25 Things Only Super Fans Knew They Could Do In Battlefield 5

War may never change for Fallout fans, but to the fans of the Battlefield series, the latest game in the franchise is a huge departure from previous titles. Battlefield V is the highly anticipated sequel to last years' popular game Battlefield 1. Exploring some of the wars most prolific battles of the war, the game continues what its predecessor started, giving players an intimate look at the war through the eyes of a handful of characters that represent the men and women who fought first hand in the war.

However, along with a new game comes new gameplay mechanics. From new systems like the Attrition system or assignments, to automatic squad play and daily missions that give players a way to earn in-game currency and XP, this game has a whole slew of new features that beginners will need time to get a handle on. With a heavier focus on multiplayer gaming and only a handful of single-player missions, these new features are set to become the cornerstone of the game’s future.

With the game having just released, there are an endless slew of pro gamers coming forward with tips and tricks to the new game’s mechanics. Today we are going to explore the twenty-five best tips and tricks only super fans knew they could do within the new game in the series, Battlefield V.

25 Crouch Running Is Key To Stealth

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Any longtime gaming fans will remember the popular running style of the Gears of War franchise.

Players were able to run across battlefields while crouching, making movement both faster and helping them to avoid firefights as much as possible.

Battlefield V is set to replicate that, allowing for high-speed movement while crouching. Everyone remembers how impossible it was to move across the maps of this franchise without alerting other players to their presence. This allows for better stealth running and taking cover from enemy fire.

24 Shoot Down Flares

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One of the key components of the Recon class has to be the ability to fire spotting flares. This allows your team to locate enemies in a large area, with the higher the flare is shot indicating the larger area it covers. However, if you are on the opposing team and don’t want your team being spotted, there is a solution. You can destroy the flare before it can locate your squad mates. Keep a lookout in the sky and be sure to shoot it down before it has the opportunity to reveal your location.

23 Don't Use Third-Person View In Tanks

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One thing that has always been a staple of any tank play in the Battlefield series has been the third-person view.

This has allowed gamers to see all around them on the map they are playing on, taking in the setting and where enemies are located.

However, this is not always good for Battlefield V players, as third person views make taking shots inaccurate in this game. To make a long shot or especially tricky shot, be sure to revert to 1st person views before firing.

22 Remember Tanks Have Different Turret Rotation Speeds

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Another pro tip when it comes to tanks has to be the turret rotation speed. This is really where class types come into play for tanks. You see a light tank will allow the turret to rotate at a much faster pace than a heavy tank. This is important to remember when you are a foot soldier who needs to destroy a tank and keep out of sight of the current. Remember, it is much easier to stay ahead of a heavy tank’s turret than a light tank's.

21 They Changed How Looting Works In BF5

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One thing that could be frustrating to players in the past has to be the fact that when you were in a match and picked up a fallen player’s weapon, it would change the class of your character and the loadout as a result.

Pro gamers have spotted that when you pick up a fallen enemy’s weapon, your class will remain the same, giving you the option to utilize weapons your class isn’t automatically equipped with while maintaining their specialties. Beware though that thanks to attrition, the enemy weapons are not always equipped with ammo to spare.

20 Go Prone!! (Yes, Some Players Still Don't Know)

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One thing that many gamers may not know is that when you are unable to grab a grenade fast enough, or perhaps you are caught on fire during a multiplayer match or mission, there is a way to eliminate some of the time it takes to recover from such an event. If you go prone and lay flat on the ground, you will not only reduce the damage your player takes, but you might also fool others into thinking they took you out, giving you the element of surprise in a retaliatory attack.

19 Faster Capture Time

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There is a hidden gameplay mechanic within the game that focuses solely on missions that involve capturing a flag or area.

The time it takes to claim these is now dependent on how close you get to the center or location of the capture the flag missions.

That means that the closer you are to the flag, the faster it will capture in your squad’s name. Get to the location fast, and allow yourself the time to move through the map in a quick way.

18 Do Your Daily Orders

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Earning in-game currency and XP is crucial in building your player’s abilities and stats. One of the ways pro’s advise doing this is by keeping track of daily orders and assignments. Daily Orders are updated each day with new tasks that will track your progress automatically in the background. However, you’ll have to actively search and choose your assignments, filling up to four slots in your player’s background and following the assignments as they come in. This will build up the currency and XP you need to get some of the key features of multiplayer matches.

17 Custom Key Binding For Consoles

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One of the perks of PC gaming has always been the customization options for the game’s actions.

While PC gamers have been able to do this for years, now PS4 and Xbox One gamers are going to be able to customize the game’s key bindings on the game.

This allows gamers to make the buttons do the actions that best suit them, which is especially helpful now that 3D spotting is not as crucial as it was in previous titles.

16 Fortifications Are An Awesome Way To Camp

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One of the big things DICE is banking on is the new element of Fortifications. This means that players can reinforce buildings that have been destroyed, rather than standing in an open debris field with no cover left. You’ll be able to build foxholes, sandbags and tank stoppers in real time. If you are playing a match of Capture the Flag, you can build fortifications around you that make the enemy have to come to you from a single direction, giving you the advantage.

15 Muzzle Flashes Are The Best Way To Spot Enemies (Now)

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Later in this list, you are going to discover that the 3D spotting mechanic of previous games is now gone. That means players are going to have to search for enemies in different ways. Without the 3D spotting and with players having clothes that can blend into the surroundings, you’ll have to keep a close eye on the muzzle flashes of enemies and keep in mind the direction the flash came from. Also be aware that your squad members will all have logos above their player, making it easier to differentiate your squad from the enemy.

