IRL Streamer Gets Carjacked And Shot At, Then Gets Banned For It

Popular IRL broadcaster, BeesOnMyHeadTV, was carjacked and shot at live on stream last night.

Popular IRL broadcaster, BeesOnMyHeadTV, was carjacked and shot at live on stream last night. He has built a fanbase by streaming himself driving around town in his car, but last night’s adventures got out of hand.

Watch the video here.

In a clip that has since been removed from his channel, BeesOnMyHeadTV gets out of his car just as a white BMW pulls into view. A man exits the vehicle and fires three shots into the air while saying “get out that whip dog.” Two more shots are fired before the camera falls to the pavement. A few moments later, a woman can be heard screaming in the distance as a car’s engine revs.

While it is now clear that BeesOnMyHeadTV is unharmed, his Twitch channel hasn’t fared quite as well.

Viewers immediately began trying to identify the carjacker, pointing out that the car in the clip is the same one that BeesOnMyHeadTV passed earlier in the stream. In the earlier altercation, the driver says “what the fuck are you looking at?” as BeesOnMyHeadTV passes by.

Fans’ detective work was cut short, however. Twitch banned BeesOnMyHeadTV’s channel following the incident, and the entire stream is down. While the stream will be available to authorities in Twitch’s archives, everyone else will just have to wait and see how the situation pans out.

When it comes to cataloging Twitch’s bannable offenses, there really is no concrete list we can reference. Streamers have been perma-banned or suspended for everything from spreading hate messages to showing lewd images, and the list of banned streamers continues to grow by the minute.

Twitch’s lack of sympathy for content that steps outside the boundaries outlined in their ToS is understandable. As a platform that pulls revenue from ad buying, they want to make sure they are pushing content that brands want to be associated with.

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While it may not seem fair for BeesOnMyHeadTV’s channel to be taken down in the wake of uncontrollable events, Twitch is clear that streamers are accountable for any content that appears on their streams. As a result, holding streamers to high standards is well within their rights, even if it doesn’t always benefit the streamer.

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