The Battlefield Subreddit Is So Done With 'Historical Accuracy' Arguments

Enough is enough, say those in charge of the premiere subreddit for the Battlefield game series. After weeks of controversy surrounding the reveal of Battlefield V, the subreddit's moderators have decided to ban all future discussion on the game's alleged lack of historical accuracy. Historical accuracy became too closely related with complaints about playable female soldiers, so the moderators decided to get rid of the topic altogether.

While a lot of the subreddit's frequent contributors had problems with Battlefield V's inclusion of things like katanas and machine-like prosthetic limbs in a World War II setting, the wider gaming community only locked on to one issue within the fandom's complaints: that there were women in the game.

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The response to the hateful voices was swift and decisive. The developer of Battlefield V took a strong stance on the topic, saying that female characters are here to stay and that those who don't like it can just not buy the game. While it's great to see a developer speak so frankly on a sensitive issue (looking at you Division 2 people), a lot of longtime Battlefield fans feel that this response ignores their actual concerns about the series' future. Basically, the whole female soldier debacle has overshadowed any real discussion.

"What about the [terrible] UI in the game, red skulls, unnecessary squad message pop-ups, flashy ribbon graphics? What about the cluster of visual customization, can't even differentiate between classes, let alone our [dang] teammates? How about the pointless fortifications mechanic that is sure to be spammable for bonus points? Then there's the concern of the game launching for full price/$60 that will only include 2 factions.... for a game set in WORLD war 2?" wrote subreddit user Epic28 on the moderator's "We're Done" post.

Yet it's hard for gameplay worries to be heard when all the headlines want to say is "Oh No There Are Women In Battlefield V" and "Battlefield 5 Subreddit Tells Members It’s Done With Phony ‘Historical Accuracy’ Arguments." Articles like these dismiss any criticism that isn't about women, or even go as far as to say all other arguments are just veiled sexism.

There's also the fact that the Battlefield V reveal happened almost a month ago. A lot of the subreddit's members just want to move on.

"We get that y'all have valid criticism about Battlefield V and the customization options within the game," the moderator says in the post. "Sadly, this subreddit has proven to be unable to have a civil discussion about these things without devolving into name calling and slapfights."

It's a move that's most certainly for the best. Perhaps now that the bigots have said their piece, people with actual concerns can get some time on stage. Or more likely, the media will simply move on because UI issues don't get as many clicks as sexism. The best outcome, of course, is that the negative voices quiet down and Battlefield fans just enjoy Battlefield V. But this is the internet we're talking about, so that's about as likely as a katana-wielding guy with a mohawk in World War II.

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