Battle Of The Fittest: 26 Hilarious Avengers Vs. Justice League Memes

Pop culture and superhero movies go hand in hand these days. Actors don’t need to be in Oscar worthy films anymore in order to gain fame, not when they have the Marvel or DC universes to try out for. The stars of these films have attracted huge followings, effectively setting them up for life.

Just why is it that way? Because of the diehard fans that steer these superhero movies’ successes. The most famous superheroes are part of two juggernauts of teams, The Avengers and The Justice League. These two sides have, in fact, battled in the comics in a crossover event between Marvel and DC. Back then, though, times were simpler and there were no memes on the internet that fueled fire to the feud.

More often than not it is the fans that ignite fights between the two teams in debate among one another, but it’s fun to imagine what it would be like if battle lines were drawn by the in-universe characters themselves. To this end, several memes have been made wherein fans bring their imaginations to life and we see Justice League and Avengers members taking shots at the other’s expense.

You’ll be surprised how much one can learn of these superheroes’ abilities when compared to their counterparts, while also realizing some nonsensical plot holes too.

What must be remembered is that at the end this all should be taken in good fun. So, to remind you just how funny it could be, here are 26 hilarious Avengers vs. Justice League memes.

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26 Point And Laugh

via: dorkly.com

Laughter is contagious. No matter how you feel about this meme making its jokes at the expense of a bemused Ben Affleck you can’t see it without chuckling at least a bit what with a number of Marvel characters laughing in the back.

Money is ultimately all that matters. Yes, critical acclaim is important, if you want the film’s legacy to be long lasting, but in order to guarantee a franchise to continue you need the money to be raked in. Justice League made less than half as much the Avengers films did and the writing was on the wall when the film debuted to a $94 million dollar opening.

That’s an amazing debut for any other film but when it’s a movie that showcases the best DC has to offer it has to sting real bad.

25 That's Not How It Works

via: schmoesknow.com

It’s no secret that DC films aren’t doing all that well. Justice League grossed over $650 million but that was a pale performance in today’s age of superheroes. Each Marvel Cinematic Universe release of 2017 grossed in excess of $850 million, and so DC has to be clunking their heads together to figure out a way to be more commercially successful.

With the sleeper success of My Big Fat Greek Wedding still talked about, this meme takes a dig at DC by proposing they add the word ‘Wedding’ in its films to rake in some money. It’s a cheap shot for sure but Justice League doesn’t have much argument in its favor seeing that people just didn’t turn up to watch it. And a Justice League wedding would be intriguing, mo matter how ludicrous the idea is.

24 He's Worthy

via: quirkybyte.com

The most popular member of the Justice League has to be Batman. The Caped Crusader is the biggest draw for fans despite being physically the weakest member of the team. The reason for his popularity is his plot armor perhaps, as Batman is able to conjure up any trick to beat much more powerful opponents.

On the internet, the famous proclamation of ‘I’m Batman’ is used to explain any flaw in logic.

Many fanboys claim Batman could beat God level foes despite having no abilities to fight them. Take for instance this picture which depicts the God of Thunder Thor flinging his hammer Mjolnir in the direction of Batman. Only worthy beings could wield this hammer and a normal human like Bruce Wayne should have been splattered on contact. However, to Thor’s surprise, Batman caught the hammer.

The reason? Yup, he’s Batman!

23 One Man Army

via: the-heroes-universe.com

The Avengers would have been a much shorter film had the same scenario played out with Superman facing Loki and the Chitauri. The Man of Steel is powerful enough to have taken the entire army solo seeing as the Chitauri were incapable of beating normal humans Hawkeye and Black Widow.

Loki was a rather weak antagonist in comparison to strong Avengers Hulk and Thor, and got wrecked by Hulk in the film’s climax within seconds too. Superman would have had no difficulty in beating Loki in quicker time and could have flown to space with no problems either. The nuke that was ordered to destroy New York city would have been deflected with barely any effort and all would be done and dusted in no time.

Therefore, this meme does make a whole lot of sense as Superman would have been capable of putting an end to the invasion alone.

22 Time To Get In Shape

via: pinterest.com

This post is a downright lie to be honest as we are all aware of Ben Affleck’s impressive build that he worked hard to attain. Affleck in fact looks bigger even in comparison to Henry Cavil, who plays Superman.

However, when it’s battle mode all bets are off, and fans of the Avengers picked out a less than flattering image of Affleck chowing down a juicy burger. To embarrass the poor guy further, the other members of the Justice League are shown training hard in preparation of their roles. Maybe the person who created this meme has a personal dislike for Affleck seeing as the other League members are seen in a positive light.

Regardless, Chris Evans’ comical reaction makes this post all the more hilarious.

