Are Bayonetta Ports Coming To Nintendo Switch?

Bayonetta 1 and 2 may be coming to the Nintendo Switch, as has been suggested by a Platinum Games tweet.

Platinum Games have released a tweet today that hints towards a possible port of the two Bayonetta games coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The tweet in question depicts the versions of Bayonetta that appeared in both games, with each of them wielding a blue gun (Love Is Blue) and a red gun (Scarborough Fair). This suggests that a Bayonetta game is in development for the Nintendo Switch, as the colors of the guns match the neon Joy-Cons that come with certain Switch bundles. The fact that both versions of Bayonetta are shown together suggests that the game will be a compilation of the first two Bayonetta titles.

Platinum games have been releasing a lot of ports recently, such as the PC versions of Vanquish and the original Bayonetta. They would have to deal with Nintendo for any ports of Bayonetta 2, however, as they fronted the production cost. Early on during Bayonetta 2's development, Platinum ran out of funds and couldn't continue making the game. Nintendo offered to pay for the development of Bayonetta 2... if the game became a Wii U exclusive. This means that any sort of port of the game would require Nintendo's permission, which means that we will likely only be seeing it on the Switch for the foreseeable future.

We are left with one big question about possible Bayonetta ports to the Nintendo Switch: Reggie Fils-Aimé has previously said that more Wii U ports will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but that those games will need to have enough new material to justify a re-release. Does this mean that if Bayonetta and its sequel come to the Switch, that they would need to have new material? Will Reggie's ruling apply to third parties? If a Bayonetta collection is possible, will we be seeing Switch ports of games like Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE or The Wonderful 101?

The most likely new addition to the game would be amiibo support. There are already some Bayonetta amiibos being released as part of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U, so these would likely have some sort of effect on a Switch version of Bayonetta. It might be something as simple as giving free Halos every day (kind of like what the Shulk amiibo did for Xenoblade Chronicles), or maybe unlocking an exclusive new outfit for the character.

Bayonetta collection that could be played in handheld mode is already an impressive feat on its own. It is doubtful we would receive new story content in the game unless it was intended to be a lead-in to Bayonetta 3. The most likely new content we would receive is a selection of new fetishistic outfits for Bayonetta and maybe some more Nintendo themed items & enemies.

It is odd that a possible Bayonetta collection for the Nintendo Switch wasn't announced during the recent E3 conference. Then again, with Pokkén Tournament DX coming in September, Nintendo might not have wanted to overload the audience with Wii U ports so soon. They want people to buy their brand new console, which they might not be inclined to do if it is full of games that were made for their previous failed system.

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