Batman: 25 Weird Facts Only Super Fans Know About The Joker's Body

The Batman and the Joker have long been partners of equal-standing within the DC Universe. It's hard to imagine, dare I say impossible to imagine, one existing without the other. They are two great forces opposed to one another, one of good and one of evil, neither capable of completely eradicating the other. I don't think I'm the only one who thinks that if Batman is the greatest hero that DC can offer, Joker is also the greatest villain.

With such fame to his name, the Joker has seen many iterations of his character. Different writers, artists, actors, and directors have crafted the Joker to suit their needs, and we as the audience are able to judge which we like the most. Many sources have poured their own ideas into the Joker so that his character is teeming with insane facts. Today, I'm here to lead you over the facts regarding the Joker's body. (Ew, am I right?) Before you leave this list screaming in disgust, I think you should give these entries a look. Come on, your curiosity is biting you, right? With a personality like the Joker's, you know there are going to be some pretty nifty facts regarding his person in this list.

Let me tell you right from the beginning that the Joker's physical state is just as weird as his mental state. You are about to read some very weird things. Read on if you want to learn more about the Clown Prince of Crime and his unsightly physique.

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25 Why Mosquitos Shouldn't Sip From The Joker

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The Joker looks like the kind of guy who spends a lot of time spilling the blood of others. Conversely, he's shed his fair share of blood while he's gotten pummeled by the good guys. At the same time, he's dealt in toxin and poisons that affect the blood of his victims (think Joker Venom).

As such, his bloodstream is now a toxic cesspool.

When a mosquito sucks the Joker's blood, it does not live long enough to enjoy its success in puncturing another victim. That's right. The Joker is a danger to mosquitoes.

24 A Permanent Grin

Why so serious? I think the better question is why so hilarious. It is a rare day indeed when we see the Joker without his signature smile. We are constantly greeted by that wide, tooth-filled smile of the Joker's whenever he has enacted some sinister plot. One of the reasons given for Joker's ecstatic expression is that his facial nerves are paralyzed. He is forever stuck with a smile on his face.

Admittedly, in some iterations, I have seen the Joker frown in displeasure, but in others, he is never without a grin. Think Jack Nicholson's Joker.

23 Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

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It is official. The Joker can now haunt the Batman for an eternity. Or, I suppose, for as long as the Batman is alive, because the Joker isn't going anywhere. Turns out that the Joker is immortal now.

Gotham's worst nightmare doesn't age.

Jim Gordon found evidence that the Joker had been plaguing Gotham for a lot longer than he had previously thought. In addition to this evidence, we also know that the Joker has spent some time taking a dip in a Ra's al Ghul's favorite swimming spot, but we'll get into that later.

22 The Unnatural Length

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Joker's features have become iconic to us over the ages. The color of his skin, hair, and lips are recognizable in an instant, but one feature that defines him occasionally gets overlooked.

Unlike most of the normal-looking people in Gotham, the Joker has a strangely elongated jaw that adds length to his evil grin. Apparently, the Joker received a massive punch to the face before he fell into the vat of chemicals that turned him into the Joker. He transformed into the Joker with a broken jaw, which explains its unnatural length.

21 Want To Know How He Got Those Scars?

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Heath Ledger arguably gave us one of the best live-action portrayals of the Joker we have ever seen. (Sorry Jack Nicholson and Jared Leto.) Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight added a twist to his iconic smile.

In the movie, the Joker has what is called a "Glasgow smile."

A Glasgow smile is a smile created by slicing outward from the corners of a person's mouth to their cheek, creating a scarred smile. We might never know the real story behind how he got those scars, but at least we know what they're called.

20 Nothing To Feel

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Ever wonder how the Joker, without having any real training in ninja arts like Batman, is able to hold his own against the Caped Crusader? Turns out that one of Joker's greatest powers is his body's ability to take a beating.

The Joker has an extraordinarily high pain threshold.

Despite the advanced skills Batman has in combat, the Joker is like one of those inflatable clowns that you can kick down but will bounce back up again. Who knew that a tolerance to pain could prove so useful to a Clown Prince of Crime?

19 Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Scarecrow?

Despite being evil together, villains do not always get along with each other. So while members of Batman's gallery of rogues might join forces to bring down the Dark Knight, that does not stop them from fighting with each other.

