30 Collectible Barbies That Are Worth A Ridiculous Amount Today

Some classic Barbie dolls are worth a lot to collectors today.

This list is going to make you wonder if you have saved any of your old Barbies in a storage unit or attic, these dolls can sell for up to five thousand dollars.

Since 1959, Barbie dolls have been known to be one of the most popular toys ever made. The amounts of dolls that have been sold are uncountable. Barbie has gone through enough talents, jobs, and outfits to be the greatest spy in history.

How do these dolls get so expensive? One word: collectors. Some Barbies are rare due to age while others are rare because they were limited edition with only thirty or so were made. For collectors, rarity is more than that though. There is also the condition of the doll (let’s hope you kept your dolls in their boxes if you want to sell for a high price). Some Barbie’s are expensive just for their accessories like their jewelry, items, and bags. Others were only released in certain countries like France or Japan.

Big thanks to 24/7 Wall Street’s website for this list. They did their research, and according to them, Barbie’s started at just three dollars in 1959 and now some sell on eBay for up to twenty thousand! The prices listed come from 24/7 Wall Street's research through all eBay listing of these dolls within a three-day span.

Here are some collectible Barbies that sell for a lot.

30 Midnight Tuxedo Barbie Doll - $995

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This Barbie gained its cash-load due to being limited edition. She was released on January 1st of 2001. She, like a lot of the Barbie’s on this list, is dressed fancy enough to imagine her going to the Golden Globes.

Her black gown and faux fur stole just transport the imagination to a fancy party.

The sleek fit, silver buttons, earrings, and tuxedo-like coat really make this an elegant Barbie. Even the box looks fancy. You can almost tell it’s limited edition just from its design.

29 Pink Splendor Barbie Doll - $999

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Barbie and pink go together like mac and cheese. This little pink explosion of a Barbie came out in 1997 and is limited edition, with only 10,000 having been made. That silk satin dress and lace makes this doll almost look too pretty and delicate to play with. The gold accents makes this Barbie looked like rose thaa t got glittered.

Most real people don’t get to wear a dress this fancy. Look at that train! She even comes with garters and stockings despite the fact that you can’t see her legs under all that dress.

28 “Sales Resistance!” I Love Lucy Barbie Doll - $1,050

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Released on June 1st, 2004, this Barbie is a reference to the I Love Lucy episode, “Sales Resistance.” The episode dates back to 1953. The basis of the episode is the characters reminiscing about their sales experiences and Lucy keeps getting tricked into buying gadgets from a salesman.

One such gadget is a Handy Dancy vacuum cleaner.

As you can imagine, this Barbie is Lucy with the outfit she wore in that episode. Despite coming out in 2004, the Barbie does look like she came straight from the 1950s.

27 Empress Josephine Barbie Doll - $1,099

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This Barbie is a “Gold Label” which means she’s part of a rare collection of dolls that are numbered editions of 20,000 or less worldwide for each doll. So you can say, “This is doll 439 of this line,” since there can be only one doll 439 out of 20,000. This is a label collector’s love.

This doll was released in 2005. According to Barbie’s website, Empress Josephine’s outfit is actually inspired from historical records. It’s also noted that unlike most of Barbie’s, this doll’s outfit is not removable.

26 Escada Barbie Doll - $1,414

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The Escada Barbie Doll came out in 1996 and was limited edition. What makes her special is that her clothes are inspired by an original Escada design. What is Escada? It’s a German luxury women's designer clothes company.

So this Barbie is best understood in the international realm of the fashion industry.

Do you want to look like this Barbie? Well, Escada’s dresses sell from hundreds to thousands of dollars on their website. Maybe it’s best to just thrift shop? Maybe you’ll get lucky.

25 Barbie Doll As Medusa -$1,500

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A Greek monster of myth is not the most typical role to you see a Barbie play, but here we are. This doll is a Gold Label that was released in 2008. The designer was Linda Kyaw.

This Medusa is actually part of a cool goddess collection that features a Barbie Athena and Aphrodite.

