Someone Beat Resident Evil 4 Without Firing A Single Shot

We’ve all heard of pacifist runs in video games. Completing Resident Evil 4 without firing a single bullet, though? That's impressive.

We’ve all heard of pacifist runs in video games. Maybe you’ve even tried a few yourself. Completing Resident Evil 4 without firing a single bullet, though? That’s a feat and a half!

Before we get into things, let’s take a moment to remind ourselves about Resident Evil 4. This was the entry that changed everything for the franchise. The entry that marked the change from survival horror as we used to know it to something far more action-orientated. The young, frightened rookie Leon S. Kennedy we knew from the second game? He’s dead. Leon is now like Arnold Schwarzenegger with a floppy boy band haircut.

Genre fans must have found the experience all kinds of jarring. Rather than jealously guarding your sparse ammo supply and engaging opponents only when absolutely necessary, there was really no call to avoid encounters here. Enemies were numerous, intelligent, and agile, ammo drops were every-darn-where, and things generally took a huge third-person shooter turn (which the next two games in the series would take even further).

In short, Resident Evil 4 is a game for people who enjoy blasting their way through lots of enemies. It even provides quite a generous choice of weapons and a neat little upgrade mechanic to that effect. Was it designed to be played by avoiding foes and never fighting them? Absolutely not. Which is, of course, exactly why somebody’s done so.

Just feast your eyes on Redditor Manekimoney’s end-of-the-game stats page:

Via: Reddit (Manekimoney)

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That’s right, friends. That’s a hit ratio of 0%, right there, which equates to beating the game without firing a single bullet. Now, if you’ve played through the game yourself a time or two, you’ll know that the old melee-and-knife technique will get you through lots of the foes in the game and save a great deal of ammo in the process. Using just the knife, the whole way through, is on a completely different level of impressive.

There are some caveats, though. As Manekimoney reports, explosive weapons (grenades, the Rocket Launcher and the Mine Thrower) were used, as they don’t count towards the player’s accuracy. Neither do the harpoons that are mandatory to defeat Del Lago. Nevertheless, you certainly don’t get many uses of explosives in the game, so this remains quite the achievement.

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