21 Laughed At The Wrong Guy

via: pinterest.com

Peter Parker is somewhat of a doormat. People usually walk all over him and Parker never does much to stand up for himself. This is why J. Jonah Jameson treats him the way he does, laughing at his expense and firing him more times than you could count.

There are many memes that make fun of poor Peter’s orphaned youth but there’s another superhero with the same problem.

The catalyst to Bruce Wayne donning the Bat cowl was the loss of his parents and that remained with him all his life. So of you ever wondered what an interaction between Jonah and Batman would be like, think no further as the Daily Bugle boss would be out the window before you know it. Admittedly, though that’s one funny crack Jameson took at Wayne.

20 Now It's War!

via: imgur.com

Captain America: Civil War sparked an endless number of memes that pitted Iron Man and Captain America arguing over one trivial point or another and ending with the poster of the film in the final frame to highlight their conflict. It’s a meme that doesn’t have an expiration date and fans still get a kick out of.

It also migrated over to DC with this one replacing the marvel heroes with their DC counterparts.

Batman Superman argue over which DC TV show is better and the final frame is a shot of the Batman v Superman film poster. This doesn’t sit well with the Iron Man and Captain America, and we are finally hit with a Marvel vs. DC poster.

19 The Greatest Enemy

via: the-heroes-universe.com

You don’t have to search your brain far to recall that Thanos is the big bad of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For Justice League fans they would need to revisit the films so as to trace which villain could take the mantle for the DC Extended Universe.

Darkseid is generally the largest threat in the DC universe but when it comes to live-action films.

That honor lies with a review based website. There’s no winning for DC, save for Wonder Woman, when it comes to Rotten Tomatoes scores. Each time a new entry receives a ‘Rotten’ rating, the internet explodes with anger stemming from Justice League fans while Avengers fans start celebrating another failure from their opponents’ end.

Don’t be surprised if the Justice League decides to storm the Rotten Tomatoes offices for an explanation in their next film.

18 That's Terrifying

via: deviantart.com by thebritwriter

More so than the resurrection of Superman to be shown in Justice League, talk was of Henry Cavil’s CGI face. The actor will be appearing in the upcoming Mission Impossible Fallout, and committed to keeping the mustache his character in the film wears.

So it was quite the conundrum when Cavil was brought back to Justice League for extensive re-shoots as Joss Whedon took the helm as director. In order to work around this problem, the studio invested millions to make Cavil seem clean shaven, but the result was the above monstrosity.

In contrast, Avengers fans now display the magnificent beard Chris Evans has as Captain America in Avengers: Infinity War, and how his facial hair has been constructed within the story. You might need a minute after viewing Cavil’s horrible CGI face as it’s not pretty to look at.

17 Switching Sides

via: quirkybyte.com

Remove all the fanboyism from the equation and at the end of it all both The Avengers and Justice League are part of comics that are only printed for amusement. In the same way, take away the Cinematic Universes and we have actors who play these characters because it is their job. They go where they get more lucrative deals and not because of some loyalty to the brand.

However, fanboys take these comic worlds very seriously.

When they see any actor jumping ship from Marvel to DC or vice versa, their ire knows no bounds. This meme was made by a Marvel fan, who relays their annoyance at Willem Dafoe and JK Simmons, Green Goblin and J. Jonah Jameson respectively, shifting over to the Justice League Universe. The joke here is that MCU’s Spider-Man and a Stormtrooper are both part of Disney’s owned universes.

16 Shouldn't Have Said That

via: pinterest.com

Maybe this meme would have made more sense a few years ago before the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but at the of announcement it was all the rage. Blame shoddy film-making for ruining the experience but if you forgot all the critical lambasting the film received you’d recall just how exciting it was to imagine the iconic duo of The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel hitting the big screen together.

This meme was made just around the time Avengers: Age of Ultron had been released and fans from both sides of the forces were throwing shots at one another. Justice League fans made pretty good one here but alas the end result did not work in their favor. However, at the time this post was pretty funny.

15 Contrasting Styles

via: pinterest.com

You might say The Dark Knight set the benchmark for commercial success in superhero films. Released in 2008, the film saw its grosses pass $1 Billion, unprecedented for a superhero film at the time. Forward over to 2012, and The Dark Knight Rises outgrossed its predecessor to almost $1.1 Billion. However, it still fell behind the juggernaut of The Avengers, that grossed in excess of $1.5 Billion.

Many DC fans look over to The Dark Knight trilogy to point out its critical success.

This meme seeks to do just that by branding The Avenger as a good enough popcorn flick fit for a quick superhero fix while terming The Dark Knight Rises as great film-making.

It could be pointed out to the creator of this meme that The Avengers in fact has a higher rating on Rotten Tomatoes than The Dark Knight Rises.