Even as a monster, Barbie must be beautiful. No snake hair, but we got golden snake cuffs and a necklace. Her corset and skirt give her a mermaid sort of look.

24 Princess Of The Korean Court Barbie Doll - $1,514

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This Barbie is a Pink Label, which means she’s actually not so hard to find or that limited. According to 24/7 Wall Street’s website, the rare quality of this doll is that it’s a 25th anniversary Barbie. This Barbie is also part of a “Dolls of the World” collection, which features Barbie as princesses from all over the world.

The dress this Barbie wears is called a “hanbok,” which is typically worn on celebrations like on New Years in Korea.

23 Marie Antoinette Barbie Doll - $2,000

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This limited edition doll was released in 2003 and was part of the Women of Royalty series. The historical figure this Barbie is based on, Marie Antoinette, was the Queen of France in the 18th century.

The entire doll looks porcelain, but only the pair of roses are of that material.

The layers, lace, and bows that decorate is gown just oozes royalty and riches. It’s easy to imagine this doll locked up in a grandmother’s glass cabinet and it’s the one toy you’re not allowed to touch.

22 Violette Barbie Doll - $1,750

via: insidethefashiondollstudio.com

The Violette Barbie doll is a Platinum Label, which is the rarest of Barbie labels, meaning that there are only 5,000 or less of these dolls worldwide. This one was designed by Robert Best and released in 2005 and was part of the Fashion Model Collection.

This Barbie looks dressed up for a spring gala, wedding, or rich people’s tea party. Everything about her is violet, from the violet in her hair to her ball gown. They should minus well make her smell good too.

21 Chicago Cubs Barbie Doll - $2,000

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Designed by Sharon Zuckerman and part of the Barbie Loves Sports collection, this doll was made for a target audience: Cubs fans. It is very cute to see the teeny logos on her hat and jacket. She even comes with a little glove and ball.

She’s more prepared for a sports game than some real people with her socks, pants, dugout jacket, shoes, and leather belt.

There is little doubt that there is a Barbie for every sport, but probably not for every team, which makes this one valuable.

20 NASCAR Official #94 Barbie Doll - $2,293

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This Barbie is also from the Barbie Loves Sports collection and made by the same designer as the Cubs Barbie, Sharon Zuckerman. According to Barbie’s website, this doll’s uniform is based on an actual racing champion, Bill Elliott. He’s also known as “Awesome Bill from Dawsonville,” or “Million Dollar Bill.”

The outfit gets a little too real with the McDonald's and other sponsor logos. Wouldn’t she just make you want McDonald's all the time? Unfortunately, an actual racing car does not come with this doll.

19 Summer Splendor Enchanted Seasons Barbie Doll - $2,495

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“Summer Splendor” really does suit this doll. The yellow and white spring outfit just makes you think of daises, sunshine, and lemonade. Out of the Enchanted Seasons collection that she comes from, there is also snow, autumn, and spring. Each came out in the 1990s.

It’s easy to imagine this Barbie with a southern accent.

She holds her sun umbrella while looking over the strawberry fields. “Oh heavens te-betsy, when will my William come back from the war? I’m awful lonely,” she says.

18 Bubble Cut Barbie Doll - $2,999

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This is the vintage territory of expensive Barbie dolls. These Bubblecut dolls were made from 1961 to 1967. They varied in hair, outfit, and lip colors as well as the fullness of their bubble-cut hairstyle. In fact, they varied in a lot of ways. Some had hair with distinctive side parts. The face would consist of blue eyes, brown eyebrows, and bright lips. Later dolls got heavier and brighter make-up that collectors also refer to as “high color.”

17 Walking Jamie Furry Friends Barbie Doll - $2,500

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Walking Jamie was a Sears Exclusive Barbie and the Furry Friends version gift set came out in 1970 and 1971. The set included the regular Walking Jamie doll, except she also came along with more accessories. You got a poodle, leash, bone, dog food box, and dog food bowl.

