When Is The Star Wars Battlefront 2 Open Beta?

EA has just announced that the Star Wars Battlefront II open multiplayer beta will begin this October.

As proclaimed on the Battlefront II website, pre-orders will get first crack at the multiplayer beta, starting on October 4. Everyone else will have to wait a few days for their first chance at the game, as the open open beta begins on October 6. The beta will run less than a week, ending on October 9.

There will be 2 maps available for the multiplayer beta, the first of which may seem familiar to those that caught EA Play this year: Theed Galactic Assault. Theed is the capital city of Naboo, and the game map takes place chronologically during the events of The Phantom Menace when the separatist Trade Federation invades and briefly conquers the planet. Players will be able to take up arms as either a Separatist droid or a Federation trooper and duke it out in the beautiful streets of Theed (beautiful at least for the first 5 minutes, after which the streets become strewn with droid and clone bodies).

via EA

The second map players will be able to try out is something called Starfighter Assault, and EA hasn’t given us much beyond the title. We know from a PlayStation 4 Battlefront blog that the map will take place in space and feature “an assortment of Star Wars’ greatest ships in an objective-based, multi-stage battle”, but we don’t know when or what ships. It’s safe to say you’ll likely get your Tie-fighter versus X-wing fun on in this game mode.

EA has also promised more details about the beta will be released at Gamescom later in August.

EA is also trying to sweeten the pot for potential preorders. We already know about the cool skins and extra powers given to Kylo Ren and Rey, but if you pre-order now you’ll also get a Yoda's Epic Lightsabre Mastery Card. Given that Yoda’s Lightsabre was tiny and would look ridiculous in the hands of any of the human Jedi, one must also assume Yoda is hiding somewhere as a potential Hero unit. But you have to act fast, as Yoda’s Lightsabre is only available up to three days before the beta begins.

Star Wars Battlefront II is set to release November 17.

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