The 8 Best Apps For Your New iPhone 11

You could just head to the App Store to see what's worth installing, but who has time for that, right? TheGamer kinda does.

So, you've finally gotten your hands on that brand new iPhone, but what's a smartphone without the coolest applications available? Well, unless you're old (or just boring) enough to tell Dad jokes, you're going to want to load your new favorite possession with the best apps out there.

You didn't buy an iPhone 11 to call anyone, you bought it to do other things. Of course, you could just head to the App Store to see what's worth installing, but who has time for that, right? TheGamer kinda does.

Apple Arcade

We're a gaming website, so suggesting gaming-related apps first comes naturally. Your device is strapped with iOS 13 and, as such, Apple Arcade will be the shiny gem in the store if you're pro-video games. The new service puts over 50 games at your disposal (more will be added later). A subscription costs $4.99 per month, and the first month comes at no charge, so why not give it a try?

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If you're like me and can't remember any more than one password, then 1Password is a must-have. This app is undoubtedly the best password manager for all of your Apple devices. You can choose to save your vault locally, in Dropbox, or the service's cloud portal. Also, iOS has support for third-party apps for password autofill, so once that's set up, you'll be able to autofill login details in Safari and other apps straight from 1Password.


Pocket is an app that should come in pretty handy if you're big on reading. If you have an iPhone, you'll stumble upon countless pieces of literature that you simply won't have time to read right away. Adding them to Pocket will prompt downloads to your phone with just text and images, as it strains all formatting to transform them into easy-to-read presentations.


Health-conscious users would do well to get Strava. This app is great for tracking physical activity such as walks, runs, or bike rides, but the real perk is the forum therein that brings runners and cyclists together. You could get to take part in group activities, challenges, and show off your feats of strength or and endurance.

This wouldn't be a proper iPhone article if there was nothing about photos. There are multiple photo apps for users to enjoy in the store but we'd recommend the likes of VSCO, Halide, Focos, and Adobe Lightroom.


VSCO is considered to be the best third-party camera application on the iPhone, despite it being a bit old. The app's filters are what sets it apart, but you can also take pics in RAW and get full control of all visuals, such as exposure and brightness.

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Halide isn't free; it costs $5.99. However, this app hands you full use of your iPhone 11's remarkable camera. The app also grants manual control of the entire photo-taking process, allowing you to adjust just about everything.


The phone already comes with a feature that lets you edit the depth effect after you take a photo. If you're a fan of that feature, you'll welcome the Focos app, as it gives you control over the front and back bokeh, as well as more depth.

Adobe Lightroom

Last, but certainly not least, is Adobe Lightroom. The editing software brings Adobe Photoshop technology straight to your phone, allowing you to come up with incredible creations (or making your friends look silly and posting them all over the Internet).

The iPhone 11 is a very powerful device that puts amazing technology in your palm if you know where to look. The Apple product comes with a 6.1" display and gives buyers 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB storage options, plus Dual 12MP cameras. Users can also record 4K video at 24, 30, or 60 fps, 1080p HD video at 30 or 60 fps, and 720 HD at 30 fps.

If you have one, or you're planning to get one, you should definitely take advantage of all the incredible features. We hope the shortlist we've put together makes your experience easier and more fun.

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