10 Borderlands Gifts That Real Fans Will Love

Borderlands has grabbed a heavy following since its debut. After two main games were released on top of a few spin-off titles, the series went into a bit of an absence for a few years. Now, fans are at an all-time high with developer Gearbox announcing that Borderlands 3 would be coming this year on top of a 4K visual enhancement for the previous games.

Now is a great time to be a Borderlands fan, which means that there is a lot of merchandise that could make for a nice buy. Go back to the Borderlands franchise with our gift guide.24


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Claptrap might be the most iconic character in the Borderlands series. This helpful yet humorous robot has consistent appearances throughout the games, always ready to make the player laugh.

This Claptrap figure is not only great because of its detail, but because of everything you get in the box. It comes with all sorts of accessories, like a wand and a cowboy hat to change up Claptrap's look. The figure's model was based on the model and assets used in the game, making it look like it came out of the screen. It also comes with a download code to give players some more goodies in the game.


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Borderlands 3 is looking to be the exciting sequel that fans have been waiting a long time for. However, there are multiple versions to choose from, each with their own level of extra content. For the hardcore fans, the Super Deluxe Edition contains everything they'll need to get the full experience of Borderlands 3 from launch day to the future.

It contains 4 campaign DLC packs that will be released in the future as well as a host of cosmetic content and new weapons to choose from. Get ready to take down the Calypso Twins in style with this hefty package. All it takes is a little pre-order.


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Borderlands got a visual boost when Gearbox announced Borderlands 3. The Enhanced Edition adds 4K to the entire game, leading to something that looks much better, standing alongside many AAA titles released today. For those who have been holding off on getting the Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, the time is now.

The game looks better than ever, with improved pixels, textures, and lighting across the board. The best part is that it's ridiculously cheap at the moment, only costing a mere $7.00. It'll be the perfect way to make the time go by until the third game releases later this year.


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There are lots of details in Borderlands that are left a bit open. That's where Borderlands: Origins comes in. This comic book details events that happened before the first game, where readers get to learn about what placed their favorite characters on the bus in the first place.

Borderlands: Origins was clearly a labor of love, written by Mikey Neumann (creator of the FilmJoy YouTube channel). The book contains short stories for all four characters, meaning that it's easy to pick up and put down at your leisure. It's also not a long read, so you can get back to playing the games in no time.


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The Psycho isn't any crucial character to Borderlands despite appearing on the box art. The Psycho is an enemy that players will frequently encounter. They'll have to shoot down many of these foes in their time with the game. Nonetheless, this enemy is iconic to the franchise, which only makes sense that it would get its own Funko Pop! figure.

The Psycho Funko Pop! is a bit harder to find than others, so it will cost a bit more. That said, all the details are on point, right down to it doing the finger gun up to its neck, just like on the cover.


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You're probably familiar with Claptrap if you're a Borderlands fan, which makes this messenger bag a tempting item at the very least. It's little more than a messenger back designed in the likeness of the series' famous robot, but it's a good-looking bag from front to back.

This item is also officially licensed by the developers, meaning buyers won't have to worry about lack of quality when getting their own. It even has a zippered pouch on the front with a nice "Hyperion" zipper. It's easy to imagine carting your stuff in this bag with style. Borderlands fans will be jealous.


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There was a lot of teasing going into the reveal of Borderlands 3. One of the images released by Gearbox featured a new graphic for the Psycho. This was essentially the clue that fans needed to understand that they were getting a new game in the franchise.

That graphic has now been placed on a shirt so Borderlands fans can express their excitement for the upcoming game. What makes this shirt nice is that it comes in multiple colors, though it looks the best in black. Fans who are ready for Borderlands 3 could have this to tell the world how stoked they are.


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The soundtrack for Borderlands 2 had a tough job. It needed to help sell players on another installment in this post-apocalyptic world. At the same time, it had to communicate intensity, as so many moments in the game were full of bullets and enemies.

It also had to remember to not take itself so seriously all the time, as the game's don't do the same. Luckily, the soundtrack accomplished all these goals quite well, creating a memorable score that fans enjoy today. That's why the Borderlands 2 original soundtrack makes for a great gift. What fan doesn't want to listen to those tunes again?


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Yahtzee is an easy game to play. You roll the dice and try to determine what number combinations you will get. However, it's the special editions of Yahtzee that will bring together fans from different worlds. Yahtzee even threw Borderlands fans a bone with the Borderlands Yahtzee game.

Featuring custom Borderlands dice, fans will have a great time seeing what characters and numbers they roll. The main event for the game is that the dice roller takes the form of Claptrap. Not only is the model close to how the character looks in the game, but it works nicely in the board game as well.


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The Psychos in Borderlands can have some crazy weapons at times. Perhaps their most ridiculous is the Buzz Axe, which is essentially a long axe with a buzz saw blade at the end of it. It's dangerous, crazy, and everything that people love about Borderlands. Now, fans can have their own with this buzz axe replica.

Players can feel what it's like to use these weapons in real life, but without the danger of hurting themselves in the process. This axe is a replica licensed by the makers of the game, so buyers are guaranteed that it will be a quality product.

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