"I Got Arrested LOL": Belle Delphine Posts 'Mugshot' To Twitter

Model and NSFW content producer Belle Delphine has just posted a mugshot-style photo tagged with a Metropolitan Police logo.

Model and NSFW content producer Belle Delphine has just posted a mugshot-style photo tagged with a Metropolitan Police logo, showing her wearing what at first glance appears to be a jumpsuit. The image appeared on her Twitter account, and at the time of writing has amassed over 22k likes in just over an hour.

Delphine hit gaming headlines in July after selling her bathwater to "thirsty gamer boys"  for $30 a tub. The model is known for her NSFW content which she distributes over social media and Patreon.

In July she was banned from Instagram for violating their community guidelines. Since then she has been uncharacteristically quiet, last posting about having food poisoning in early August before pretty much disappearing from all other social platforms.

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This led to accusations of scamming, when Patreons came forward to state that she hadn't fullfilled her promises in late July or August, which include adding supporters to a private Snapchat account and granting access to Patreon exclusive images.

Her last post on Patreon was on August 1 and nothing appears to have been added since then, with the page being as blank as her social account was until today. Although her following has dropped by approximately half, she still has over 2000 supporters, who will no doubt be hoping that she's about to make a comeback.

Via: Youtube.com (HollywoodLife)

The mugshot-style post is the first image we've seen from the internet personality since early August and looks likely to be a reference to Ethan Klein from H3h3's theory that she got into legal trouble for her bathwater stunt.

Sharing his thoughts on the h3 podcast, Klein suggested that she could be in trouble saying  “She hit the jackpot. She was everywhere. The Late Night guys, Howard Stern. It was the buzz everywhere. So all of a sudden the UK government was like "You’re selling WHAT in the Royal Mail?”

While the theory about her being in trouble may be true, sending liquids in the mail is not actually illegal, as long as they are "not classified as dangerous" and are securely closed in a leak proof container.

The mugshot could of course be real but it's far more likely to be staged to gain attention, with the yellow top evoking US style jumpsuits, despite Delphine being from the UK, where mugshots are not routinely taken in this manner.

So far her only response to the thousands of questions about her 'arrest' has been to tell someone to remove a defamatory post which suggested she was involved in gang activity. Clearly she's near her social account but choosing to keep fans guessing, for now at least.

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