Find Out What's in Battlefront II's Loot Crates

Thanks to an information drop on YouTube, we got a better look at Star Wars Battlefront II's loot crate system.

Loot crates can be purchased with in-game credits that will be awarded after matches depending on performance. The crates will contain boosts and buffs known as star cards, which will grant abilities to different classes for use in multiplayer matches.

Players obtain creates by spending credits, or sometimes they'll be awarded for specific tasks like logging into Star Wars Battlefront II. Star Cards will grant abilities and buffs to the numerous playable classes in the game, giving players an edge in battle. They come in four different basic rarities: "Common," "Uncommon," "Rare," and "Epic." There are also "Legendary" Star Cards that don't pop up often, which will give additional bonus effects, such as increased damage absorption in addition to the cards primary effect. The rarer the crate, the better chance of obtaining rare cards and items.

Via: youtube.com (BattlefrontUpdates)

Crates can also contain credits, to allow players to purchase additional crates, and crafting parts, which will allow players to upgrade their star cards to higher rarity ratings. Duplicate star cards will automatically be recycled into crafting parts, allowing players to upgrade their star card’s ranking without spending their credits. The amount of crafting parts required to upgrade star cards will increase as the rarity level climbs higher.

The star cards will be a welcome addition to customizing character classes for online play in Star Wars Battlefront II. There's no word on if players will have the ability to purchase crates or individual star cards for that matter, but with EA’s history, the option to purchase increasingly rare crates or specific star cards doesn’t seem out of the question.

Via: youtube.com (BattlefrontUpdate)


Hopefully, the loot crates will be balanced enough to be worth getting excited about, unlike other games that have similar loot mechanics that lock legendary items behind pay walls, allowing well-off gamers to buy their way into online domination. Knowing EA, gamers can expect to empty out their wallets if they’d rather skip opening crates and get right to force choking their opposition.

Prepare to pry open loot crates when Star Wars Battlefront II drops on Nov. 17, 2017.

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