Battlefield V Introduces New Paratrooper VS Artillery 'Airborne' Mode

Battlefield V is getting a new mode where players jump out of airplanes into the middle of an intense firefight. No, it’s not battle royale. The new mode is called “Airborne” and its centered around paratroopers versus artillery. With no information beyond that, all Battlefield fans can do now is speculate.

For once, this information didn’t actually come from an E3 leak. The news was delivered by the official Battlefield V Twitter account. The tweet went out last week, announcing the new mode and giving a brief description.

Based on this, it seems to be a two-team mode where one side drops in via parachutes to destroy artillery guns, and the other side tries to shoot them down before they can. It’s objective-based aerial combat, and it sounds very exciting.

Meanwhile, on the Battlefield subreddit, the reactions have been quite positive, with many fans pointing out the famous D-Day invasion of Normandy as a likely inspiration for this mode. During that operation, the Allied forces dropped in at midnight, causing fans to hope for nighttime maps. Of course, as the German forces did conduct daytime paratrooper drops, this mode could definitely work with daytime maps as well.

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On a more humorous note, some Twitter commenters have taken the presence of parachuting to mean that battle royale is confirmed for Battlefield. While it will probably be a mode, and is rumored to be, the announcement for Airborne is just that. It’s a mode where one team is paratroopers and another shoots at them. The fact that some gamers take any game mode involving jumping out of a plane to be a reference to Fortnite or PUBG is a rather sad sign of what the gaming world is these days.

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All that said, Airborne does look to be a fun mode. DICE certainly knows how to do fun objective-based gameplay, as evidenced by previous Battlefields and Star Wars Battlefront. While information is scant now, more will undoubtedly be revealed during EA’s upcoming E3 presentation. There will also most likely be a reveal of the alleged battle royale mode, drawing a clearer line between the two.

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