Bayonetta: Best Weapons In The Series, Ranked

It goes without saying that weapons in hack-and-slash games are pretty important tools. It's no different in Bayonetta.

It goes without saying that weapons in hack-and-slash games are pretty important tools. It wouldn’t be a hack-and-slash if the player character wasn’t sporting a hefty arsenal of swords, guns and other kinds of destructive gadgets to rip through the opposition.

The Bayonetta series equips the titular character with an assortment of ‘toys’ to play around with. From bows to rocket launchers to handguns. You name it, it’s probably there and ready to dispatch your angelic foes. Each weapon feels distinctly different from each other. Some are slow but pack a huge punch. Others are fast and add more combo flexibility. This list will look at traits such as those as well as others to decide what are the best weapons in the series.

10 Scarborough Fair

Simple. Balanced. Classy. Scarborough Fair is a set of four magical handguns and one of the most reliable weapons in the series. They’re not the most powerful weapons, but they serve as a solid all-around tool. They’re one of the fastest weapons in the series when equipped to Bayonetta’s hands while being a very easy weapon to use.

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While their damage is relatively low, mastering them allows you to tackle any enemy in the series confidently. Its combo strings are very consistent and dependable and its average charge modifier is a good way to pepper in some extra damage on smaller mobs.

9 Takemikazuchi

A hammer in which its name is just as hard to pronounce as it hits. Takemikazuchi is the go-to power weapon in Bayonetta 2, sporting with it very slow animations but some the most satisfying hit-stun to enemies.

Takemikazuchi is simply one of the most powerful weapons in the series, if not the most powerful in terms of raw damage output. Most combo strings can absolutely erase smaller enemies in the game and do significant damage to larger ones. Its attacks are also useful for good crowd control as they hit in sweeping arcs in front of Bayonetta in a wide cone. Most enemy attacks will be stuffed completely, especially from wicked weaves. Though, getting most wicked weave attacks out can prove to be difficult considering their incredibly long start-up.

8 Chernobog

A fitting weapon for slaying the denizens of Inferno. Chernobog is a big, three-bladed scythe. While not an incredibly special weapon overall, it’s ‘wicked blades’ are its most noticeable feature. Combo-enders can juggle large groups of enemies or do significant damage to foes in a very large area around Bayonetta. It makes dealing with large groups of smaller enemies an easier task.

Its biggest weakness is its inability to break through more challenging enemies’ defenses for such a slow weapon. Regardless, it’s still very useful for its range and relative safeness when in more chaotic fights.

7 Sai Fung

A pair of nunchucks that fire magic bullets. ‘Gunchucks’, if you will. Probably the coolest weapon in Bayonetta’s entire arsenal in terms of style. Sai Fung has an incredibly high stagger rate on small enemies, even the more difficult ones. This makes the weapon incredibly useful for constant offensive pressure to the point where the enemy may never even have a chance to attack.

The downside is that it does the lowest damage of any weapon. And its great speed is offset by its limited melee range. Also, despite its great pressure capabilities, hit stun lasts for about as long as it takes to hit your opponent. This means that wicked weave finishers can be slightly harder to land on faster foes. If your pressure is on point though, enemies become trivial in one-on-one fights with this weapon.

6 Shuraba

It wouldn’t be a proper hack-and-slash game without a good ole’ fashion sword and Shuraba fits the bill. With good damage, range and speed compared to most other melee weapons, Shuraba’s versatility is limited only by being a hands-exclusive weapon.

Shuraba’s wicked weaves are its greatest aspect. Doing a ton of damage, especially in the first game, some wicked weaves–which appear as large blades–make long, sweeping arcs that are very useful for crowd control, doing lots of stun and knockback. It’s a weapon that can save you a lot of headaches against some of the tougher enemies in the series.

5 Salamandra

It seems Rodin went back on his word about putting chainsaws on Bayonetta’s arms in the first game. Salamandra is exactly that; two large chainsaws that can be equipped to the hands or feet.

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Salamandra’s combo options are slightly more limited than most other weapons on this list with having only 4-hit combos and no pause options, making them fairly simple to use. It makes up for this through its moderate speed and charge ability. On the surface, Salamandra’s damage is average but once its charge ability is mastered, it becomes a powerhouse able to pump out damage faster than any other weapon. Making effective use of its charge ability can prove to be difficult in the heat of a battle though.

4 Odette

A rare type of weapon indeed. Odette is one of only two weapons in the series that’s in the feet-exclusive club. Odette is a pair of ice skates that increases Bayonetta’s movement speed and enables her to freeze enemies with a flurry of kick attacks.

Odette is moderately useful against a majority of enemies for its increase of Bayonetta’s movement, sliding effects and ability to freeze all non-boss foes outside of a few special cases. Being able to freeze enemies is especially useful. With it being built directly into Odette’s offense, using kick attacks become a lot more effective and can take enemies out of a fight completely to make engagements more manageable or to just get a good amount of free damage in on a single target.

3 Durga

A unique weapon in the series for being a two-in-one of sorts. Durga is a pair of elemental claws that can swap between fire and lightning at will. Fire is its slower, more powerful version while lightning is faster but weaker.

Durga is one of the most versatile weapons in the series, having both power and speed in one. When paired with its alternate production version, Bayonetta can wield both fire and lightning at the same time, allowing her to execute quick combos with lightning while still keeping some of the explosive power of fire. This is something no other weapon can do in the series, even when paired with itself.

2 Rakshasa

Two swords are better than one after all. As a pair, Rakshasa is dual-wielded with the added benefit of allowing Bayonetta to equip them to her feet as well.

Rakshasa actually shines when equipped to Bayonetta’s feet specifically. With some of the most varied and dynamic kick combos in the series, while also having very little recovery frames when ending most, Rakshasa has excellent pressure capabilities that’ll keep Bayonetta active and her enemies reeling. Pairing Rakshasa with Shuraba makes a devastating combo. Rakshasa paired with itself or other weapons is nothing to sneeze at either. It’s a weapon that goes well with any other in the game and that’s a quality very few weapons have.

1 Alruna

A whip weapon with a much sharper crack in the second game than its Bayonetta counter-part, Kulshedra. Alruna is a weapon with an unparalleled amount of crowd control. With incredible range compared to other melee weapons and attacks that sweep and circle across the battlefield, Alruna is a unique tool that allows Bayonetta to play the mid-range game with her opponents.

Alruna’s biggest asset is its charge ability. Wrapping around small or medium-sized enemies, Bayonetta slams them down near her. This makes for a great and safe way to close the distance before following up with melee combos. Just make sure witch time is active against the larger foes.

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