Belle Delphine Is Back To Selling Bath Water By The Tubful 'If You're Extra Thirsty'

It seems like Belle Delphine is still trying to sell her used bath water on the internet - and now it's available by the tubful.

It seems like Belle Delphine is still trying to sell her used bath water on the internet - and now it's available by the tubful.

We seem to be living in a dark time. For those who need a reminder, the Fallout franchise has been reduced to cash grab freemium Fortnite clone, the Nintendo Switch Lite won’t have detachable joycons, and Delphine is still selling her own dirty bathwater.

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In fact, she’s upping the ante; for those who just can’t seem to get enough of her premium patent-pending Gamer Girl Bathwater, you can now buy an entire tubful of the stuff, along with a custom video of the Instagram star herself bathing in it for ten grand.

That’s right, any mad lad out there crazy enough to actually pony up ten large can get a giant plastic tub full of water in which Delphine has bathed. It sounds like a joke, right? Well, aside from the fact that it almost certainly is, Delphine made it known on her Patreon account that she was one-hundred percent serious.

“I am selling bath water ONE LAST TIME,” she posted on her Instagram account, which is currently followed by some four and a half million people. “Except this time it’s enough to drown in. If you’re EXTRA thirsty then look no further, you also get a custom video of me bathing in the tub that I send you!” It’s at this point that we’d like to remind consumers not to drink Delphine’s bath water. While the claims of the stuff carrying an STD were false, it’s just gross nonetheless.

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According to her Patreon account and the aforementioned Insta post, the big tub of Gamer Girl Bathwater for extra thirsty people is sold out, indicating that at least one person willingly parted with ten thousand dollars in exchange for some dirty bathwater. While that’s totally ridiculous, it seems tame when compared to some of the totally NSFW things that other Instagram “influencers” and adult-oriented cosplayers have sold in the past.

No word on the contents of the custom video, but, if it’s anything like what Delphine teased her fans with last month when she uploaded a bunch of prank videos to an adult website, then whoever bought the tub will probably feel like they’ve been conned… or maybe they’ll be too busy chugging Delphine-flavored water to care. Consequently, that sounds like a really good way to end up in the hospital.

Look, at the end of the day, we’re not here to tell you how to spend your money. People have been shelling out as much as eighteen bucks for one power armor skin in the previously mentioned Fallout 76, so who is to say that used bathwater is a worse investment? Really, the important question that needs to be asked is if it actually counts as “gamer girl” bathwater if Delphine sat in it. What games does she play?

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