The Scarecrow, known for his Fear Gas and his penchant for spraying it everywhere, once turned against the Joker. Curious about his fears, Scarecrow sprayed the Joker with an unhealthy dose of his Fear gas. The Joker was completely immune to it. Either that, or he is afraid of nothing.

18 Mystery Height

via: gamespot.com

One puzzling aspect of the Joker's body is his actual height. Purportedly, the Joker is six feet and five inches, which is pretty freaking tall. It's taller than Superman's height, and taller than Batman's height.

However, if that's the case, why is the Joker always depicted as being smaller than Batman. If you look at the numerous drawings of Batman and Joker in the comics, Batman is seen as towering over the skinny figure of the Joker. Clearly there is some discrepancy going on here.

17 The Occasional Bit Of Body Art

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Normally, we see the Joker wearing crisp or frumpy purple suits, looking for all the world like a very strange and colorful businessman. In fairly recent iterations of the Joker, a tougher design for his character has been used which includes tattoos decorating the his body.

In Suicide Squad, Jared Leto's Joker sported several Joker-related tattoos over his white skin. In All-Star Batman and Robin, Joker was also drawn with a very large and, dare I say, thuggish dragon tattoo spread over his back, arms, and chest.

16 The Joker's Inspiration

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Some of the best characters ever created were inspired by people who came before them. The Joker was inspired by the character of Gwynplaine in a silent film called The Man Who Laughs. 

The actor who played Gwynplaine was called Conrad Veidt, and as soon as you take a look at him in the film, it's easy to see the similarities between his features and the Joker's. The lengthened jaw, bright eyes, and sharply lifted cheekbones are hard to miss.

15 His Paralyzing Good Looks

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Joker's favorite secret weapon is his Joker Venom. His usual method of poisoning someone with it is squirting the dangerous concoction from a fake flower on his suit's lapel. Over the years, Joker has gotten more ingenious about where he places this chemical.

At one point, he placed it within lipstick and then kissed someone in order to poison them. In another instance, Joker his his Venom on his fingernails, causing Damian Wayne to experience an unpleasant surprise after beating the Joker with a crowbar.

14 Those Shiny Chompers

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In Suicide Squad, one of the most noticeable changes to Joker's appearance is his set of shiny, chrome teeth. Those metal teeth lend themselves well to Joker's creepy appearance.

The story as to how he lost his actual teeth stems from the passing of Robin (which has been hinted at in several DC movies). After Joker slew Robin, Batman punched him so hard in the face, he lost nearly all of his teeth. (Seriously, why haven't we seen a story-line of this caliber in a DC film yet?!)

13 A New Face For New Times

When DC launched their universe anew in the New 52, they appear to have attempted to make the Joker more horrifying than before. They had the Joker become so damaged that he cut off some skin and wear it like a weird kind of mask.

I mean, it's not enough that he cut his own face off, but he had to staple it back on to his now exposed and raw facial musculature. You know, I kind of miss the days when Joker was just a simple, mad clown. Nowadays, he truly comes off as a psychopath.

12 He Can Use Poison As Lotion

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Joker has spent so much time using his own Joker Venom on unsuspecting victims that he has become immune to the effects of other toxins and poisons that crop up in Gotham.

For example, the poison that Poison Ivy secretes holds no power over the Joker.

This toxin immunity is also what allows the Joker to place Joker Venom on his own person when he's trying to poison someone else. It came as a surprise to me, but Joker is actually quite knowledgeable when it comes to chemical compositions.

11 Healing Like The Wolverine

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The one thing scarier than a Joker who hurts people with near impunity is a Joker who can do this without getting truly hurt himself. At least two versions of the Joker (the one in Endgame and the form he took in The Dark Knight Strikes Back) have a healing factor.

Due to the fictional chemical compound of Dionesium located within his spine, Joker can regenerate from wounds that otherwise would have ended him. Great. We have a Joker who can heal himself at an accelerated rate. Just great.

10 Long Live Emperor Joker

via: screenrant.com

You know who the worst possible person to gain reality-altering powers is? If you guessed the Joker, you'd be right. One time, Joker steals the powers of his fellow villain, Mr. Mxyzptlk. Unfortunately for Batman and the rest of the world, Mr. Mxyzptlk's power is the ability to alter reality.

