Battlefield V's Currency: What It Is & What You Can Buy With It?

Today, EA is introducing a new currency to Battlefield V that can be purchased using real money. The currency is simply called Battlefield Currency and can be used to purchase cosmetic items, time savers, and new Elite sets.

Some of the items that players can purchase with Battlefield Currency are currently not available, and won't be released until later this spring.

Players will be able to use Battlefield Currency to purchase any cosmetic items of any rarity that are available through direct game progression. Using the new currency, players will be able to buy Chapter Rewards, as well as Career, Class, and Weapon Rank cosmetic rewards, even if players haven't unlocked them yet. Players can also purchase cosmetic items available through Company Coins, the game's already existent currency.

In addition, EA is introducing a new Epic rank of cosmetic items that players can only buy using Battlefield Currency. The company has said that it plans to continue releasing new cosmetic items for direct progression, Company Coins, and Battlefield Currency so that every playes can have access to new cosmetics.

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Another new addition available for purchase with Battlefield Currency includes Elite sets that follow the story of a unique soldier. Each set will have cosmetic items that allow players to take on the appearance of each character in multiplayer modes, including the new Firestorm battle royale mode.

The Elite sets will also contain character voice-overs, Best Squad animations, and Special Assignments that will follow the character's story and unlock a unique signature melee weapon.

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Finally, EA will be introducing Time Savers later his spring that will help players short on time catch up with story progression. Using Battlefield Currency, players will be able to purchase Tier Catch-Ups and XP Boosts to help them progress through the game faster.

Tier Catch-Ups will unlock Chapter Rewards from Chapters that players haven't completed yet, and XP Boosts will increase the amount of XP earned through gameplay. This will allow players to unlock Chapter, Career, Weapon, Vehicle, and Class Ranks more quickly.

Battlefield Currency can be purchased like pretty much any digital currency that requires real money. In order to make the exchange, players should go to the Battlefield V main menu, then go to either My Company or the Armory, and select the "Get Battlefield Currency" option. There will be several quantities available for purchase that players can choose from, and the currency will automatically be added as soon as the transaction is complete.

Players can also purchase Battlefield Currency from offers featured in the game menus.

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In addition to these new microtransactions, EA will be adding Battlefield V's version of loot boxes, which they are calling value bundles. However, each value bundle will have the exact contents listed, so players know exactly what they're paying for. This is likely to avoid gambling laws, which have prevented developers from introducing loot boxes in certain countries.

Each bundle will only be available for a limited amount of time and will contain a mix of cosmetics, currency, time savers, and other game items. Currently, players have access to the Battlefield V Starter Pack and the Battlefield V Premium Starter Pack.

The Starter Pack contains 500 Battlefield Currency, a rare Face Paint, and a rare weapon skin, while the Premium Starter Pack contains 3,500 Battlefield Currency, two Epic Soldier Outfits, two rare vehicle skins, and a rare weapon skin.

Although EA has stated that the goal of the new currency and value bundles are to help players who don't have a lot of time progress quickly, many fans of the series don't necessarily believe this. A lot of gamers have grown tired of microtransactions and the pay-to-win mechanics they encourage, yet more and more games seem to be introducing them.

Their inclusion in Battlefield V is especially disappointing, since EA made a point of promising that the game wouldn't have any pay-to-win mechanics or loot boxes. EA also says that the new currency won't affect actual gameplay, but given how well the company kept its earlier promises in the past, players shouldn't hold their breath.

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