Battlefield V to Release New Battle Royale Mode This Month

EA has released the official trailer for their upcoming Battlefield V battle royale mode. Named, "Firestorm," after the mode's ever-tightening ring of fire, the new battle royale promises 64-player mayhem, vehicle combat, and tractor battles.

The tutorial for Firestorm was leaked earlier this month, but now EA, Criterion, and DICE have confirmed the mode will be launching on March 25th.

Firestorm will reportedly take place on Battlefield's biggest map ever, and will support both solo play and squad play, with duo mode arriving later this spring. Squad play will consist of 16 teams made up of four players each. During battle, players will be able to unlock new vehicles or call in reinforcements by completing objectives. Completing objectives will also give players access to more rare and powerful loot. Much like the main Battlefield game, buildings will be destructible and combat will rely heavily on the use of vehicles.

Although the trailer didn't include any actual gameplay, players can learn a lot about the upcoming battle royale from the leaked tutorial.

Much like other battle royale games, Firestorm will feature tightening boundaries in the form of a huge ring of fire, as well as other genre staples like parachuting and grabbing loot. However, EA and DICE have also tried to break away from battle royale convention by encouraging sharing among teammates and cooperative play. For example, each weapon class will have its own dedicated ammo, which will encourage teammates and squadmates to share their loot and work together.

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In addition to weapons, players will also be able to pick up armor, gadgets, and backpacks that increase inventory space.

Firestorm is named after the deadly fire ring around the map's perimeter

Firestorm will also keep some features of Battlefield's standard multiplayer, as well as the classes. Even after falling, players will be able to use their sidearms and can be revived by their teammates, but once they bleed out players can't return to battle.

Firestorm will likely also intersect with the "Tides of War" live service that is scheduled to arrive later this year.

The battle royale genre has already been well-established at this point, and Firestorm doesn't look to innovate too dramatically on the tried-and-true formula. However, Battlefield fans and lovers of vehicular combat may have something to look forward to if Firestorm roars out of the gate instead of crashing and burning.

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