Battlefield V Battle Royale Prototype In Development At DICE - Can It Beat PUBG Or Fortnite?

Have you ever wanted the Battlefield series to embrace the free-for-all chaos that is battle royale? Because that's what you, and every other gamer, is getting. When Battlefield V launches later this year, it will bring with it DICE's take on the gameplay that Fortnite and PUBG made famous. 100 players, dropping onto a map from the sky and duking it out until only one remains, all with DICE's shooting mechanics. It sounds like it could be a match made in heaven. But can it unseat pop culture sensation Fortnite or new Esports darling PUBG?

Battle royale is the new type of shooter that's driving the gaming world crazy. Venture Beat reports that, with Fortnite breaking Twitch records and drawing mainstream fans like the rapper Drake, EA no doubt wants a piece of the pie. Doubly so because Activision is also trying to get battle royale into the next Call Of Duty. The catch is, battle royale won't be ready in time for Battlefield V's launch.

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The source for the report asked to remain anonymous, and with no official announcement from EA, Venture Beat speculates that the game mode is still in very early development. It's very likely that EA saw the frenzy Fortnite has been causing and ordered DICE to make something like it for Battlefield. Or DICE is full of Fortnite fans who wanted to try their hand at making their own. Either way, this implies that the move to make a Battlefield battle royale is a recent one, and as such it will take time to flesh out. It will likely be an later add-on for Battlefield V, or perhaps even its own thing. We might even see it in the next Star Wars Battlefront.

Of course, the big question is if anything can challenge Fortnite's massive success. It seems unlikely, as Fortnite's huge streaming presence and constant updates keep the game fresh and talked about. Then again, the battle royale craze is still fairly young. There's definitely time for a better game to come along and become the battle royale game. Just not the months it will take for DICE to make Battlefield battle royale. The true hope for EA is Star Wars. If DICE made Battlefront battle royale, with bounty hunters running around and hijacking walkers, that could be the thing that truly breaks the internet.

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All of this is speculation, however. It's a safe bet that every major developer except maybe Nintendo is trying to figure out how to jump on the battle royale wagon. Expect E3 to be full of such announcements. But months from now, when these prospective games could actually launch, the trend will be in a different place. All DICE can do is keep working (and hopefully abandon this idea in favor of Star Wars battle royale) and hope the trend is still there.

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