Battlefield 5 Will Get Its Very Own Battle Royale, Supporting Up To 64 Players Divided Into Teams Of Four

DICE announced a battle royale mode for Battlefield V with a post on the official site detailing the post-launch roadmap and stated that the "Firestorm" Battle Royale mode would come in March 2019.

And so another franchise throws its hat into the battle royale arena. If you Battlefield fans have been feeling a little left out, you needn’t have worried. Next year, the series’ all-new Firestorm mode drops.

Now, of course, if you’ve so much as dabbled in gaming lately, you’ll know all about this whole battle royale thing. It’s the latest trend, the cool new robot toy on the market that every child wants this holiday season.

These things come in waves. Before Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and such, it was all about open world adventures. Those are still huge, of course (just ask Red Dead Redemption 2 and its supposed 60 hours of story content), but really, the main thing we want to do is hop into a huge map with 99 or so others and see who survives.

While Fortnite wasn’t the first game to introduce the world to the battle royale genre, it was certainly instrumental in popularising it. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been... well, struggling lately (to put it kindly), which has largely left Fortnite to grow and prosper. Not that the game doesn’t have its own issues, but in terms of popularity, it’s way out in front. Which, of course, has bred all kinds of imitators.


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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has just recently dropped, with its own take on battle royale gameplay: Blackout mode. Not to be outdone, the long-running Battlefield franchise is set to get on that bandwagon as well. In 2019, vg247 reports, Firestorm mode is coming to the upcoming Battlefield 5. As we already knew, it’s time for another battle royale.

Firestorm, again, is set to be a familiar-yet-different take on the formula. With the anticipated title’s launch fast approaching (November 20th), EA and DICE have provided a rundown of how its post-launch support will pan out. It’s to arrive in waves, and the third, in March next year, will see Firestorm go live.

Details are thin on the ground at the moment, but GameSpot reports that the mode will support up to 64 players and that they’ll be divided into teams of four. You’ll be thrown in and have to scavenge for weapons, naturally, and the mode is named for the ring of fire that will slowly close in around the players, as with the storm of Fortnite fame. Interestingly, as we reported back in August, firestorm itself is being developed by Criterion instead of DICE, and it’s all shrouded in mystery for now. We’ll just have to wait and see what unfolds.


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