auburn hair is all in curls, bringing out a certain primal side of Barbie. As long as your piece is still in the box, Barbie as Medusa is currently valued at $1,500.

18 Faerie Queen Barbie

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Release Year: 2004.

Since we’re on the fantasy track, here’s another Barbie to wow you. She might seem like a grown up version of Tinker Bell, but this Barbie is all grace, silent power, and hidden magical charm. The very name takes us back to ancient Ireland, where the concept of a ‘Faerie Queen’ existed for centuries, and was passed down by Celtic races/druids. This Barbie is the second under the Legends of Ireland category.

Rare qualities include that you have the limited edition (only five hundred of these dolls were produced) and the platinum label version (brunette) of the Faerie Queen Barbie, today valued at $1,500.

17 Princess Of The Korean Court Barbie

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Release Year: 2005.

As historic as it is traditional, this Barbie’s outfit will teleport you to another time, specifically one in Korea. The Hanbok is colored festively to represent springtime. One can only wonder how the traditional dress would have been received at the royal court, all the more so considering that a princess is wearing it.

The tradition in question is Sol Nal, aka New Year’s Day, which falls on the very first day of spring. You need to have the 25th Anniversary version of Princess of the Korean Court Barbie, which is presently valued at $1,514.

16 Monique Lhuillier Bride Barbie

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Release Year: 2006.

A modern gown for the modern bride. That line is best personified by the Monique Lhuillier Bride Barbie who’s seen here dressed in a tulle A-line pleated skirt and a white silk lace bodice. The rhinestone floral brooch on her blue satin sash adds to the overall enchantment and breath-taking beauty.

Of course, a bride can’t do without diamonds. You need to have the blonde-haired blue-eyed platinum label version of this Barbie, and Monique Lhuillier herself should have signed the box. This doll is currently valued at a jaw-dropping $1,600.

15 Violette Barbie

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Release Year: 2005.

Elegance, class, and a look that could make Scarlet O’Hara feel jealous. Part of the illustrious Fashion Model Collection, this Barbie is turning heads for all the right reasons. The dress is perfect for garden parties, formal evening dinners, or even a ball. The printed silk organza is nothing short of genius. It goes over a satin under-dress.

The tulle petticoat is designed with lilac taffeta trim, and looks just as splendiferous. In keeping with her name, this belle of the ball has violets in her hair. Looks like retro just hit it fabulous. Rare qualities for this Barbie include that she be a platinum edition piece, designed by Robert Best. Violette Barbie is currently valued at a lush $1,750.

14 Marie Antoinette Barbie

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Release Year: 2003.

As iconic as she is historic, Marie Antoinette was the ‘Marilyn Monroe’ of 18th century France. The scandalous Queen was known for a lot of faux pas moments, but her image seems to have found redemption in this one of a kind Barbie. The gown is historically accurate: full-length pantaloons, satin-ribboned shoes, and gold tassels, the whole shebang.

The rhinestone necklace rounds up that perfectly royal look in ways that only the infamous Marie Antoinette could pull off. Your collector’s item needs to be the gold label version and still inside the original box to be currently valued at a whopping $2,000.

13 Lucy As Santa In “The Christmas Show” Barbie

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Release Year: 2007.

Part of the lauded, memorable, nostalgia-inspiring I Love Lucy series, this doll takes us back to all those Christmas episodes where Lucy gave us something special at the end. Jingle Bells routinely aired on Christmas Eve, the first one going live in 1956. Here she is, folks, the one and only Lucille Ball, in Santa costume.

From that signature comedic expression to all the memories this doll is sure to inspire, no wonder it’s one of the most valued Barbies on the market today.

The platinum edition version is valued at an eye-widening $2,000. Other dolls in the ‘Christmas Show’ category include Ethel, Ricky, and Fred; the whole gang, apparently.

12 Winter Glamour Barbie In White

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Release Year: 2006.

As rare as she comes, this Barbie is only one of fifteen in existence worldwide, which is precisely why you won’t find the doll on sale in major toy stores. Actual owners looking to re-sell are your best hope of getting this gorgeous yesteryear model, designed exclusively for the 2006 Fashion Doll and Bear Extravaganza (Boston, U.S.A.).

Designed by Dennis Bastien, this rare beauty is justifiably valued at $2,000, and indeed lives up to her name.

She’s all glamorous, all in winter-white, and every bit as exclusive. While at first some collectors might assume this Barbie is dressed for a wedding, she’s really all dolled up for what appears to be a chic red carpet fashion event.

11 Chicago Cubs Barbie

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Release Year: 2000.

We are not referring to the pantaloon wearing version, but the limited edition Chicago Cubs Barbie as seen in the image. As long as your piece remains inside the original box packaging, the sport-iconic doll is valued at a bedazzling $2,000. The Vintage 1999 "Chicago Cubs Fan" Barbie Doll was so exclusive that she was a giveaway at the July 20, 1999 Chicago Cubs vs Kansas City Royals game.

In addition to a game ticket the box also contained a commemorative card.

The white stripe-shirt, sporty blue shorts, and classic baseball cap and sneakers (both blue) sell the Chicago Cubs uniform look like none other. While the box itself was stamped 1998, the game was officially played in 1999.

10 Cher Ringmaster Barbie

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Release Year: 2007.

‘Believe’ in Barbie! In her likeness, and capturing her unique style, here’s Barbie as Cher. And no ordinary Cher, either, but dressed in the ringmaster outfit the legendary singer wore on her Farewell Tour. Designed by the talented Bob Mackie, this Barbie Collectible is replete with sparkly body suit, plumed purple top hat and coattails, and all the style in the world. The blonde-haired Barbie-Cher you own should never have been removed from its box and must be the platinum label version. Currently valued at $2,000, this veritable tribute to Cher numbers only a total of nine hundred and ninety-six exclusive pieces worldwide.

