The 10 Best Battles In Undertale

Undertale is the kind of game that is as much about the action as the story. Throughout the game, players will encounter some pretty amazing battles.

Undertale was an indie smash hit, a game that came out to rapturous review, critical acclaim and the love of video game players everywhere. It's a game that asks players to think about their actions, consider the way that they're interacting with the universe, and then changes what is happening in the story based on those actions.

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Anyone that has played it before will know that the gameplay is unlike pretty much anything that was seen before it, so we thought that we would go through ten of the best battles in Undertale!

10 Asriel

The whole game has been leading up to this battle, the player taking on the young prince of the underground that had been long since gone. In an attempt to bring him back, the king of the underground had been luring human beings to their end, a practice that his wife was not okay with.

It backfired though, with the main antagonist Flowey taking on all the souls that were left behind to become an all-powerful avatar for the young prince. The fight is a fitting climax to a game that is already filled with memorable moments, while also being a genuinely emotional battle.

9 Sans

From the moment that this character meets the protagonist of the game, making himself known to the player by sneaking up on them, there's something about him that just seems off. His jokes and ridiculous personality seem to be hiding something underneath, an anger that could burst out at any moment.

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Anyone that has played a Genocide run of the game will know that this is exactly right. Beating this guy is brutal, but we always liked the fact that he ended up being the hero in any game where the play decided to take out all of the enemies.

8 Mettaton Ex

Okay, so technically the player will go up against this guy numerous times, but we want to include him because every single fight was interesting. The game is all about defying the expectations of the player, but this was the first time that people really felt how much this game could mess with them.

Not only that, but the robot forces the player through a series of ridiculous tasks, all designed to take out the player while also mimicking ridiculous daytime television shows. If there's anything that highlights just how weird Undertale can get, it's this guy.

7 Flowey

When people start Undertale, this is actually the first enemy they will come up against. While the first battle against them is cut short by the intervention of another character, they're more than likely to be the first climactic boss that the player will come up against.

Not only is this a difficult fight, but it was amazing to have this horrible little guy come back from all the way in the beginning of the game, bringing the whole thing full circle before finally ending the game, well, at least for the first time!

6 Asgore

Like many of the battles in this game, the battle against Asgore made us feel terrible, the narrative forcing us to go up against a creature that is neither evil nor malicious, instead just someone that is trying to achieve something positive that sadly can only be achieved by luring humans to their end.

He puts up a good fight, but we much preferred the True Pacifist run where Asgore actually ended up on the same side as us. Having to fight him just never felt right and it never sat well with us bringing him down to zero health.

5 Papyrus

We know that everyone goes crazy for Sans' battle theme, people even going so far as to turn it into a meme, but we would argue that it's actually Papyrus who has the best battle theme. He's a ridiculous character, and even though he was harmless, the pumping beat of the theme kept us attacking him.

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The makers of the game would probably tell us that we're using the music as an excuse to defend our actions, but we defy anyone to listen to that song without getting pumped up and ready to take on whatever the world has to throw at them.

4 Toriel

There is so much more to Toriel than we see on the surface when we first meet her, and yet it still feels unpleasant to fight her. She doesn't cause too much trouble, being the first real boss battle of the game, but it was emotionally difficult to bring her down during our first run of the game.

Choosing to spare her feels so much better, showing that this is a world where the kind and helpful aren't reduced to a corpse just because they're monsters. Toriel is the first boss to go down, even though she's the least deserving of it... Forcing us to feel something this huge means it deserves a place in this list.

3 Mad Dummy

When people first go up against this dummy they will probably feel like it comes out of nowhere. Imagine the player's surprise when they find out that they can't even hit the thing because it can just return all of its pieces back to where they were before they attacked!

What the player has to do is direct the dummy's attacks against itself, even if they're attempting a full pacifist run. All that will happen is that Napstablook will come along and save the player, before thinking that he ruined a chance for two people to be friends...

2 Muffet

We're fairly sure that this is the only battle in Undertale that is solved and beaten by the play buying an item earlier on in the game and then eating it during the battle.

Players can just take them out if they want, but if they want to be a True Pacifist they're going to have to ensure that they buy something from the spider bake sale earlier on in the game before eating that item while they're taking the boss on. Believe it or not, but this smart little boss battle was only added in due to the fact that a Kickstarter level was reached when the game was looking for funding!

1 Napstablooks

We know that this one isn't really a battle, but just as a perfect example of the way that Undertale likes to subvert the genre that it chooses to be a part of, we love this battle. Napstablook is a ghost, and therefore cannot be attacked or spared in any significant way, choosing to just leave the battle before it has ended.

Anyone that plays through the game and doesn't relish every moment this character is on screen is not playing it right and should definitely go back to give it another go. Seriously, he's a great character!

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