14 Make Sure The Squad Leader Is Calling In Reinforcements

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One of the new plus sides to being part of a squad in this game is the pooling of resources. As you play you and your squad mates will acquire a great deal of resources.

When this happens, the squad will accumulate enough material for the squad leader to be able to call in reinforcements.

This includes smoke screens, ammo drops, and a tank with flamethrowers on the sides. As the Tides of War is developed the game will put out more reinforcements in the future.

13 The 3D Spotting Mechanic Is Gone

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One thing that you had in the previous edition of this game was the 3D Spotting Mechanic. This allowed gamers to highlight enemies and follow them anywhere on the map. That is now gone. Snipers are given an opportunity to have a more realistic, yet very difficult gaming experience. Instead of highlighting the enemy, you have to maintain eyes on the target at all times before firing. This is especially difficult when the enemy isn’t moving or is wearing clothing that blends into the environment around them.

12 Play The Objective (Come On, Seriously)

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One of the biggest pro tips gamers have found is to simply play the objective.

The new attrition system has made ammo far more scarce than in previous titles.

However, it is not as rare as in some of the earlier games. Rather than going lone wolf and doing your own thing, it is crucial to study the map, analyze the objective and work together as a team in order to best utilize the supplies you do have.

11 Anti-Camping

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One thing that has been a constant source of frustration for multiplayer games has to be camping. Whether it’s a tank sitting on a nearby hill endlessly shelling the enemy’s stronghold or snipers hiding and taking out players nonstop, campers have dominated many maps in the series. This changes with attrition, with ammo being scarce and these campers being forced to seek out ammo throughout the map. Pro tips indicate using the resupply station or supply canister drop in a match is key if you want to stay in a camping position for longer periods of time. Otherwise, camping is going to be a thing of the past.

10 Squad Play Is Automatic Now

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Being a lone wolf is no longer an automatic choice for gamers. One thing that will differentiate this game from previous ones will be the fact that once you begin to play the game, you’ll automatically be sent into a squad.

Being in tune with your squad and playing as a unit is more important now than ever before.

Of course, you can leave the squad at any time and go lone wolf, but be prepared for the fight of your life if you do.

9 Intimate Revives Add A Whole New Layer Of Realism

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There is going to be a huge change to the revive system in this game. Revives have always been an impersonal, time-consuming thing for multiplayer matches. That all changes now. While Medical and non-medical classes will be able to revive players, the new system will give players a face-to-face interaction with their teammates. This means that you’ll be looking into your friend’s eyes as you bring them back into the fight, giving a cinematic moment to the nonstop action.

8 Drag Your Squad Mates To Safety To Save Them

In addition to the new revive system, there is also another way to save downed allies.

The one thing a lot of players can identify with is the sense of pride and heroism that comes from saving one of your squad mates in a match.

If you are in the middle of a particularly difficult, dangerous battle, then you can drag your teammates to safety. Much like in a real battle, you’ll be able to get your fallen friends out of the fight long enough to treat them.

7 Vehicle Resupply Stations

Another huge part of any pro’s multiplayer experience has to be the vehicle resupply station.

It is crucial to keep your vehicles supplied with ammo and repaired as often as possible.

These stations allow players in vehicles, be it cars or planes or other vehicles, to repair any damage received in real time. One pro tip for anyone flying a plane in the game is to destroy an enemy’s resupply station, then fly through skyhooks to take the supplies and health for yourself.

6 Supply Canister Drops Are Crucial

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One thing that has become a huge source of interest for pro players has to be the supply canister drop feature. This occurs in multiplayer maps, when anyone with enough resources can call in these drops to replenish health and ammo. Pro’s advise using this in larger maps, especially ones in which the flags you are sent to capture are much further than on previous maps. With ammo so low and health regeneration only going as far as the nearest health bar, these drops are crucial.

5 You Have To Try Combined Arms

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There are several new modes in this game.

One of those game modes is Combined Arms.

This is a 4-player team-based mode that sees your squad sent on raid-like missions, with the last mission being the most difficult. You can either proceed as a team on the final mission or extract yourselves with the resources you have collected thus far. This gives players a sense of challenge as you feel like an elite unit sent into enemy territory, making this mode especially appealing for seasoned players.

4 Firestorm

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One of the big moments from Battlefield V is going to be the inclusion of a Fortnite-style battle royal mode known as Firestorm. This will see a 64 player match with a focus on squads take place in this new mode. This comes on the heels of both Fortnite and the multiplayer exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 game that recently released. However, the game mode will not releasee until March of next year, so it will be a bit of a wait.

3 Cinematic Camera Work

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One aspect of any multiplayer match is being able to see the player who took you out in the game.

In Battlefield V, when you are wounded and after you see the person who took you out, you will have the option to either let yourself bleed out and restart the respawn right away, or call out for medical attention.

This allows you to view your surroundings in a 360 angle as you wait for your fate to be determined.

2 In-Game Unlocks Can All Be Earned In-Game (So Enjoy!)

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DICE has vowed that any and all unlockables in the game will have to be earned via gameplay. There will be no option to purchase unlockables like in previous games. After the controversy surrounding one of their previous titles, (Star Wars: Battlefront), which saw this in-game purchase system take a lot of heat, this move makes a lot of sense for longtime gamers. This allows everyone to have an equal chance at getting ahead in the game.

1 Special Assignments

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We mentioned assignments in our discussion earlier about the daily missions. This has to be one of the biggest additions to the game, and one pro players are going to want to take advantage of a lot in their gaming experience.

Players will be allowed to put up to four special assignments into their character customization.

These special assignments will allow players to unlock special items in the game. This allows gamers to create special customization for their individual characters and classes, making this a truly unique experience.

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