9 NASCAR Official #94 Barbie

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Release Year: 1999.

Wearing the authentic racing uniform of NASCAR inspired by champion Bill Elliott, this Barbie looks ready to vroom her to the top of the fortune list. The never-removed-from-box-package piece is valued at a breathtaking $2,293. She’s rife with all the classic NASCAR elements: racing helmet with visor, cap, and signature red-n-yellow uniform. The unforgettable Winston Cup Racing event from NASCAR was sponsored by McDonalds, and others, whose logos are also present on the doll’s outfit. Mattel has managed to capture the thrill and high-stakes glamor of the racing world and has us rubbernecking to catch a glimpse of the doll.

8 Summer Splendor Enchanted Seasons Barbie

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Release Year: 1997.

A vision of springtime, floral grace, and warm splendor, this Barbie will make anyone smile. Wearing a balanced white and yellow gingham-print dress complemented by an white flocked over-skirt, Summer Splendor Enchanted Seasons Barbie looks ready to infuse style into the great outdoors.

Her lace sleeves and soft-embroidered bodice only add to her overall grace and charm. In what looks like Southern American fashion turned sumptuous, the limited edition version of this Barbie doll has sufficient reasons to be considered a rare collector’s item currently valued at $2,495.

7 City Smart Silkstone Barbie

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Release Year: 2003.

This ambitious, driven, confident Barbie looks like a stylish alterna-verse vision of the actress Tippi Hedren. One of six hundred pieces in existence, the doll is certainly valuable. Dressed in a black shantung sheath dress, the City Smart Silkstone Barbie seems to have put a new spin on the LBD.

The dress was designed exclusively for this  model by the super-talented Robert Best. Black heels, a tiny tote bag, white wrist-length gloves, black waist-cinch belt, and a cream be-ribboned hat round off the ‘city smart’ theme. There is little wonder how this gorgeous Barbie is currently valued at $2,995.

6 Pink Jubilee Barbie Doll

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Release Year: 1989.

While the name might at first seem misleading, this silver siren of a Barbie was made to commemorate Barbie’s 30th anniversary; hence the pink, probably. Dressed in a silver lame gown, the doll sports a stylish silver sash tied on one side of the hip. The ‘pink’ can be seen in the shimmery bodice, interwoven over a basic silver weave. The doll was given as a gift to all attendees at the anniversary celebration held at Lincoln Centre; invitation-only. The sheer timelessness captured in this doll is self-revealing. The limited edition (has to be in mint condition) 30th anniversary version of the Pink Jubilee Barbie Doll is today valued at $3,200.

5 Aqua Queen Of The Prom Barbie

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Release Year: 2001.

A splendid collector’s item Barbie, this doll is only one of thirty in existence worldwide. Made exclusively for the 2001 National Barbie Doll Convention, the Aqua Queen of the Prom takes us back to the early years.

Proms are far from becoming clichés where this Barbie is concerned. Currently valued at a whopping $5,000, the Aqua Queen of the Prom Barbie that you own must be in mint condition, still inside the box, and of course one of thirty that were showcased at the Convention.

4 Karl Lagerfeld Barbie

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Release Year: 2014.

A stunning tribute to one of Fashion’s legends, the Karl Lagerfeld Barbie is easily one of the most recognizable. Dressed head to toe in the ingenious designer’s signature look, you’ll find that several parts of this doll’s features come from the Lagerfeld line itself.

The ebony leather purse, fingerless gloves, ankle boots, and sunglasses all beautifully complement the silver-metal highlights on the doll, inspired by none other than Lagerfeld himself; and don’t forget those brows. The platinum label doll should still be inside the original box packaging to be eligible for its current mind-boggling market value, namely $6,000!

3 Blonde Barbie

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Release Year: 1960.

The blonde ponytail Barbie sports black sunglasses with blue lenses and hinged earpieces, open-toe heels with one of them marked ‘Japan,’ and a vintage design all round. The black and white knit bathing suit is a staple design element of this rare Barbie doll. The original production line of #4 Blonde Barbies left each with a wrist tag, one that absolutely must still be intact on the doll for it to hold any value today. The re-sale price is nothing short of staggering, namely $8,999, making this beauty one of the most expensive by way of Barbie market values.

2 Barbie & Major Matt Mason

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Release Year: 1967.

Not one but two! Two classic Mattel characters have been combined to create one ultra-valuable bundle. The classic appeal is pricey in its own right. Here you see Barbie & Major Matt Mason, the latter of whom was an ‘action figure’ astronaut who worked on the moon before making a major transition from space-interest periodicals of the late 60s into science fiction literature. Both dolls were giveaways in the “Funny Face” contest, with a guaranteed five thousand winners. Your doll should still have the original store display. Their current market value is set at a heart-jarring $15,000! Talk about aiming for the stars.

1 The Other Blonde Barbie

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Release Year: 1959.

This is a strictly collector’s item, and quite similar to the #4 Blonde Barbie covered earlier. We list this one purely because of the shocking price value stamped on the vintage doll today, namely $23,999, making the #1 Blonde Barbie the number one most expensive of its kind! The collector’s edition version should be in mint condition. Design features include: blonde ponytail, a stand to hold the doll up, black sunglasses with blue lenses and hinged earpieces, open-toe heels with one of them marked ‘Japan,’ and a black and white knit bathing suit.

The price tag for this magnificent vintage beauty is nothing short of extraordinary. If you own any of the Barbies on this list, you are sitting on a veritable ‘collector crazy’ gold mine. Don’t forget to drop in a ‘Thank You’ when you hit it big.

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