Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode 'Firestorm' Teased, Only It Was Leaked Yesterday

Battlefield V developer DICE told players to expect news on the game's battle royale mode in March. Well, it's March now, and news has come. The thing is, more news came from curious players than DICE itself.

The developer has been light on details, only really giving us a name for the mode: Firestorm. Just today, however, DICE decided to tease the mode with a very short clip.

One could read this as DICE just playing very coy, drip feeding information to build up hype for its attempt to take on the already-established battle royale giants. Unfortunately, this is 2019. If a developer doesn't provide a satisfactory amount of information for fans, fans will dig into the game files to find it themselves.

That's exactly what happened over on the Battlefield V subreddit. A user by the name of Temporyal claims they were curious about a mystery map called "Provence" that was supposedly leaked. In their journey to find the map, they uncovered files that seem to point to the details of how Firestorm will work.

"Be aware," they warn, "it looks like it is going to be a 'classic' approach to the Battle Royale genre so don't expect to be blown away by the following lines and data. Let's get started..."

via: reddit.com/user/temporyal

The mode's description reads: "Do whatever it takes to survive. Compete solo or in a team to be the last one standing in a vast and dangerous world. Scavenge for supplies, outrun the Firestorm, and fight your way to victory."

So it seems the titular firestorm is playing the role of the shrinking ring from other battle royales, and that both solo and team play will be available.

The gameplay will involve 64 players parachuting onto the map, and then gathering loot and trying to be the last person/team standing. Weapons come in tiers, with those of higher rarity being more powerful. When defeated by an enemy, you'll enter a "downed" state where teammates have a limited time to revive you before you bleed out and die for good. There doesn't seem to be any indication of the revive system popularized by Apex Legends.

There are a few Battlefield touches in the form of classes and reinforcements. Termporyal found references to the usual battlefield classes such as Medic and Recon. The ability to call in reinforcements can be earned somehow, allowing players to get artillery strikes or vehicle deliveries. Vehicles consist of various cars, a helicopter, and a tractor for some reason.

via: reddit.com/user/kurtzenter

We're always warned to be careful around leaks, as so many believable ones turn out false. That wisdom holds true here, although a video posted to the Battlefield V subreddit earlier today seems to verify many of Temporyal's claims.

In the post, DICE's own community manager Ben Walke chimes in. Rather than dispute the leaks, he simply warns fans not to pre-judge Firestorm by saying:

"Leaks of early versions and information are just that, early. When you read or watch something there's a risk that some of the things that you will see will be different when things release. Just wanted to flag that some information may change over time."

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