These items were also included in the Dog ‘N Duds set from the 1960s.

There are also Jamie doll cases that are very rare. There was the apartment case and the penthouse case.

16 Pink Jubilee Barbie Doll - $3,000

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Released in 1989, the Pink Jubilee Barbie Doll is what Barbie enthusiasts call an “Anniversary Doll.” She was released on Barbie’s 30th anniversary. Her rarity is due to being given as a gift to the attendees of an invitation-only anniversary party.

If you could only get this doll by being chosen to go to a fancy party, it’s no wonder the doll is so pricy. The party staff were basically giving away a couple thousand dollars to each guest. Did they know these would sell for that much though?

15 Career Girl Barbie Doll - $3,495

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Luckily, we don’t have to dress like this for work anymore. This Barbie is a Gold Label. She came out in 2006 as a reproduction of a vintage body sculpt from back in the 1960s when Barbie’s were just starting out.

The designer was Bill Greening.

According to the website, Fashion Doll Guide, certain accessories are hard to find on these dolls that are still in good condition. This includes the red blouse and hat. Also the black gloves were not included in many of the ensembles.

14 Aqua Queen Of The Prom Barbie Doll - $5,000

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This doll was made for the 2001 National Barbie Doll Convention. Its crazy price is due to the fact that there is only about thirty of these Barbie’s in the world. There are so few because they were made for the convention chairpersons. The Aqua Queen of the Prom doll is the one of the most expensive Barbie's on this list due to how few there are. Pretty crazy since if all these dolls were lined without price tags, we would be none the wiser.

13 Karl Lagerfeld Barbie Doll - $6,000

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Designed by Robert Best, this doll is Platinum Label and thus very rare. What also makes her special is her outfit and look was taken by the Karl Lagerfeld fashion line.

For those that don’t know, Karl Lagerfeld is a German artist who lives in Paris who is well known for his fashion lines and labels.

This Barbie is dressed like him, as the man is famous for his high white-collared shirt, sunglasses, and dark accessories. She kind of looks like a secret agent though, doesn’t she?

12 Lucky Charm Ken Doll - $1,000

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We managed to find not only Barbie’s, but a Ken doll! This doll was exclusive from the 2017 Madrid Barbie Convention. That’s right, 2017. This makes this one of the most recent dolls on this list. So it’s age has not yet affected it’s price, only the fact that it was convention exclusive has made it about one thousand dollars’ worth due to its rarity.

What else makes him special? Well, his shoes are made of real leather. There are also only 500 of these in existence.

11 Chataine Barbie Doll - $1,150

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Yet another Barbie that looks ready to attend a sophisticated Opera. The Chataine doll is limited edition and came out in 2003. She is known as part of the Silkstone collection, which are also known as Fashion Model Barbie’s and Lingerie Model Barbie’s.

The Silkstone name comes from the hard plastic they are made out of, which is meant to mimic porcelain.

Vintage doll collectors love the style, and the Chataine Barbie Doll is a Holy Grail of the Silkstone collection.

10 Debut Silkstone Barbie Doll - $1,150

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This doll came out in 2009 in celebration of Barbie’s 50th anniversary. She’s a Gold Label, so there is a limit of 18,000 of them in the world. She was designed by Robert Best. As you may have noticed, she is meant to look more like the original Barbie from 1959 from your typical 2009 Barbie’s. She is also Silkstone, which got a lot of collectors interested.

With that kind of price, you wouldn’t want your kid to take this doll swimming.

9 The Glory Of The 80s Barbie Doll - $1,000

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So not only is Barbie rich, but she’s also a time traveler. With only 100 in existence, this 2017 Barbie is one of our more recent dolls on the list, but still very rare. This Barbie aimed to get people’s hearts right in the nostalgia. The puffed shoulders are probably the most 80s thing about this Barbie. It’s easy to picture this Barbie listening to “Look Away,” by Chicago while slow dancing with her love interest. What will a 2010s Barbie look like though?

