EA Trying To Keep Battlefield V Relevant With Free Weekends

With the impending release of the rebooted Call of Duty: Modern Warfare just weeks away, Electronic Arts is making one last push to remind gamers that Battlefield V is still around.

The 2018 World War II shooter will be available for three free-to-play weekends in October for EA Origin users, offering players a chance to try its various multiplayer modes in hopes to entice an uptick in sales before Modern Warfare drops in late October. The structured schedule will first start with Rush from October 10-13, Conquest from October 17-20 and Grand Operations from October 24-27.

Unlike traditional trial modes, EA will allow character progression to carry over should users decide to take the plunge and purchase the game. In addition, there will also be single player offerings as well as squad play during each of the weekends. The game’s Battle Royale mode will, unfortunately, be excluded from the trial period.

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This serves as a last chance to make the latest entry in the lauded Battlefield series relevant, in hopes that a strong push late in the game’s lifecycle can keep interest alive once the Call of Duty tidal wave hits. It is easier said than done, especially considering the troubled development and ill-fated launch of the controversial fifth entry of the FPS series.

Prior to the game’s October 2018 release, fans were none too pleased that the game would once again be taking place during World War II. Along with that, accusations of manipulating historical events for the sake of female empowerment led to EA President Peter Skolund to address critics to not buy the game if they were insisting on remaining unhappy.

Upon launch, the game’s multiplayer was very limited, and the much-publicized Battle Royale mode was delayed for nearly six months. A bare bones single player experience and grind-heavy online leveling system did not strike a chord with gamers, and coupled with middling reviews across the board, the game fell well behind 2017’s Battlefield I in terms of sales. The failed launch of Battlefield V is reported to have played a significant role in the biggest stock drop EA has posted in a decade.

As gamers prepare for Call of Duty’s upcoming refresh, which looks to be heavily inspired by Battlefield 3 and 4, this also looks to be the closing chapter of a game that has sunk a franchise.

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