14 Been There, Done That

via: pinterest.com

The Avengers set the bar for all superhero movies. While others have made their marks on the genre such as Logan, which gave us terrific storytelling, or Wonder Woman, which finally delivered a quality female led superhero outing, The Avengers was the first film that appropriately reconciled heroes of a cinematic universe.

Following on the success of that film, the cinematic universe concept has taken off and implemented in other genres as well like the Monster’s Dark Universe seen in The Mummy. Thus, it’s ridiculous to suggest any film could top The Avengers before release and Tony Stark’s offhand reaction to Batman in the above image isn’t without good reason.

Justice League needed to tread completely new ground in order to top the bar set by The Avengers, sadly it wasn’t able to do that. So Tony can roll his eyes all he wants until sometime in the future.

13 A Case Of Bad Timing

via: ultimatecomiccon.com

With the release schedule of superhero material packed in today’s TV and cinema landscape, odds are any two releases will clash with one another. Netfilx is a platform that provides on demand services for viewers and many see it as a cinema substitute of sorts.

MCU’s Daredevil was premiered alongside Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice back in 2016. Although this was purely coincidental, the difference in critical opinion between the two led to many claiming Daredevil stole Dawn of Justice’s audience. In the same manner, this meme infers Justice League was unfortunate to clash with MCU’s The Punisher in 2017.

With Justice League faltering at the box office, this meme will certainly perpetuate this notion. Imagine how much of a hit at the receipts it would’ve been for Justice League had a mainstream Marvel superhero show been released!

12 An Honest Confession

via: pinterest.com

With the large gap between successes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe, people on the internet scoff at those who remain fans of the Justice League. It was about a decade or so ago when DC had the upper hand in the battle as its animated TV shows such as Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited were more popular than Marvel’s offerings.

Nowadays, though, if you were to favor Justice League over Avengers you’re likely to be laughed at.

This meme is more of a confession from an anonymous individual who appropriately employees the use of the Confession Bear to relay the message of his preference of the Justice League. He’s not looking for trouble but you can be sure such an admission will raise some arguments.

11 Who's Going To Pay The Bill?

via: pinterest.com

Man of Steel took it one notch too high with the damage from the epic battle between Superman and General Zod as they laid havoc to the city of Metropolis, part of the collateral damage. What the follow-up film did right, though, was address the destruction Superman was part of.

Tony Stark doesn’t let Supes off the hook easy either.

In this meme Superman is back at it again with scoffing at the Avengers needing six members to hold off the Chitauri, however, going up against Stark is probably more difficult than battling aliens as the playboy points out to the Man of Steel that the Avengers were in fact strategizing the whole time and sought to contain the destruction from the fallout. It would be interesting to have an estimate of the costs it took to renovate the damaged cities and find out which battle hit the bank the hardest, wouldn’t it?

10 We Could Be Twins

via: quirkybyte.com

All superhero movies are similar to a degree. The basic premise is more or less the same unless we’re talking about nuanced storylines the likes of Logan. Team up films in particular have a feel reminiscent of one another, and this meme should remind everyone of that.

Both movies depicted the heroes meeting one another and battling enemies from outer space.

Yet the reason they feel very much alike is the fact that their villains even look quite the same. Steppenwolf and Loki both don horned helmets while being associates of larger foes Darkseid and Loki, respectively.

Meanwhile, the heroes have counterparts in the other team, and must band together in unlikely fashion to stop this global level threat. Yup, that basically sums up both movies.

9 Didn't Think That Way Before, Did You?

via: me.me

One of the biggest weapons in the kitty of Justice League fans is their argument that DC films are seen as ‘Dark’, while Avengers fans argue its their movies’ ‘Light’ attitude that has brought them success.

Both sides of the arguments aren’t altogether correct.

Here’s the simple fact: Justice League members barely, if ever, aim to end their foes, Avengers take their enemies out with no remorse. Justice League movies are branded as Dark as they seek to explore the themes behind the repercussions of taking lives such as Superman’s angst at having to snap Zod’s neck.

Meanwhile the Avengers finish their opponents while throwing n some wisecracks their films consciously make an attempt at playing down the fact that their heroes are pretty ruthless.

8 Let's Get Ready To Rumble

via: pinterest.com

Fans of the WWE are aware the entertainment is not actually fake, but scripted. The wrestlers do take the bumps in reality but their performances are choreographed beforehand. These superstars build their characters around certain trademarks that gain them notoriety among the fans. Eventually there are some characters these wrestlers are compared with. Here we see this meme portraying these wrestlers as part of either the Avengers or the Justice League.

In plain view is everyone’s favorite John Cena who has taken the role of Superman, wrestling fans generally regard him as ‘Super-Cena’ and this is quite appropriate. Roman Reigns and Cm Punk seen as The Hulk and Batman is funny in particular.

Some other wrestlers have been randomly placed, as their characters don’t resemble the comic book heroes much, but this picture is hilarious regardless.

