Was Belle Delphine’s Arrest Even Real?

Belle Delphine Arrest Fake

Belle Delphine's alleged run-in with the law is now being speculated as completely fake. It all started with a viral post on her Twitter (NSFW) with the simple caption, "I got arrested lol."

The tweet instantly blew up, with multiple internet personalities chiming in with their own theories. Dolan Dark, a meme aficionado and Youtuber, commented (with well-over 30,000 likes), "Arrested for manufacturing and distributing biochemical weapons to civilians within the UK." Ethan Klein of "h3h3Productions" also got in on the fun, tweeting, "The thought of no more gamer bath in this world had sent me into uncontrollable tailspin of depression. This is the best day of my life." Twitter users have been over the story with rabid curiosity – her initial tweet reaching over 185,000 likes.

After the initial buzz, however, Delphine posted a follow-up on her Twitter explaining the story.

Supposedly, an unnamed party-attendee stole Delphine's hamster as a joke and then lied about it. Keeping the drama alive, Delphine apparently responded by vandalizing the thief's car with an image of "Clown Pepe" wielding a gun, alongside the words "Bitch! Give me my hamster back." While she didn't explicitly outline the details of her arrest, it became easy to fill in the blanks.

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Although the story seemed to end there, rumors about the bathwater saleswoman falsifying the entire thing for attention quickly sprang up. When searching through the actual Metropolitan Police website, the arrest of Delphine is nowhere to be found. According to the "Metropolitan Police" watermark on her initial "mugshot" photo, the website would've contained the photo. Also, Twitter user "UnfavoredGamer" pointed out that, "Metro police do not put watermarks on their mugshots," adding to the list of compelling evidence that Delphine lied about her arrest. The quality of her mugshot also seems to differ from the official photos from their website.

While the Metropolitan Police doesn't exactly post all of their activity on their website, fabricating a story like this one wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination. Inventing a completely made up story with the intent to grow an online presence is not new. As of now, we only have Delphine's own account as evidence. Despite the clear bias and unreliability, her tweets were enough to send the internet into chaos, which is a big win for the young internet model and NSFW cosplayer.

Belle Delphine Cosplay Arrest
Via: Instagram/belle.delphiny

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Expecting an update on the situation seems unlikely, as Delphine herself is hardly active on her Twitter or YouTube, despite her massive following. The last post from her Twitter before this ordeal was in August, and her last YouTube video was uploaded in June. Additionally, if the arrest is indeed real, it is probable that other news sources would have picked up on the news by now.

All-in-all, it seems quite likely that this entire ordeal is, indeed, untrue; But if Belle was somehow arrested, perhaps Grandayy said it best: "another day another gamer girl oppressed by the police."

Source: Twitter, KnowYourMeme

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