Battlefield V Cancels 'Body Dragging' Feature, Saying It Would Slow Down Gameplay

EA has retracted the soldier-dragging feature from Battlefield V's latest chapter, claiming it would affect the gameplay as "complex and long animations" would be needed to keep it in.

With Chapter 3: Trial By Fire set to open up as the newest installment of the Tides of War live service on March 28, gamers who own Battlefield V will receive the update for free and it will remain available for three months.

EA has published some notes on the game's novel segment and has revealed that, apart from the battle royale that is Firestorm (also available for free), players will also get to enjoy more co-op missions, a strategic outpost mode, and the Mercury map portraying the Battle of Greece, among a few other features.

Firestorm is already live, having dropped this Monday, but Trial by Fire is still two days out. The chapter will also hand players the Squad Conquest - an 8-v-8 mode pitting two squads against each other to capture and keep flags - for a limited time.

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As mentioned above, though, one feature you won't be seeing is body dragging.

"Having discovered that soldier dragging would negatively impact the core gameplay loop, we’ve decided to not add the feature to Battlefield V," EA explains. "To make soldier dragging look and play well, complex and long animations are necessary. This would make reviving feel slow and unresponsive, which would affect the pacing of Battlefield V’s gameplay.

"We’ll continue to explore ways to improve Battlefield V, but in doing so we have to ensure that the core elements, the essence, if you will, of the game remain unaffected. It’s been great reading the discussions on this subject and your feedback continues to play a part in all our decisions. Please keep that feedback coming, and we’ll keep consuming it."

Trial by fire appears to contain a vast array of newbies, but Battlefield fans are likely to be especially intrigued by the fresh battle royale multiplayer given the wild success of games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends, with the latter EA-affiliated too. Of course, it's Battlefield-specific and not your regular battle royale, so it could prove to be a fun twist.

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