It's Time To Break Out The BBQ Spit, As The Official Monster Hunter Recipe Book Is Here!

The hunters of the Monster Hunter franchise are able to cook big chunks of meat over a fire, which never looked appealing, but Monster Hunter World created lavish graphics for the food that the hunters could eat in order to gain boosts before going out on a mission to slay a monster.

If the sight of the food of the Monster Hunter franchise has ever looked appealing to you, then Japan has you covered by making it possible for aspiring chefs to create them in real life, as Monster Hunter Meal Recipe Book contains the secrets of creating Monster Hunter food without actually needing to use a Rathalos thigh as an ingredient.

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According to Anime News Networkthe Monster Hunter Meal Recipe Book contains meals based on five different categories (desserts, fish, meat, rice, and vegetables), with the intention of recreating the food that is seen in the game. Monster Hunter Meal Recipe Book contains twenty-nine recipes, but none of the dishes will give you any positive status effects.


The recipes in Monster Hunter Meal Recipe Book were developed by Pasela Resorts, which also created the menu for the Hunter's Bar in Shinjuku, which serves drinks based on the potions, as well as meat on the bone dishes that resemble the steaks that the hunters can cook in the game.

It might seem strange for there to be a recipe book based on the Monster Hunter franchise, but there are actually quite a few cookbooks based on fictional franchises. It's possible to order cookbooks based on franchises such as Star Trek (which has a picture of Neelix on the cover), Game of Thrones, World of Warcraft, Star Wars, True Blood, and The Elder Scrolls series.

Monster Hunter World has the ability to make players hungry with the incredible dishes that are cooked in the canteen and players finally have a chance to recreate those meals for themselves... assuming that they can read Japanese. It's possible that Monster Hunter Meal Recipe Book will be localized if the upcoming Monster Hunter movie takes off, especially if the food from the games is eaten by the characters in the film.

Monster Hunter Meal Recipe Book is available to buy now.

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