Battleborn Set To Shutdown In January 2021

2K Games has announced that Gearbox Software's Battleborn will be shutting down in January 2021.

Battleborn may have been a pretty decent game, but it clearly wasn't longed for this world. Ever since its release three years back, the game has failed to catch on like developer Gearbox Software thought it would. Now, it looks like publisher 2K games is ready to put the title out to pasture. In an update post on its official website, 2K has announced that the MOBA/Shooter hybrid will be shutting down its servers in January 2021.

That's certainly some advanced notice for any current fans. Games don't normally get such a large window of remaining time, but it looks like 2K at least wants to do right by whatever community members are left playing. Sadly, you can no longer purchase the game digitally if you did want to jump in. All digital currency will also cease being sold starting in February of next year.

When the servers do close down, all functionality of Battleborn will cease to be. This means anyone with a disc-based copy won't even be able to play it. Any banked currency players have will be spendable until January 2021, though you won't be able to acquire any extra.

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Via: GameSpot

Battleborn found itself in a very odd situation. While Gearbox made a number of missteps with previous titles before its release, it seemed like the studio had put all of its effort into creating a quality game. Battleborn's marketing was confusing, but the game really did work in execution. Releasing so close to Blizzard's Overwatch, which has gone on to become something of a worldwide phenomenon, probably didn't help things.

Still, it's always sad to see when good games fail so spectacularly. It seemed the general public just had enough of Gearbox's nonsense over the years. From the failures that were Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines to its CEO's constantly headline-making stunts, Battleborn just couldn't catch a break.

For now, fans will just have to spread the good word that is Battleborn. With any luck, Gearbox will take notice and possibly begin conceptualizing a sequel. If nothing else, maybe 2K will even consider leaving the servers on a bit longer.

Source: 2K Games

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