Every Change Coming To Battlefield V This Year (E3 2019)

Fans of Battlefield V will be pleased to know that EA announced the arrival of several new additions to the title coming this year. This information was announced at E3 during an EA Play event on June 8. The list of updates is extensive and will certainly breathe new life back into Battlefield V; a game which has been seeing a decline in players over the last few months as new games get released.

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These updates see the end of Chapter 3 in June, followed by a steady release of Chapter 4 updates through August. Then toward the end of fall 2019, EA will release Chapter 5. This chapter will add a flotilla of new content and expand the game to a new theater. This list is in chronological order by release dates, with the updates arriving sooner at the top of the list.

10 June – The End Of Chapter 3

On June 13, EA will release a new game mode: Outpost. In Outpost, two teams will compete against the other in an effort to contact a pre-set number of recruits. The teams attract these recruits by building radio towers. You must also search out and destroy enemy radio towers to prevent them from gaining recruits. These radio towers can also be reinforced to make them harder for the enemy to destroy.

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At the end of June, EA will also update Firestorm to fix several bugs and make it more stable. These fixes should include patches to the matchmaking and loot system. The Firestorm update will also include new weapons and a new location called The Dome.

9 June 27 – The Start Of Chapter 4

Late June sees the beginning of Chapter 4: Defying the Odds. This continues the ever-expanding Tides of War series. The first part of Chapter 4 starts with the release of a huge map set in the North African desert called Al Sundan. The forces fighting each other on the Al Sundan map are the British and Germans. This map is an expansive sandbox for multiplayer mayhem that will favor vehicle-focused combat.

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Here’s a quote from EA regarding the Al Sundan map, “In Al-Sundan we’ve taken the vista used in the single player war story “Under No Flag”, and doubled down on air and land vehicle combat. With this, the location has been optimized for all-out multiplayer action.” Along with Al Sundan, this update will also include new weapons.

8 July – Chapter 4 Continues

This expansion to Chapter 4 will feature a new map called Marita. Ryan McArthur, Senior Development Director at DICE, had this to say about the Marita map at E3; “[Marita] is set on the Albanian/Greece border, sort of in the mountains where the Axis powers start to push into Greece.”

The map is set in a Mediterranean style village situated on a sloping mountainside. The houses in Marita are multistory and built on mountainous terrain, so players will also need to fight the enemy from above and below.

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The landscape and village in the Marita map are not suitable for vehicle-based combat. Therefore, combat will be fought primarily with soldiers. This is described as a close-quarters map with numerous routes for flanking. Marita was designed so that all four soldier classes “will be able to shine”, and has been described by DICE as “creative chaos”. New weapons will also be included with this update.

7 August – Ranking System Change

August will also bring a change to the career ranking system. DICE acknowledged that many players were frustrated that the ranking system was capped at rank 50. The career ranking system will now allow players to go beyond rank 50 - with the new cap for career rank being set at 500. Every 50 ranks past the first 50 will be called milestone ranks.

These milestone ranks, according to Creative Director at DICE Larz Gustavsson, will give a “shiny new rank item and a beautiful set of dog tags.” Players will also be rewarded company coins for ranks attained past 50. DICE is hoping the opportunity to increase in rank to 500 will serve to incentivize players to revisit Battlefield V.

6 August – Chapter 4 Continues

In August, Chapter 4 will come to a close with the release of two new maps. The new maps are named Provence and Lofoten Islands. These are small maps that are, according to EA, “tailored for intimate combat” and designed to deliver a more intense playing experience. The goal of the Lofoten Islands map is to destroy an explosives production facility located near a small community.

The Lofoten Islands map is set in a small Norwegian coastal village. The goal of the Provence map is to destroy the Axis forces occupying the town. The Provence map is set in a small town in southern France. As with Al Sundan, the Provence map will pit British and German forces against each other.

5 September – EA Launches Private Games

Chapter 4 winds down during September and October, as EA and DICE prepare for the launch of Chapter 5 in November. During these last two months, we will only get two updates. In previous Battlefield games, EA had a rented server program (RSP) that allowed players to set up their own server. In September, this feature should finally be added to Battlefield V, although it has been rebranded as Private Games. All players will have access to the base toolkit to create your own server for free.

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These private servers will be created from the main menu and also via a service EA will make available via your browser. Running a game on your own server allows for customization of the game’s functionality. Some examples of this customization include turning friendly fire on or off, or controlling what weapons can be used.

4 October – The End Of Chapter 4

In October, EA will release a new map named Operation Underground, which has been described as "Operation Metro Reimagined". This map will signal the end of Chapter 4. Operation Underground is set in a battle-ravaged Austrian subway station and will offer numerous flanking routes. Players won’t be limited to the subway station however; the map also includes the surrounding surface area.

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Ryan McArthur at DICE described the map as, "a bunch of diverse areas. You’ve got big open courtyards at street level, and narrow streets, and you go down into [the station] with the subway cars and subbasements.”

3 Chapter 5 Begins With Two New Factions

In the fall of 2019, EA is going to begin Chapter 5 of Tides of War. This will bring the game to the Pacific Theater and introduce the U.S. and Japanese forces into the game. Along with the two new factions, EA will also release three new maps – including Iwo Jima. If the map uses the whole island, then this will be a huge map. This map will also (presumably) incorporate land and air vehicular combat.

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The fighting on the Iwo Jima map will probably be quite chaotic; with Japanese bunkers and airstrips scattered across the island. The mountain (Mt. Suribachi) on Iwo Jima was heavily fortified and had a system of strategically built caves. If this feature is faithfully replicated it should provide for some intense combat. “The team has focused hard on capturing the invasion experience…and amphibious warfare,” said Larz Gustavsson of the Iwo Jima map during the EA Play event at E3.

2 New Weapons & Gadgets

Along with the introduction of the U.S. and Japanese forces comes the weaponry used by the two factions. After almost a year after Battlefield V’s launch, players will finally hear the telltale “ping” as an M1 Garand rifle expels the clip. Another weapon anticipated by players is the BAR M1918 automatic rifle used by U.S. forces.

Notable Japanese weapons likely to be included are the Type 100 submachine gun, and the Type 96 light machine gun. New gadgets will also be added for the distinct factions. Nothing has been officially announced regarding the new gadgets, but one likely inclusion is the Japanese Type 89 grenade discharger. This piece of artillery could be transported and operated by one person and had a maximum range of over 700 yards.

1 New Vehicles

New vehicles will also be introduced in Chapter 5. These new vehicles will include boats and amphibious assault vehicles. The inclusion of sea battles and naval support units will certainly add a new layer of strategy, and help revive the player enthusiasm for Battlefield V. No details have been released about the new vehicles, but they will probably be tied to the two new factions.

Some of the land vehicles will likely be the Type 97 Chi-Ha or Type 95 Ha-Go tanks for Japan, and the M4A3 Sherman tank for the U.S. forces. The M4A3 was adapted for amphibious assaults; hopefully, this variant of the M4A3 will be included. Two of the new air vehicles may be the Japanese A6M Zero and the P-51 Mustang used by U.S. forces.

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