Joker spends most of his time with unlimited power declaring himself Emperor Joker and finding ways to torment Batman ceaselessly. After this ordeal, Batman needed his memory wiped in order to function at all.

9 Inspecting The Joker's Mind

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He has yet to make an appearance in DC films, but the Spectre is a character that has appeared several times in the comic books. The Spectre is the Spirit of Vengeance, and this Spirit takes hosts. At one point, the Spectre chose Hal Jordan, Green Lantern, as its host.

The Spectre has gone up against the Joker, diving into the Joker's mind and soul in order to deal with him. Turns out not even a divine Spirit like the Spectre can handle the Joker's insanity. The Joker was able to overpower the Spectre within his own mind.

8 Skin Care By Joker

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According to Batman lore, the Joker was not always the pasty-white-faced individual we know him to be. He was an average-looking fellow who just so happened to fall into a vat of chemicals which severely altered his appearance.

Current story-lines tell us that it was this dip into that acidic concoction that gave the Joker his green hair, white skin, and red lips. I wonder what exactly those chemicals were intended for aside from creating the worst villain Gotham has ever seen.

7 Borrowing From Bane

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Completely different from Joker Venom is the simply-named Venom that Batman villain Bane uses to make himself roid-raging and buff. In the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum, Joker uses some of Bane's Venom to make himself into a Titan version of himself.

Brawny Joker is no joke. He was massive in comparison to a normal human's size, and his bones protruded harshly from beneath his skin in spiky clusters. Joker still seemed to be in charge of his mental faculties, unlike other people who have ingested the Titan formula.

6 The Consequences Of Titan

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Joker's use of Bane's Venom mixed with his own formula did not come without repercussions. After returning back to his normal size, Joker showed himself to be pockmarked and sickly.

The Titan version of himself took its toll on his regular body.

While in this sickened state, Joker knew he was slowly perishing. In order to try recovering, Joker forcibly injected his own blood into Batman, so that the Bat could help him find a cure. In the end, it didn't work.

5 What Is Super Sanity?

via: youtube.com (HomieCloud)

We don't just have weird facts about the Joker's body on this list. We also give you tidbits about his mind. For example, did you know that the Joker suffers from something called "super sanity?"

In the comic "Arkham Asylum," it was postulated that the Joker suffers from this condition. "Super sanity" is a heightened sensory awareness that is coupled with a tendency to fit a new personality on in different situations, picking personalities that are the most beneficial to you at a given moment. Sound like anyone we know?

4 The Joker's Triumph

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Joker's eternal fight with the Batman does not end with the passing of either the Batman or the Joker. The Joker would only declare a victory in their endless struggle if Batman broke the one rule he has in his moral code, i.e. not ending the life of a criminal.

Despite being tough as nails, the Batman won't sink to that level. Joker has never succeeded with Batman, but he did get one of Batman's acquaintances to fail. At one point in time, Nightwing beat the Joker up until he was no longer breathing. Batman had to give Joker mouth-to-mouth.

3 A Dip In The Pit

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A fair bit of Batman's villains dabble in immortality. Most notable among them would be the infamous Ra's al Ghul. Ra's is a man determined to bring humanity to a peaceful new era, but he believes he must decisively eradicate anyone who might pose a threat to this new utopia.

His methods are far more fatal than Batman's. Ra's has been around for a while on his quest, using what is called a Lazarus Pit to achieve immortality. Unluckily for the Bat, Joker has spent some time in a Lazarus Pit as well. Yikes.

2 Shrugging Off A Bullet

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Due to luck, Batman, and his stupid-effective healing factor, the Joker has managed to survive wounds that would leave most people crippled. (Cue Barbara Gordon reference.) Even so, some of these wounds were ridiculously bad.

The Joker has gotten hit in the head.

Despite the severity of that injury, Joker was fine a couple of issues later. I swear, as the years go by, Joker is becoming more and more indestructible. If you can survive a bullet to the brain, what can't you survive?

1 Popping Caps

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The Joker has done horrible things to the good citizens of Gotham, most notably to police commissioner Jim Gordon and his family. The Joker shot his daughter, Barbara Gordon, paralyzing her from the waist down, and he even did away with Gordon's wife.

Understandably, Gordon once tried to take his revenge on the Joker.

Gordon shot the Joker right in the kneecap. Typical of the Joker, he just made a joke about never walking again like Gordon's daughter and then he laughed.

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