Battlefield V's Beta Chat Censors 'Titanfall' And 'DLC' Among Other Words

According to Reddit threads, players reported that certain surprising words and phrases were censored from the in-game chat window.

The Battlefield V Open Beta recently concluded after being available to play for five days. As with most betas, players were quick to point out its flaws, with the in-game chat feature taking its fair share of the heat.

According to a couple of Reddit threads, players reported that certain words such as “Titanfall”, “DLC”, and even “lag” were censored from the in-game chat window, while words that you might expect to be censored were not.

The chat filter put in place by DICE – Electronic Arts subsidiary and the studio behind Battlefield V – was meant to block out profanity and other negative language such as racial slurs and hate speech. However, it is pretty clear that the version during the beta did not work quite as intended, including a slew of other surprising words and phrases that were reportedly censored.

via DICE

EA/DICE responded to player feedback regarding the chat filter on the same day the beta went live, indicating a fix is in the works:

“One of the new features we’re working on is a profanity filter in-game to reduce toxicity,” an EA/DICE representative stated in a Battlefield V forum post. “That being said, we have heard some complaints that the filter is blocking words that aren’t profanity or shouldn’t be blocked, like ‘DLC’, etc. and isn't blocking some words that should be (obviously, I will not be providing examples of these). Please note: This is a work-in-progress and we will be taking this feedback to tweak the sensitivity of the filter and improve its usage without censoring relevant conversation. Healthy discussion is what drives improvement in our games, and we’d never want to impede that. Thanks for bringing your concerns to us regarding the current iteration of the profanity filter and we’ll keep working on it.”

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Ultimately, these types of issues are exactly why betas exist. The DICE team will no doubt work on fixing Battlefield V’s chat filter and improving it for its November 20th release.

In an era plagued with cyberbullying and other negative events that occur in online gaming, DICE’s focus on battling toxicity should be applauded. While opponents to chat censorship will undoubtedly have something to say, especially in relation to the game’s violent content, it is a positive move that DICE and other developers are honing in on players’ well-being and overall online experience.

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