8 Dahlia Barbie Doll - $1,000

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According to the Barbie website, this Platinum Label Barbie was influenced by Spanish romanticism. Design was by Robert Best. Her brooch is decorated with actual Swarovski crystals.

She’s part of the Fashion Model collection, which makes her a Silkstone doll like the Chataine Barbie.

She came out in December 2006. If you want to get the most money from this doll, it’s best that she’s still in her box (24/7 Wall St. says that’s a rare trait for this particular doll).

7 Bild Lilli Hausser Barbie Doll - $3,200

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Very few of these dolls can be found in the United States since they originate from Germany. This Barbie is based off the design of a popular German cartoon character from the 1950s, Lilli. The Barbie doll of Bild Lilli is very rare, old, and hard to find in a good condition. Lilli’s design and dolls even predated Barbie itself for a time. In fact, she inspired Barbie, so many call her the first Barbie doll. The dolls range from seven and a half to eleven and a half inches.

6 A Date With Barbie In Atlanta Doll - $2,500

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This is another convention Barbie doll, which means it was only produced to be given at an event. A Date with Barbie in Atlanta doll was, no surprise, given out at a Barbie Doll Convention held in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1998.

So to get one of these, you had to be a sponsor or guest at that convention.

There were only about a thousand of these made and only twenty five with a white dress. It’s the white dress that brings this doll up to the thousands in price.

5 City Smart Silkstone Barbie Doll - $2,995

via: barbie.mattel.com

Here is another Fashion Model Collection Barbie of the Silkstone variety. She was released in May of 2003 and was designed by Robert Best. A rare quality is that only 600 of these dolls exist and it was Japan exclusive. Some of these dolls even have Robert Best’s signature on the box.

The Fashion Model Collection still expands today, which its latest model being in 2018. The 2018 Fashion Model Barbie is known as the Barbie Midnight Glamour Doll. Who knows? Maybe those will fetch thousands of dollars someday as well.

4 Winter Glamour White Barbie Doll - $2,000

via: 247wallst.com

Only fifteen of these dolls exist in the world and were made exclusively for the 2006 Fashion Doll and Bear Extravaganza.

If you see this doll in a regular toy store, you’re hallucinating, because the only way you can get your hands on this doll is from a re-sell by the owner.

So maybe if you see this in an antique store that doesn’t know its actual price, then you’re in luck! Buy it before they realize it’s worth two thousand dollars.

3 Galleries Lafayette Blonde Barbie Doll - $2,000

via: eBay.com

This doll’s rarity comes from the fact that it was only sold in the World Famous Galaries Lafayette Department Store. There does seem to be a trend when it comes to Barbie and French capitalism. It has been known as the fashion capital of the world after all.

This Barbie comes with a whole wardrobe of accessories including a dress, two tops, a long skirt, two pairs of pants, a jacket, a scarf, three pairs of shoes, a purse, a necklace, earrings, a brush, sunglasses, a suitcase, a shoe case, five wardrobe boxes, and hangers.

2 La Belle Epoque Barbie Doll - $1,395

via: barbie.mattel.com

Released in 2012 and designed by Robert Best, this particular doll is very rare because it was only produced for the attendees of the Paris Fashion Doll Festival of that year. This Barbie certainly is a vision of the romantic Paris fashion. She looks like she’s ready to attend the Opera with those gloves and the plume in her elaborate hairdo.

That long pearl necklace screams money despite the fact that they are faux. Barbie is probably richer than Batman and Tony Stark combined.

1 Carol Spencer Holiday Barbie Doll - $999

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Being featured in Barbie Bazaar Magazine’s 1994 issue was a big part of this doll’s popularity with collectors. It was created by Carol Spencer and it’s rarity is due to being a prototype.

The article read, “This particular doll is one of several Carol made for a very special Holiday Barbie edition.

"As Carol states, ‘it is not a prototype as the concept was changed and the actual doll that Mattel would later choose to release was not in this group of four that I made.’”

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