Beginner's Guide To Slime Rancher: Your First Few Days On The Ranch

Slime Rancher is a farm simulation game with a very relaxed pace. Players explore the local area and collect different slimes, which they then raise, feed, and care for on their ranch. Once fed, the slimes produce plorts, which can be sold for Newbucks, the game's currency.

So, if you’ve just opened the game, where do you start? This guide will give you the basics.

Your First Slime

When you begin, you’ll have one corral in which to place slimes. The easiest ones to collect are pink slimes, which you’ll see around your ranch. The tutorial will guide you through collecting the slimes and placing them in your corral. It will also show you how to collect and sell their plorts.

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Each slime has a different diet, which you can check in the slimepedia, but pink slimes will eat anything.

Begin to explore the area around your ranch and you’ll find pogofruit, carrots, and chickens. Any of these can be fed to your pink slimes, by firing them into the corral.


You must keep your slimes fed regularly, so you’ll need a steady supply of food. One of the easiest ways to do this is to purchase a farm and coop.

When you click to activate a pen on the ranch, you’ll see that you can choose the type of area you want it to be. The corrals pen in slimes, while farms grow vegetables, and the coops keep chickens safe. There are other types as well, but these are the ones you’ll use first.

I suggest adding a coop and farm to the two plots beside your house.

The farm is simple to use. All you need to do is collect a vegetable - I used the nearby carrots - and fire it into the post on the corner of the plot. This will start the farm growing carrots.

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The coop just requires some hens and a rooster to breed. Again, you can collect these, but this time fire them into the pen. If you can’t find a rooster, don’t worry. There are baby chickens around the area, simply put them in with a couple of hens and some of them will grow into roosters.

Extra chickens can be sucked up and fired into the corral, but remember to leave at least one rooster and a few hens to breed. Carrots will begin to grow again once the field has been emptied.

Extra Slimes And Largos

Pink slimes have very low-value plorts, so it’s a good idea to collect different slimes from the surrounding area. You’ll find rock slimes, which are blue and spiky, and tabby slimes, which look like kittens, close by. Both of these will give you reasonably high-value plorts.

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If a pure slime (such as the pink slime) eats the plort of another slime (like the tabby and rock slimes) it will become a Largo, or large slime, taking on some of the characteristics of the slime whose plort it ate. Largos will then give you two plorts, one of each type of slime it’s made up of.

Having two or three corrals of either different slimes or Largos gives you a good starting supply of plorts, but you need to ensure you can keep them separate.

IMPORTANT: Do not put different Largos together.

If a Largo eats a third type of plort, they will turn into a Tarr, which is a hostile slime that will consume other slimes and replicate. If you do get a Tarr in your ranch, you’ll need to find some water to dispatch it, quickly.

First Upgrades

The higher wall corral upgrade is a must early in the game, especially once you have more than one type of slime on your ranch. It will ensure that you can keep more slimes safe, without them escaping and risking making Tarrs.

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The auto-feeder is another helpful upgrade. Just keep it well-stocked with supplies from your farm and coop, and it will send a plentiful supply of food to your slimes.

The final early upgrade I recommend is the plort collector. This saves you having to venture inside the corrals to collect plorts. It’s especially helpful if you have rock slimes, as their spikes reduce your health if they bump into you.

Once you’ve got these basics down, you’re ready to explore further afield and see what else the Far Far Range has to offer.

Enjoy your new life as a Slime Rancher.

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