7 That Martha Joke

via: the-heroes-universe.com

Here we go again. The ‘Martha’ joke is back to haunt us once more. There’s no end in sight to this piece of storytelling that has been branded as ludicrous by all fans. By pure coincidence, in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Superman and Batman’s mothers had the same name, which prompted Batman to spare his then nemesis’s life as he realized the Kryptonian was not a rabid destroying machine.

In Civil War, we find it has not effect on the two frenemies as their mothers had completely different names.

The joke is meant to suggest the names of the mothers are trigger words, one capable of triggering emotion while the other triggers rage. Maybe if Tony and Steve’s mothers really did have the same name Civil War could’ve been avoided entirely.

6 Catching Them On The Tube

via: deviantart.com by misterho

Ever wonder what the reaction of the Justice League would be if they happened to catch their counterparts on the tube? This fan art hypothesizes the team’s viewpoints upon witnessing the Avengers, and does a good job in capturing each hero’s character.

As can be seen, Batman is not impressed by Tony Stark’s bragging of being a ‘Genius, Playboy and Philanthropist’, citing a lack of originality as Bruce Wayne is already notorious for living that lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Superman’s equivalent in power, Thor, is accused by the Man of Steel of copying his exact style only substituting the hair with a blonde scheme and picking up a hammer to go with it. The Flash is too busy checking out Black Widow, while Green Lantern is left ignored in distress in the back screen.

5 Fashion Regrets

via: de.niadd.com

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe is well known for its rather slapstick or simple-minded humor, you should expect any quips from its fans to have the same level of wit (sometimes lack thereof).

This meme reflects the age-old joke made at Superman’s wardrobe choice.

The Man of Steel inquires the Avengers over the absurd possibility of six super powered beings having to fight off an alien invasion as Supes feels he could have gone solo. In true Marvel style, the comeback seeks to troll Superman by taking a shot at his former choice of clothing where he used to wear the underwear outside the pants.

Everyone who has watched the older cartoons or keeps up with comics has laughed at this strange practice of flashing the underwear over trousers but this meme is made funnier when you consider the comeback had nothing to do with Superman’s inquiry.

4 Different Arenas

via: the-heroes-universe.com

If we’re all being honest the first time we heard Batman and Superman were going to lock up in combat a part of us was ripe with excitement, too bad the film turned out to be a disappointment. And yet there are still ardent DC fans who have not faltered, claiming the duel between the two icons to be one for the ages. As Batman v Superman was released the same year as Captain America: Civil War, which featured two factions battling one another, hype was set to see which film would pull it off better.

Although Civil War was indeed the better film, this meme is still funny in pointing out that Batman and Superman had a pretty gladiatorial level of confrontation while The Avengers’ ‘Civil War’ mainly consisted of a bunch of people fighting in a parking lot.

3 Eyes On The Prize

via: en.dopl3r.com

The rush to bring the big heroes from DC comics to the screen is what attributed to the lackluster performance of Justice League at the box office. Before this film we had only seen cameos of heroes The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg, so fans weren’t acquainted with them when the film’s trailer rolled online.

On the other end of the spectrum, the MCU built up its Avengers for a solid 10 years before the trailer of Avengers: Infinity War was released.

The above image illustrates that a little patience rewards in bounties.

Infinity War broke the internet and was on #1 on the trending list on Youtube for days while Justice Leagues’s trailer was branded as inconsistent and vague. This contrast in hype is sure to reflect on the box office performances of the two films too, Justice League has already failed while Infinity War will likely place in the top 5 all time picture grosses.

2 Take It Away, Bruce

via: pinterest.com

Batman’s powers all have to do with his genius mind and expert strategy. It is the reason Wayne has been able to tussle with the big boys the likes of Superman and Darkseid, who realistically require one hit to end a normal human being. Give Batman prep time and he just might be able to take out any being out there.

In this regard, the argument between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers is rendered moot with Bruce Wayne interjected as he has a much longer list of accomplishments and abilities than either of the two Marvel heroes could comprehend.

Here we see the two rendered speechless as Wayne is undeterred while we are made aware of just how competent the Caped Crusader really is even without his Batsuit.

1 A Great Mismatch

via: geekxgirls.com

Sure the Avengers franchise has been a greater success but if you argued that the actual Avengers could have any chance at beating the Justice League in a fight you’d have to be a hardcore fan.

There’s no competition when it comes to match-up between the two factions.

For every Avenger that is strong, a Justice League member can turn up stronger. Arguably, Superman could solo the Avengers with only Hulk and Thor putting up any fight. This meme does a good enough job at conveying this as the individual members of the teams put in their arguments, with the Justice league having an answer to every point raised by an Avenger. The Avengers would put up a good fight but realistically – however realistic it gets in comics – the Justice League just have too many powers in their arsenal and there should be only one winner.

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