The Batman Who Laughs Is Coming To DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online is headed to the dark multiverse in an upcoming episode that will feature The Batman Who Laughs.

DC Universe Online is headed to the dark multiverse in an upcoming episode that will feature The Batman Who Laughs. The episode was teased on the games official Twitter page with a 3d rendering of the Batman/Joker hybrid villain.

Episode 35 is schedule for release in September, and will be the game's first foray into the dark multiverse. The Batman Who Laughs, despite being a relatively new villain, has proven to be massively popular with fans and is sure to bring some attention to the long running free-to-play MMO.

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Rather than bi-annual expansions like other MMOs, DCUO releases 3-4 episodes each year that feature both original and iconic stories from DC history such as The Death of Superman and The Judas Contract. In the past, new powers were released alongside these episodes, such as the light powers released in conjunction with Fight For The Light chapter. Now, new powers and episodes are both available to all players with an active All Access subscription.

The Batman Who Laughs is the main antagonist of the 2017 cross-over event Dark Knights: Metal and is the creation of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo. In Dark Knight, it is revealed that a dark multiverse exists made up of universes on the very cusp of total destruction. In many of these universes, Batman has given in to his darkest desires and stolen the powers of other Justice League heroes. The Batman Who Laughs, a Batman who has completely lost his mind due to exposure of a very special Joker toxin, has gathered up a team of Batman-hybrid villains from throughout the dark multiverse to eliminate existence entirely.

Dark Knights: Metal was one of the most successful events in recent history and The Batman Who Laughs has proven to be a worthy adversary, going on to star in his own series as well as Diamond Select Toys and Funko POP! figures.

While the name and story of the new chapter have no yet been revealed, expect the next chapter of DCUO to bring some true horror to the game. While whether we will see the other Dark Knights in action is not yet known, its safe to assume The Batman Who Laughs has big plans for heroes and villains of DC Universe Online.

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